Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – May 24

Voters in four states head to the polls for key primary races, President Biden wraps up his first trip to Asia after meeting with world leaders, and Russia intensifies its assault on the Donbas region of Ukraine. 

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  1. Go across state lines to get formula. Easy. Just like idiots ask women to do if they want birth control. Drive those 1300 miles round trip. You can do it!

  2. all the dead kids were just future republican fascists so who needs them.

  3. Goat's. Milk is very mild and easy on the tummy.

  4. You don't know why there's more shooters, because; #1 reason is the mieda makes the shooter famous by parading THIER face every were, and every other day. Stop showing these pycopathic self-absorbed losers, faces or back side, or anything else that resembles this sico.

  5. For the first time, I agree with him! Civilization will not survive.


  7. Why don't you cover the Micheal Sussman trail ? You ain't news, you hide the Democrats corruption.

  8. The u.s wants china to attack Taiwan hopefully china don’t fall for it…

  9. US is leading finally back again after Obama, 4years trump was US most shameful moment at the history

  10. 1:49 Ici, si votre coéquipier vous insulte pour ce que vous venez de faire et une autre vous dit merci pour ta combativité afin de voir si tu étais vraiment un compétiteur, que fais tu? si l'on ne te l'avait pas dit. Moi on ne me l'avait pas dit et il ne savaient pas que je fais une vidéo. les joueurs ont souvent des problèmes d'égo. la raison a le dessus sur la tâche.

  11. I hope Dr.Oz wins until the recount.

  12. As an old man I can say that Putin is faced with his own mortality. If he has no moral conviction in his soul then he will be convicted to his agenda. Which appears to be his goal of power and wealth and legacy. A dangerous position for a man with his power, for the rest of the world.

  13. Français Anglais

    réduire la vitesse de la vidéo en réglant sur le bouton de settings et réduire la vidéo pour avoir une dimension plus vrai d'une action

    reduce the speed of the video by adjusting the settings button and reduce the video to have a truer dimension of an action

  14. US didn't utter a single word of condmenation when china made lot of incursions into Indian territories more than a year ago. US foreign policy is utra greedy and self centered. US is more like Donald Trump when it comes to foreign policy, very self serving at any cost.

  15. where is clinton campaign manager admitting Clinton's russia hoax against trump? that's news.

  16. I'm a proud red blooded American I vote for hershel

  17. There are already 18K US Soldiers already there. LISTEN to Austin setting up for another 20 year war for the MIC. This warmonger is SICKENING!!
    My middle finger in his face.

  18. Biden has a hard time commenting on Taiwan when so many NEWS agencies are owned by China.

  19. Bonjour à Vous
    C'est une quête et aide dèmes partenaires suite à une incidence en envoyant ma bibliographie au plate-forme que le document a été craqué.

  20. Don’t get it – people don’t like CRT but get upset when someone shoots up a store because they were fueled by racial identity issues.