Monday , January 17 2022
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 1

Three students were killed in a shooting at a Michigan high school, the Supreme Court hears arguments in a potentially landmark abortion case and the omicron variant of Covid-19 continues to spread.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 1


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  1. How are Americans still shocked. their will just bbe another school shooting in a few months or less.

  2. Can your journalists dress like adults? XD

  3. If I am a mother of this another young killer I will turned back .nit tell him not said any .after he killed and went crazy to shoot students.

  4. When people have ambitions .they careless to destroyed people in their way .CNN made a big mistake . His brother how could did this to him .to help those ladies and their agenda " .She said he said" they need to proven what ever they said..Hope other networks hire him and be successful .

  5. Parents should go to jail as well

  6. Their parents have to jail too .how protect him after he killed and injured others is they are crazy of what like the mother of the boy killed 2 and injured one and support him and he is free and treat him like hero from the nuts.

  7. I hope this student rot in prison

  8. When one types of people believes their right to own all kinds of firearms then be ready for repercussions of their beliefs

  9. How is possible at schools still don't have any security scanners inspection ???? sistem till now this days

  10. I feel sorry for the families suffering. You can tell those kids never heard a black persons voice because they ran from the black cop. Especially with a Town with less than 0.5% Black ppl and that's a fact sadly to say. I went into schools where kids never even seen a real life afro. Thank god they ran into more cops and not the suspect.

  11. Oh NOW the kid decides to listen to his parents. Good job parents! 💩👈🏼

  12. This s outrageous, that young students have to be in this horror.

  13. They says no abortion 😳But you can shoot them when they’re in School ☹️😭😭😭😡

  14. Should his parents get the penalty 🥵😭😭😭

  15. Of course he is going to defend his brother!!. The brothers, like Trump, should start their own media channel.

  16. My deepest Condolence to the families and love ones R.I.P.

  17. This child has issues, abuse bullying of some kind a normal child just don't wake up one day and something of this kind of actions happen

  18. Privacy between a doctor and patient doesn't exist when tax money us used.

  19. This is exactly what Republicans want every school to look like!0

  20. A book instead of a tablet. Who would have thunk it? Additionally, I suggest you stock your home with a variety of books, put down that screen, and let you children see you reading them.

  21. I would be so excited to hear him on the other side of the door. It's been a dream of mine to get my hands on one of these people.

  22. I'm with the kids police don't use bro.

  23. Yea because praying makes you bulletproof… get real.
    Your worship of guns and gods got you into this situation in the first place!

  24. Why is NBC leaving out one of the most important parts of Omicron info- yes, it gets more transmissible but it also gets WEAKER and less deadly as it mutates. Ommission of this important FACT is such sensationalizing of you. Stop scaring people for ratings and $$$. Shame shame shame. Newsertainment is just not watchable any longer. We are over you, corporate conglomorate "news." You are not journalists when elites control your content. What happened to ethics?! And how do your employees sleep at night?

  25. Republicans are only pro life for Fetuses they could care less about high school students.

  26. A government that can set regulation on smoking but could do nothing about gun control. What a joke!

  27. So the answer is more guns. Again?

  28. Abortion is a culture war. Wealthy people that want abortions and pay for them with their own funds have abortions daily and we never hear about it. It's the same old thing. it's not the laws that are the issue. it's unequal enforcement of the law. The poor and or those with no money for defense or connections / friends or relatives in power in the courts get punished for the same offense. that will never change sadly and it doesn't really matter what the crime is.

  29. I just don't Understand why women Do not use birth control ?

  30. Again &,again same thing happens.
    From mass shooting ,Black life matter,massive robbery,roe v Wade,high inflation,high debt , covid death, Constitution taken down (by Trump&GOP)so many many many die !!all these are Nation security Threat ! Not China or Russia!When will this country,which claim the best of everything by the leader ,take a hard look by the citizen,people what is wrong.(wrong elected officials)

  31. This is a (fox Voices) news channel
    For all the news of the world and America selected news.

  32. …that was terrorizing – no question!!!

  33. I think that there are several options the government could do to bring sanity to our society and protect the innocent from the exploitation of our second amendment. 1. Make it illegal for parents and adults, in general, to buy on behave of, or give as a gift, or allow children to handle guns. 2. In the case where the person is a young adult over 18 anyone who gives or buys them a gun should also be held responsible for their actions. 3. Give life sentences to illegal gun sellers and revoking the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law.

  34. When stop ? It happened over n over again all the time ⋯

  35. They can keep all the supplies on the ocean and hope a big storm comes and get rid of the supplies… All the American business owners just needs to bring back the factory instead of being greedy and pay less to workers. We need Americans made back in the USA.

  36. When a cop killed by criminal, no one says anything. When a career criminal killed by cop, the whole country will be looted. It's funny to me.

  37. Get the guns out, implement a serious regulation for Jesus Christ

  38. Shame on you Americans for letting this keep happening over and over again.

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