Friday , January 22 2021
Home / News / Mueller testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee ‘could happen’: Robert Ray

Mueller testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee ‘could happen’: Robert Ray

Former Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray talks to FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald about Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, saying he will call former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I guest the career politicians who think that they are the elite believe that the American people will be fooled into believing that they are going to stand up for justice by calling people like Mueller before their committee . They have no power to indict or arrest . It is all show by never Trumpers to jump on his band wagon . OUR justice system remains TWO TIERED !

  2. Well you really don't have to have an abve

  3. Dossier was started by republicans for opposition reseach, Mueller will probably testify because he is not guilty unlike Trump

  4. I cannot wait to hear Robert Mueller and the rest of the lies he's going to slither like the snake he is passed the people of the United States that put Trump in office

  5. Is there a penalty for perjury because that's when lying has consiquenses and reprocussions

  6. It was treason they were organized starting with Obama , court judges FBI DOJ !

  7. Muller must be questioned by Durham, muller is a demintia boy slso, and a freaking crook

  8. Mueller is DOJ Biden. Ventriloquist dummy.

  9. MUELLER was ILLEGAL and should be arrested for TREASON and CORRUPTION
    For th failed COUP.

  10. No one believes the criminal democrat mueller

  11. comrade das dumphkoph Mueller is a lying piece of crap

  12. comrade das dumphkoph Mueller is a lying piece of crap

  13. comrade das dumphkoph Mueller is a lying piece of crap

  14. Now we find out the Steele "sub-source" worked for one of the Impeachment Witnesses….you can't make this stuff up.

  15. Just for a moment imagine Trump planting spies in the Biden campaign, getting FISA warrants on perjured statements to a Federal Court, wiretapping him and all his staff, then handpicking a special prosecutor to investigate the results of said illegal spying, then when that fails, get a CIA operative to blow the "whistle" on a call and get every fact wrong but still proceed….

  16. Get Mueller and Biden behind the same table…talk about an SNL skit.

  17. Mueller is a senile crook. How we didn’t see this until now. He didn’t write his own report. He had no clue what was in it.


  19. Robert Mule and Christopher Stealer have a lot to explain

  20. Come on Mr. Durham where are you we are waiting where Oh where are you Before November please. Give back all those costs Mr Rosenstein that would help some poor veterans

  21. Why doesn't Fox mention all that is true in the Dossier?

  22. Russian Fox news protecting Russia from collusion in the 2016 election.

  23. What a joke, republicans do not want Mueller Obama or Biden to testify in front of the senate and expose more about collusion with Russia.

  24. The problem is they all know that it was a crok of shyt before they started. That silly old fart its not in my perfewww knew long before he took the assignment so its a stupid question of caurse there going to answer if i knew then what i know now i would not proceed. If your smart that is, result stupid question. I suppose it gives time and confuses the confused.

  25. Comey told Mueller they had no proof when he handed the documents to him at the beginning of the investigation

  26. But when don jr had a meeting with the Russians to get scoop on Hillary oh yeah that's right that was a hoax also USA USA USA and then he got caught BLACKMAILING the UKRAINIANS and that was a hoax ! Umm and in late Feb trump said the VIRUS was a hoax! Say ! Is there a limit on hoaxes before a person pulls that hook outta there mouth

  27. Graham is running out the clock!Ratcliff please step in ASAP

  28. Straight to gitmo. Last meal time

  29. And this will distract us from our country falling apart at the seams. Great.

  30. Mueller isn’t special !!! 
    Maybe we can find out why this incompetent swamp-rat wasted 20 million of our hard earned tax revenue and investigated an innocent man for two years

  31. i dont trust Graham, he is the one who served this up for Trump,

  32. Go to the top of the conspiricy Obama Biden Hilarity Clinton ,cut the head off the attempted coup d etat

  33. What a joke let's get the top traitors we know whom they are the justice department is just dragging this on and on b. s.!

  34. Seriously how many times do these evil criminals have to testify? You know damned well what they are guilty of… put em down like a rabid dog ! And ya wonder why so much civil unrest???

  35. The moron didn't drain the swamp, he injected a deadly virus into the water.

  36. Everyone forgets Vol. 2 of Mueller, describing in detail Trump's 10 violations of the United States obstruction-of-justice statutes. Does anybody think that, in January, the criminal will simply be allowed to flee on that midnight flight to Moscow?

  37. Let's hope Trump's indictment is not served on Jan. 20, out of respect for Inauguration Day. I would expect 6 a.m. the next morning. (We Americans are a generous people, even to traitors.)
    CNN's coverage of the FBI pounding on Trump's door at daybreak will be priceless, even better than the arrest of terrified Roger Stone.

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