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Mulvaney: Dems will use ‘equity’ talking point to choose who gets government money

Former White House Chief of Staff and former OMB Director Mick Mulvaney discusses how infrastructure and spending will look under the Biden administration. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Fox and republicans mirror the white supremacist and new notsi sites almost exactly to a T. Same talking points every day it’s quite astonishing.

  2. What talking point did Trump and his admin use when choosing who received assistance for the coronavirus. Many times we heard that the blue states would get little or no assistance as their governors don’t handle finances well. It is refreshing to hear Biden say on many occasions that he will treat all Americans as one with no partiality. By the way if you want to live in the past that’s your choice but if you want to have a country to pass on to your children you have to do a green deal. If we don’t climate change will be our worst enemy.

  3. The few conservative, moderate, Trump-GOP reps still in Congress have lost all influence, the support of their radical colleagues, and soon, their political life. They now have two options: they can tamely accept their political demise or they can stand up for their beliefs, resign from the Trump-GOP and form their own center-right party!

  4. It wasn’t a slip about the Obama administration. It’s probably the same thing.

  5. Theyre just printing money with no concern now 😂 A smart man might think they are trying ruin the dollar.

  6. no of course not, anything over a few lines is shadowbanned automatically, and of course key words . shadowblocked at least
    if they were legit they would say so and show you which words were offensive or something ( i used to see this, once upon a time, mayb enot youtube, but somewhere… hmm, somewhen)


  8. Dems will look at the voting records to determine who can get the government money.

  9. Dems will use ‘equity’ talking point to choose who gets government money WHEREAS Republicans just give it straight to the billionaire class…

  10. 518,363 deaths 28,974,623 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  11. "The party is bigger than any individual." Sounds like something straight outta 1984.

  12. Yeah, but what about Mr. Potato Head???? 😠

  13. Basically robbing tax payers money and right in your faces and there is nothing at all y'all will do about it. Just like robbing the 2020 election right in y'all faces. GOP in Congress and in the Senate and in individual states including fox news are bunch of pussies. Why complaining and talking about it now, y'all deserve everything that comes with it.

  14. Didn't he blame president trump for what happened in January 6 2020 in January 6 2020?.

  15. President Bidens approval rating, Friday Feb 26 -2021.
    Strongly approve 31%
    Strongly disapprove 41%

    There's only one company now still doing daily polls, and they use actual voters not random people, and an equal from the right and the left. And an other thing I use strongly approved or disapprove numbers. The reason this is the hardcore base, if these numbers start to move it actually means something.
    And the trend show, he's losing his base.

  16. The utter failures of the GOP's ideology have never been better illustrated than they are right now.

  17. Our votes don't count anymore….it's over

  18. Green New Deal Center of Obama’s Admin?? 🤔
    oh heck might as well be 🤨

  19. I just got a letter today telling me i should be getting a check for $600. Wheres the $2000 we were promised?

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