MTP NOW Sept. 22 – Ukrainian PM Denys Shmyhal, Protests Erupt In Iran; Hurricane Fiona Damage

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal joins Chuck Todd in a Meet the Press exclusive to discuss the state of war with Russia. Former President Trump faces a landslide of legal exposure. Brendan Buck, Doug Thornell and Lisa Desjardins join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable to discuss the GOP’s desire to focus on the economy on the campaign trail. Protests in Iran continue in response to the death of a woman in morality police custody. Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi breaks down the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona on the island.

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  1. Excuse me Sir/Madam
    Are you saved?
    If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
    Jesus loves you

  2. Did Donald say hi-hosie before he took the documents? We may have to take this to the SUPREME'S court 😂😂😂

  3. Bonjour à Vous
    Ce qu'ils viennent de présenter hier à la télévision nationale fait parti de mon programme sur l'éducation présenter en New-York. Merci pour votre compréhension.

  4. The world is laughing at Iran's Morality Police comparing it to America's self righteous Karens.

  5. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022. Over-valued assets to inflate net worth then under-valued to save tax.

    Stupid exploited ex-wife's death for funding then buried her on a golf course to save tax.

    The MAGAT shot for attacking the FBI was a simple-minded Fox TV viewer.

    Stupid expects to scam the American public to pay for ALL his court cases.

  6. It isn't Iran… It's Zoroastrianism at roots, of course. Yet not Iran. It is a place not on the map, that does exist. Probably in the Middle East. Though Malta is the European equiv. Personal opinion.

  7. The Decline of Intelligentsia, PART 5

    People look around in vain for political leadership and the beginning of an era

    where a promised doctrine on improved life of our time does affect society.

    But what they find, is provincial opinions of same kind as anyone else's.

    They look for the grand perspective of a satellite; they are ready to settle

    for that of an eagle, but what they find is that of a gopher.

    They look for securing one's life & culture, of one's state. Instead, they find media

    jargon, pale restatements of politicians & of armies of gatekeepers of officialdom.

    They search for inspiring new leadership in thought, methodology, and practice.

    They hope to secure a safer and healthier world with new grand versions, but they find inertia,

    nihilism, academicism & closed deaf clubs.

    Hopelessly they ask: Has the time for the promised grand society passed? What Happened? \

  8. Iran woman s protest in moral right is wonderful but do takecare of safety .Not worth to sacrifice life

  9. The Iranian government has blocked people's internet in Iran due to anti-government and anti-women's rights demonstrations. The last time he did that, he killed 1,500 people in Iran in a matter of days, many of them women. Please be their voice to let the whole world know about the criminal regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This demonstration was started after a 22-year-old girl was killed by the government for not wearing a hijab

  10. It sure sounds like Russia needs a regime change.

  11. Iranian police suspected killing one??

    US police killing hundreds black people every year, and over 1 million on covid death!!

    Human right? ……..Does United States really care?

  12. This is simple Trump personally dictated the US response to COVID. Trump threw out the Obama Pandemic Plan, which has been used by a half dozen countries to save tens of millions of lives and replaced it with telling sick people to go home. The combined deaths directly from COVID and caused by the impact of COVID on our health care system will be over 2 million people. With Trump directly responsible for 3/4ths of them, the 1,500,000 deaths at Trump's hand will make him the greatest Mass Murderer in the history of the US.

  13. Now we have irrefutable evidence, made public, that a twice disgraced ex-president of the United States has committed Treason.


    This ex-president has committed treason by stealing US secret documents of every caliber from the office of the President and handing them out to Enemies of our Country. Some of those who have received critical secrets of the US are great historical enemies. However, every person who receives a document of the US marked restricted who is not cleared to receive the document has by that single action, become an Enemy of the US.


    A secret document of the US remains a secret document until it has been properly reviewed and declared declassified by the agencies responsible for doing that. The President of the United States is not a king and they are not a dictator. They cannot declassify a document by edict, decree, or proclamation. They are limited to requesting a document be declassified and submitting it for the process of declassification. Only then is a document Declassified.


    An ex-president of the United States who gives a classified document to a person not qualified to receive that document has committed Treason. The person who accepts a US document marked classified who is not qualified to receive the document, by the action of accepting it, becomes an Enemy of the United States.


