MTP NOW June 21 — Katie Hobbs, Rick Hasen, Steve Kornacki

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) and law professor Rick Hasen discuss the latest evidence produced from the January 6th Select Committee. Eugene Daniels, Doug Heye and Jen Palmieri join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable. Steve Kornacki previews Tuesday night’s primaries and runoffs in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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  1. Why is the DOJ allowing us to be punished like this?

  2. Stop eens met het liegen en mensen onder druk zetten kijk Fraude plegen stembiljetten stelen kerkhof he joebiden dementie pedofiel veteranen ook kijk wij hebben dat wel gezien een grote gaos joebiden met je tonnen geld stelen uit staatkast met je zoon hunter biden coke snuiffer Benghazi

  3. That freudian sIip th0ugh!

  4. This alone should be enough to convict Trump and his cult.

  5. This is the same man that talks about Trump asking him to violate his oath, and faith yet he would vote for him again. This is called HYPOCRISY. What did God tell him about that? What does your faith teach you about SUPPORTING a LIAR? WHAT?

  6. Moss and her family were under undue hardship. They loss business and had to incur extra costs when the mother had to hide. Plus the mental stress. They should sue Trump and Giuliani for millions.

  7. fake news and thier criminals

  8. Please, enable the auto-generated subtitles.

  9. Everything Trump touches in any way, rots, especially his supporters. MAGAS are rotten inside.

  10. I don't think executive privilege should protect a president or anyone from planning and executing a crime against a nation or any crime really.

  11. It would not be surprised if after all Mr president Trump will show evidence of fraud

  12. They're eating their own.

  13. BOWERS Storyteller..
    We don't buy these Boulogne Story.
    Make up Story as you go..
    You deserve every bit what you went through, which we doesn't buy these crappie Story..

  14. All this and none of them have ever heard the word from God's own mouth, maybe from the Evangelicals New God …The Chosen One they call: Trumpy Doodle Puss Sore! Teaching religion in schools is like telling them Santa Claus is real…LOL!!! OMG! The only thing these godam religious schools will teach is how to be a, "Right Wing Cultist For Trump"!

  15. It is to bad with as many crisis'es the nation is facing, we are spending taxpayer money and time on Jan 6th events and activities. What a waste, while we are facing extinction. To me, it is more of a distraction from the real emergent issues.

  16. system of down, red freak nation.

  17. Just taking some of our minds away from real issues. Especially when both sides worked together 🙄🙄

  18. It will happen again. Trump is telling us he will do it again. Vote Blue!

  19. A former president is not above Litigation. Executive previlage doesn't stop litigation. Litigation is a due process that has protocols. That do extend to presidents and his cabinet. You can talk about the heart all you want it doesn't stop litigation.

  20. Constitution is divinely inspired by puritans and quakers.

  21. I don’t like Bullies, send Bone Spurs to prison

  22. speak up 🦊 we can't hear you

  23. Please report this fake news s harmful or bullying

  24. If DOJ, is slow to go, Let Georgia officials bring state charges.

  25. Lady Ruby is the best of us 🖖🌈💚

  26. Hey fools, Blue voters are theives! 2,000 Miles movie proves it! This is b.s. 😂 dummies.**Mules, not miles, the truth is being censored, so I gotta mis spell the name of the movie. To make it even better, they know who the 2,000 are. Stuffed ballots on camera, with their cell phones pinging away. Ahahaha!

  27. Kristen is one of my favorites. She stays awake during the whole broadcast. If only Biden could do that. He might recognize what a poor job he's actually doing.

  28. Good Job Kristen! NBC needs to permanently replace Chuck Todd – and I nominate you! *Chuck has become really annoying – I can't watch when he's on.

  29. The Osama Bin Laden of the Republican Party

  30. Inflation is six times higher under Blundering BallLess Boring BrokenBorderBIDEN than that of Trump 🏆

    Trump 🏆 returns in 2024

  31. The Select Committee for 1/6 insurrection already proved treason by Trump. Now the DOJ needs to see the facts as they are and be ready when they get the evidence is to charge Trump for treason and other crimes associated. Trump is definitely guilty of treason, election interference, with leading the assault on the Capital. Hope the DOJ is intelligent to see the crimes and and indict to prove that we still have a STRONG CONSTITUTION AND DEMOCRACY.

  32. I don't really like Trump at all either but I have to be honest he went and his Georgia phone call talk for almost 2 hours and gave a lot more detail than one sentence how come they don't include this whole call instead of just the one sentence

  33. What's the worst thing that could happen if everybody voted for Democrats this fall?

    – American Democratic Justice?

    – Upgrade in the Supreme Court? (Thomas/Brown Jackson)

    – New job qualifications for people in congress?

    – Assault rifles could be curtailed?

    – People could shop in peace and not die?

    – Kids could go to school to learn and not die?

    – Women could make decisions about their own body?

    – Fair and open elections for everyone?

    – Sensible laws could be enacted to help the country become the power house it once was?

    – People could walk around and be proud to be an American?

    What's the worst thing that could happen if everybody didn't vote for Democrats this fall?

    – NONE of the above

  34. Trump vs Nixon… Which President was the worst?

  35. Donald Trump for America 🇺🇸 👏👍👍

  36. Donald Trump is clearly a monster! I have never heard of a worse President of the USA. Was anyone worse?

  37. If Trump is not convicted of criminal activity and is the Republican presidential candidate how many of these witnesses will continue to "stand up and take the shots" and warn Americans that this man is "real and dangerous to our country"?

  38. They (esp. D. Trump) all should be brought to criminal court by the DOJ & our gov. & all should be found guilty, & banned from ever serving in public offices again & f/voting also!

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  40. Arizona let your wisdom and intelligence shine vote Hobbs!!Vote BLUE go green support BBB and the planet for a brighter future with millions more E.V.'s

  41. This show is horrible. Yuck.


  43. They're running out pole workers and holding training camps to train GOP lunatics to become pole workers

  44. "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!" Jesus answered. "Without me, NO ONE can go to the Father."
    -John 14:6
    "Is ANYTHING worth more than your soul?"
    -Mark 8:37
    “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and MANY enter through it."
    -Matthew 7:13