Tuesday , June 28 2022

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – June 22

The House January 6 committee argues that Trump tried to pressure states into overturning the 2020 election, a Texas official calls the police response to the Uvalde school shooting an “abject failure,” and eastern and southern states are bracing as record-breaking heat is expected across the country. 

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  1. Trump never vote no more president over killty

  2. MSM approval rating is at 20%.fake news at its best selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this……..

  3. Hand picked committee to push Democrat narrative and America laughs at them. They hired a TV producer and a storyteller to create this propaganda show on TV about Jan 6.that should tell you everything you need to know about it.

  4. Abject Cowardice… Arredondo seemed to be wishing he was in another place and that the Crisis was actually NOT happening in his Town and in this School. By being the Coward he was, he essentially made every other Police Officer, every Sheriff and every Marshall present an accomplice to the failure. He absolutely should resign or be fired from both of his positions with the City of Uvalde.


  6. ^^^^ Selfish interests are served BEST by freely serving the interests of others EXISTNC

  7. Can’t be serious!!🙄with all the 💉injuries & release of P adverse effects! There are acute and there are also long term dis- ea-ses!!!
    I don’t think so! The best thing parents can do is First acknowledge Yeshua/Jesus Christ and Repent, renounce and rebuke attacks on you and your family. We are to put our faith in God not MAN!!! He is our creator, at least some of us!💜 That deceiving🐍has a seed that exists Rev2:9, & 3:9.

  8. DT is a loser. He is like a little baby who didn't get his way, but worse because he touts that it's everybody else's fault. It's his doing, all of it. The buck stops at the presidents desk, that's something that he never understood, same goes for reading the constitution, I mean he has never read it, that much is very clear. But really, non of this is surprising.

  9. ^^^ Understand Your Existence … EXISTNC

  10. Christopher Columbus insisted that he reached India (in Asia) until his dying days. Likewise, Trump will insist that he won the 2020 election. Columbus was ridiculed and died unhappy. Trump should suffer the same fate as Columbus.

  11. Ms. Malone was asked if she could settle for a cheaper house in a cheaper neighborhood, and said "why should I?". My answer is, because you can't afford it, an answer she seemingly has not considered not will consider. Meanwhile both women are petitioning the president for student loan forgiveness, a favor I never received not was offered. The amount of entitlement is absolutely gargantuan in this generation of minority women.

  12. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck shumer are a cancer too the American people!

  13. Your videos are very informative and we are sharing with everyone we can .

  14. Savannah needs a fashion adviser.

  15. The inherent bias expressed when reporting these incidents and situations is why many many people have no trust in the media. Report the whole story, report how these situations came to be. The government is itching to go to war with Russia, a war in which we will lose as China and Russia are allies. Report about the mortgage crisis and how Wall Street is being allowed to buy up 40% of the homes in the USA. Report how we spend billion and trillions for war but the compounding interest applied to the principle balances has created what amounts to be bankruptcy for the millennials indebted to nelnet and loan servicers. Tell the whole story and the ugly truth.

  16. This is sad. Instead of teaching, we are planning of how to keep our children safe. Just take that right of having a gun away from everyone. Problem solve.

  17. About the Texas school shooting, I am curious to know about the shooter. Was he on drugs? Who is his family? So sad.

  18. Making defamatory, malicious, and damaging misrepresentations of people and things is what trump is all about! Now as a striking example of this crappy perverted habit we’re witnessing trump falsely accusing innocent election workers of election tampering. This is libelous stuff which is seriously harming people! This is straight up criminal malfeasance by a US president.

  19. And police officer reports truck load full of ballots driving off into the dark as other police officers stalk her to her house. The Army was too much for those bums huh ? Lazy Cowards… 🇺🇸

  20. Bet they didn't forget their phones in the car.

  21. bullet proof door for every school and better communication between police agents

  22. Nice outfit Savannah! You look great lately!

  23. Another nice outfit Savannagh, you look very elegant lately!

  24. If lock before the bad guy get in the school than good, but if lock after the bad guy already inside the scene than..no good…just give the bad guy a chance to do that..

  25. No excuses..Police had shields automatic weapons..police did not want to face an AR15 and a crazy 18 yr old

  26. It's hilarious, you democrats are so scared Republicans are going to take your power. That's why you are coming at Trump so hard….pathetic.

  27. 99 problems but the chariot ain't one


  29. we all hear the testimony against those who assisted Trump. We hear that Trump was calling the shots. What is the reason he is walking free and planning to run for President in 2024. Why? Is there no law that says we deserve to be safe from a evil criminal Trump has been proven to be guilty but still no justice? When will we see the Country went to he'll when criminal greed became legal if you got power and money. How will we explain our decisions to allow such evil to be on display then ask why our children are so far gone. There is less law now than in the wild west. The time before laws were made at least had moral standards and some respect toward others. Today ????

  30. What is a play boy Manchin and what do they do at play boy manchins

    ◾️ School Security Preparation Failure = Greg Abbott
    ◾️ School Facility Funding failure = Greg Abbott
    ◾️ Gun Terrorism Prevention failure = Greg Abbott


  33. Yes it's never the gutless officers fault, doors, locks, pistols no rifles, teachers.
    Do nothing Police same old story. Never a Gun problem, must be the kids fault for being in school!

  34. We wrestle not against our leaders of flesh and blood, but evil spirits and principalities. Lucifer is controlling our leaders and the mainstream media is just one of his tools

  35. Love me some nbc coverage…..but please get rid of savanna Sellars. She's annoying.

  36. Could be those fat white good old boys thought nobody would care if a couple of Hispanic kids got murdered! Why else would these cowards be so defensive? We already know the louder these Republicans shout the more guilty they are! Hold them accountable Texans show the world not all of you are ruthless immoral ThUGS!!

  37. Regarding the mass shooting, the wildly incompetent police chief was a Republican. Is there a connection between the Republican/ Covid catastrophe and this tragic mass, child shooting, both directed by a Republican. Trump is right….he is/was making America great again….a great deathtrap.

  38. It just goes to show that no matter where you live in America you’re not safe. Americans think because they live in small towns that they’re much safer than living in the big cities. That’s not true today. With millions of guns floating around America, if you’re in the wrong spot at the wrong time your numbers up in today’s America