Tuesday , June 28 2022

Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 13

The White House marks one million Covid-19 deaths as cases rise again, Russia pulls back forces from Ukraine’s second largest city, and concerns grow over a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

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  1. That's perfect Elon. Let the stock go way down. Buy more stock low. Then when it goes up you just made millions more. Excellent let the stock bottom out Elon. Buy low then hold. Excellent.

  2. I am hurting with the higher inflation and gas prices. I can't even visit my wife who is living 2 hours away for a job on my days off. But it's such a small sacrifice to pay to the people of ukraine. I will ride a bike to work every day if I have to. Putin will not stop with Ukraine and the whole world needs to sacrifice to stop this dictator from killing innocent people

  3. ACLUA should file lawsuit. The state, police officers, should be sued

  4. There's no baby formula FDA shut the company down

  5. Who created Covid? Why can't they tell us? It's man made proven. One big cover up. Let me know. Comment.

  6. You know why so few teens have climbed Everest? A fully custom climb will run over $115,000. Plus all of the travel expenses. This is more of a "look what mommy and daddy can buy me" story.

  7. I was having an exhausting and emotionally drained day but the two anchorwomen delivered the news insightfully and with good energy needed in the morning

  8. Mothers! Those breasts of yours are more than just your joy toys! If ya can't use um,, buy milk, a goat. What do you think we fed ours with before FORMULA?

  9. 1:12 – "Breaking News" … humans got along just fine before Being Sold : Baby Formula…

  10. Fox news reported and the government confirmed- There are stock piles of baby formula on the border for the migrants illegally crossing! Joe has really hit a new low!

  11. Lie after lie after lie wtf happened to this company?!

  12. Well I can't believe I didn't notice this I'm absolutely unsubscribing from this channel. This is reckless ignorance you people are lucky how uneducated Americans are this is a shame on the freedom and democracy other free Nations who support democracy would be disgusted by the way you people act

  13. Don't be ignorant people I know you don't understand anything but the russian entire military before this war was only 50 billion dollars. That's it! Ours is over 100 times that. Did you hear me?? If you don't understand these things just stay out of it and vote for freedom and democracy

  14. Lees got no codvic free.negative.lees 4 sons got no codvic. Negative.

  15. If Governor Abbott did not stop truckers from doing there deliveries merchandise would be on the shelves. Abbott already cost this country 1 billion dollars. it was another game the Republicans did to blame Biden and the Dem's and ignorant people are falling for it like always

  16. Another L from Biden.

  17. Ok what if the country is all blk again can you all don't know one race human only thing is different is culture food beach winter frist flakes

  18. Ever hear of mother's natural milk? Baby formula is like Fentanyl. Newborns need natural unprocessed food. Stop asking for government handouts! I'm 18 and worked my way up to Starbucks manager making $19.15, but some gets deducted because of Social Security which is unfair, and I'm hoping to one day buy Starbucks and pay a minimum wage of $25 to all of the baristas because I was one too. You don't see me demanding free money. I may be young, but I know a lot about life. I'm just giving you helpful advice.

  19. Ugly black chic with no hair on tv? Wtf. Súper woke reporters

  20. We are so sad for the poor nazis in Azovstal. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Women need to adopt not murder.

  22. It's just an excuse because most of those virus factories in the south who won't take the vaccine are bigger threats.
    We need to get rid of these Nazis once and for all

  23. Well pop them out ladies

  24. The republicans are the radical nutcases. We can’t have these criminals running the USA no more. Go Dems.

  25. Moral of the story: Don't have kids during high inflation and war.

  26. Better wear a rubber people there is no food for the babies.

  27. Everything has been increased by the GOP trumpuppet's bribers, the Richies who pay the GOP trumpuppets to stop any bills that will help Americans in any way because then they can't keep us poor and working for almost nothing. Everytime the democrats are in office the rich hold back supplies and when they release them they raise prices. In that way people vote republican. They have been setting up this fascist way of doing things for decades. Don't fall for it!
    Look in their warehouses, there are no shortages!
    Those fires are being set, it is arson, just like our warehouses mysteriously exploding or going up in flames. Let's see, who has the most crazy people in their group?

  28. I Hear That NBC News Is Getting A Brand New ( Don't Fly Straight ) J. Psaki, News Reporter? omg : (
    I guess Psaki got tired of lying for (Nodding Out) B S Biden & His B S Republican & Democrat Administrators In Congress/Washington?

  29. I am happy for this young climber and don't mean to take away for accomplishment, but this is much less a story about a special person then it is about a your girl with extensive family financial resources. If you're going to do a stories like this NBC, be kind to young viewers and let the understand HOW she was able to do this, that should have been part of the story. Think how many girls are going to be asking Mom or Day if they can do this!

  30. That's not going to do any good. January 6th committee as a laugh they already have enough to prosecute Trump but yet they won't

  31. I don't understand the point of the January 6th committee no taking so long to do anything and they're not going to do it anyway it's just a big clown show to run out the clock until election comes up again

  32. They need to be bombing Russia they need to be to attacking Russia

  33. But I remember for the 1st wave Africa threw away a million or so vaccines 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. You helped get Biden elected. I hope you go out of business. I hate fake news

  35. My uncle died from an infected leg..was listed as a Covid death.

  36. Biden said he will defeat the virus. Nah! the virus is beating him everyday.

  37. Aww where’s Vicky? Love her hosting with Savannah.

  38. She said they need money for transportation and shelter unbelievable we have homeless in this country but we have to shelter them and give them transportation the media is unbelievable

  39. Maybe breastfeeding will comeback and we won’t have generations of people with allergies and gastrointestinal issues.
    As far as Covid no we can’t do this Americans have a freedom fetish which prevents them from being rational. I’m not wearing a mask !I’m not doing this or that. Or maybe it’s an entitlement fetish.