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MOROCCO OUTFIT DIARIES – a travel vlog from our incredible trip to Marrakech and Tangier
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* This experience was a press trip with Fresh *
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❤ FEATURED in this video

Day One
Brown Dress –
Necklace –
Gold Mules –

White Dress –
Castañer Wedges –
Straw Bag –
Pom Pom Hat (sold out but similar) –

Pink Floral Dress –

Desert Outfit:
Bronze Top –
Pleated Skirt –
Sandals –
Bag –

Day Two
White Dress –
Shell Necklace –
Chloe C bag –

Day Three
Blue & White Dress –
Bag from Marrakech Market!
Earrings –

Day Four
Pink Blouse –
Trousers – (similar)
Valentino Bag –
Coat –

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  1. Sweetie the background soundtrack is not Moroccan! 😬

  2. Great video! It helped me a lot!

    Intense Video!I really love it! It assisted me a lot!

  3. Superb video! It helped me a lot!

    Unlimited Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!

  4. Great video! It assisted me a lot!

    Grand Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!

  5. Thanks a lot for ur visit to my country.u've all things awsome: dresses, comments .english and youuuu of a course.have a good trip

  6. I love your videos, I watch them all the time. A lot of the tops or dresses either are strapless, off the shoulder or low-cut. What type of bra do you wear with these outfits?

  7. I can't believe you met with Diana I am a suby of hers for ages!How could you not bond you 2 ,you have something common that's quite rare genuineness!I hope you had a blast in Morocco!!Ps love those solid perfumes you can melt them and put them on a beautiful pot with a lid Xx

  8. This video has definitely influenced me to try fresh products for the first time! All looks amazing! 💕❤️ it looks like a dream trip! Xx

  9. You’re the only you tuber i enjoy watching her vlogs .. also you’re so polite and kind .. i’m a muslim girl “palestinian-Canadian” but i love how considerate you are as a tourist and u wore modest outfits, like u didn’t have to but still did that out of courtesy ❤️.. love that! And i never knew that Morocco was that beautiful omg i soooo wanna go there now !!! And the seller man was talking English that’s good cuz usually they talk French .. also .. i’m happy u used suitable music for the vlog .. usually other vloggers would use indian music for any non western countey hehe .. aaaaaand lastly You looked spectacular on the last day with that blue dress .. but oh my god i can’t travel with white pants hehe

  10. Thanks for bringing us along, I feel like I was there with you!!! 🌷Josie do you know if Fresh products are suitable for VERY sensitive skin?

  11. Great video! It helped me a lot!

    large Video!I really love it! It assisted me a lot!

  12. Why do you constantly blur your face in every video lately?

  13. Where do you get your music from, who are the artists?  I love them, and all your videos.

  14. Wow what an amazing trip, Fresh owners have been so careful and generous with every detail! And you were radiant after visiting the rose garden, radiant and splendid the whole trip haunted by the rose energy, one could see you were in your Habitat!

  15. Loved everything! I am a Taco Bell franchisee in the US so I LOVED the reference to Taco Bell! Mad love to you. I am a huge fan! Hugs, Joye

  16. Wow this trip looks so beautiful 😍 definitely going to plan trip to Morocco now. Fresh beauty products looks so divine 👍🏼hv to try some now.

  17. Which hotel did you stay in? Please if you can share or anyone else can share.

  18. Thanks bb ay love you am froom morocco

  19. What an amazing trip! Your coverage was so professional and detailed. It was like we where along with you. Thank you for sharing all the amazing fresh products- I can’t wait to try them!! Another excellent video – you are the Utube queen 👸 🥰👍🏻

  20. OMG I would be frightened to go there. No way.

  21. Thank you so much for your positive energie! I started watching you video's about 6 months ago when I wasn't in a really good place about myself.. Still not where I want to be but you are defenitly helping me get there. You made me think about clothes, products and taking care of yourself is a totally different way and that's helping me so much!
    (sorry is my english spelling isn't right)

  22. Loved this vlog! The rose garden was stunning!!

  23. Wow, that rose farm, what an experience! And then the medina and Chefchaouen…

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