    Disgraced ex-president Donald Trump, now clearly guilty of Treason, has single-handedly destroyed the CIA and the entire US Spy Apparatus.

  14. Stop saying "TRUMP BELIEVES…" That implies that you think Trump is Stupid, Ignorant, and Misguided The only thing that Trump believes is that YOU are a sucker and stupid enough to believe what he claims. If anybody is unsure, the "YOU" I mean is the person reading this now. Trump does not speak what he believes, he only Claims what he wants you to Believe. Sadly, some people (The people who do not already know and love that he is lying.) are stupid enough to believe him.

    "IF Trump thinks Logically!!!" You are SO WRONG and you are clueless as to why you are wrong. You and I are relatively normal people. We think logically in a normal people way. Trump is not a normal people. He does not think logically in a normal people way. This makes it easy, almost childish of us, to claim that Trump does not think logically. Trump is not stupid or ignorant. Trump is a Mafia People. He thinks logically in a Mafia People way. That is very effective and often successful way to think The person thinking from a Mafia People logical way often defeats the other who is thinking from a Normal People logical way.

  15. Trump is a capitalist. He knows the monetary value of everything. Trump stole these documents so that he could sell them to the highest bidder. Chances are that our most dangerous enemies already own some of these documents. Michael Cohen has told us this.

    Trump stole the classified material so that he could sell it to our enemies for the highest bid. He was saving the best material to stir up the largest payments from his freshly motivated clientele.

  16. After the breakup of Soviet Union Eastern Europe was in economic collapse with no Marshall plan to provide foreign aid to Eastern Europe and a corrupted Russian former KGB that controls the Soviet black market just sized oil, airlines news outlets anything they could get their hands on making KGB agent Putin the richest man in the world for Hungary, and Ukraine post-Soviet corruption in every aspect of their courts and militaries politics is an ongoing challenge

  17. This is a Dangerous Misunderstanding. "The Capitol was under attack at that moment! The assault has begun!!" This is a phrase that is poorly spoken. The attack on our Country by Donald Trump began in 2014 when he first thought of running for president. Trump was not thinking "I can do wonderful things for our Country!" Trump was thinking "When I become President, I can take over this sucker Country and make it my little get-rich toy just like Putin is doing." The attack on our Country began in 2014. The insurrectionist invasion of our Capitol Building following Trump's direction happened on January 6th, 2021.

    "Trump's Protestors" attacking people who oppose him, are Trump's BROWNSIRTS. thugs, private Gestapo. If you do not understand these terms in their most vile meanings, then you will earn the torment you receive from Trump's Brownshirts. His dedicated soldiers are actively attacking people who oppose Trump and anyone in local leadership who opposes the new Fascist Republican ideology. They will attack you at your homes, where you work, and through social media. These thugs number in the 10s of thousands. They are Trump's own commanded private army.

  18. Trump is a LIAR. Forgive my emphasis on something that everybody knows. But, nobody seems to understand the how and why that Trump is a LIAR. Every reporter, every anchor, and every "expert" speaks about Trump's LIES as if he was an ordinary person, lost, confused, misguided, delusional, telling ordinary LIES woven into his ordinary way of speaking in some ordinary effort to express his thoughts and beliefs. I cannot believe that so many grown people would express such a foolish response to the words spoken by Trump.


    Mafia-speak. Mafia-talk. Mafia-lingo. Any man who spends his entire adult life immersed in business with Mafia companies learns the values of Mafia-speak. In his Mafia-speak, every sentence and every phrase spoken by Trump is a part of a system of lies. Each system of lies is about an issue that he wants to control He is not speaking from his thoughts. He is not speaking from his feelings. He is not speaking from his beliefs. Trump is not crazy or delusional. These things have no meaning to him. He is not just another person engaged in dialogue. Trump is always speaking to manipulate the person he is talking to. He is always speaking to control the issue he is speaking about. Each system of lies about any point has history and intent. Every new point from another person will be integrated into the lie system of the issue they are discussing.


    Every reporter, anchor, or expert who brings up Trump's thoughts, his feelings, his beliefs, and his meaning when discussing anything that Trump has said, is lying to themself and lying to us. The only belief that Trump has is that the people he is speaking to are fools and he needs to use these fools to serve his objectives.

  19. Putin's days are numbered. The wrath of God and many nations will come down upon him.