Thursday , August 11 2022

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – June 27

Protests spread across the country after the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, how the Supreme Court’s ruling could put other landmark cases at risk, and primary season continues ahead of the midterms. 

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  1. “ Supreme Court “
    For WHO?……Not My Supreme Court

  2. For women who know they're pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 percent) end in miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage in the second trimester (between 13 and 19 weeks) happens in 1 to 5 in 100 (1 to 5 percent) pregnancies. These are all Considered ABORTIONS.

    Ok so when your Child has a Natural Miscarriage that's medically considered a natural Abortion Because of Pregnancy Complications Be Sure to Lock her Up for MANSLAUGHTER It will Start happening I hope it affects your Family Pro Lifers/// Or if a man Beats his Wife or girlfriend causing an abortion Lock them Both Up For Manslaughter Remember NO EXCUSES … Falling Down Getting in a Car accident causing miscarriage …. Ding Ding Ding … Manslaughter Women Loose Babies all the Time Under some states Extremely strict laws that are coming out you will Fill Prisons with Innocents (PRAISE GOD (That was Sarcasm))

  3. ^^^^ Selfish interests are served BEST by freely serving the interests of others EXISTNC

  4. Love, marriage, personal partner and a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy should be a choice for all Americans, not the right of the SCOTUS to decide.

  5. Right now, the air is fresher and the device is in live view mode where all actions will be recorded.

  6. The Supreme Court did not "take away a right". They moved the decision to the legislature in the states. Americans can vote in their local elections in their state and Americans have the freedom to move from state to state without government interference. Saying that the court gave or took away a right is not a truthful to say what happened.

  7. another backwards country only diference is, this one is developed one

  8. So many of us would not be here if it wasn't for a woman

  9. Who could be upset over it you would have to be a pretty sick and twisted person to fight for murdering a kid

  10. In the Wake of the Supreme Court Decision, a recent Pole Shows 89% agree The Court is more Ligitimate Now then ever before, Its Clear The New Republican Party ,Will be Commencing on The Final Reset ,after the failure of the great Reset .

  11. To the supreme Court justices under o said they weren't going to change the status quo can we fire them now because they're about to start a civil war the once supreme Court Justice likes to quote a person from history that used to burn witches and thinks the guy has the right time ideals to follow you don't believe me look it up how did he ever become a supreme Court Justice I have no idea oh that's right they stole the position twice we don't have enough unrest in the United States this might set us over the edge these freaking idiots. Forward not backwards.

  12. When u die. That's when . You known ur relatives that died, and so well u die.

  13. Fool, have told people they are a fool ? And so are kills. Of life. Satan well take care of u .but

  14. We are coming to the time of Satan's dispert work is working. The smart people. Ha e been out started. Satan is good at it.

  15. If God intended for pregnancy and carrying the unborn to be so important, he would have given the job to men to do like he did with everything else important in the bible and the world right? ….Surely? If he allowed guns to be invented he probably allowed abortions to be invented too if he invented everything

  16. Satan love you. For doing work for him.

  17. To those of you who are forced to have kids but don't want them: accidents happen all the time. It's never too late to be a neglectful parent.

  18. We're already celebrating deaths? Several women have used abortionate herbs and died (at least 3 two days ago). Can we sue Supreme Court Judges for wrongful death?

    We need to start getting rid of republicans because they go full nazi.

  19. People will need to travel 3 states for an abortion. Nice to have the extra fees.

  20. Is Ukraine in the NATO? A member?




  24. Whatever rooted into the culture is not necessarily the right to follow for growing mindset along the evolution path. Sigmund Freud may had opened the treasure box with one kick, but left its side effect behind. At woman's pregnancy, both mother and child lives matter, not one alone. Before 1400 years ago Arab society buried their new born daughters in graves after born, until the Islam religion prohibited that act of insane.

  25. "White to life" is what she really ment to say. The truth tends to slip out when they really mean the truth.

  26. We need a Health Care bill of rights to protect a person's ability to recieve ANY procedure, treatment, test, medication, therapy they consent to that is deemed necessary and medically appropriate by a licensed healthcare professional. Government should have NO role in limiting healthcare rights of adults.

  27. All these old Fuc*s in congress, court & federal government need to check the Fuc* out…. this is not the future of this worl…Disgust to take away rights of one's body

  28. Keep your eyes on wire coat hanger stocks. :<)

  29. The UK and USA general public tax payer DO NOT want to provide weapons of mass destruction to the Ukraine. Rather than ignore Putin, we want Zelensky, Biden, Blinken, Johnson and Truss to re-open talks with Russia. It’s the UK and USA who are prolonging this war and actually help killing the Ukraine citizens. Let’s STOP the west from interfering with other countries cultures… isn’t that then actual democracy instead of the USA/ NATO/ UN dictating what their version of democracy is.

    Let’s make them never forget, politicians are here to serve us, the general tax paying citizen @USA @UK @Canada —

  30. Mighty rich to refer to a fertilized egg as a "baby". But where's the right to life for children being massacred in schools due to a misguided interpretation of the second amendment? How many more children have to die because we're still afraid of King George coming back?

  31. If you're not looking down a scope, you're not fighting

  32. I've told so many people you know when the world is about to change when people fight against the things that they once fought for Lol this is beautiful

  33. I'm loving this, The Anti-Christ is trying his hardest hardest to prevent God's genetic will from being done lol all the evil things that you have done throughout history you are the devil and every group on this planet's history book history book, And as The Bible said After 400 years things are going to change 1619 to 2019 and you're grasping for straw so That that you had to abolish abortion to stop your demise You're low birth rate , I have news for you that's not gonna be enough you will be a minority in a country full of people who you have wrong throughout history as well as their ancestors Period. I know you have to go after the lgbt community because that Surely affects your birth rate in a negative way , you can run all you want but you cannot hide from the true God the creator of the sun not that fake punk one you talk about who wears sunblock . He has lowered your sperm count he made it difficult for your woman's wound to Hold a child full term without fertility help , I've been waiting for this day I know it's not over yet you're too stubborn to Repent and make the people who you have wrong hole again and I'm kind of glad because I really do not Want you to change right now I Want God to revenge my ancestors and all thand all that I've been through you don't wanna pay reparations will the h*** with you.