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What I’m Wearing:
Floral dress –
Coin choker –
Pearl pendant necklace –


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My edit –
La Reveche swimsuit –
La Reveche on Farfetch –
Saint Laurent bag –
Saint Laurent –
Chloé Woody sandals –
Chloé woody sandals woven –
Chloé –
Zimmermann shorts –
Zimmermann –
Zimmerman Carnaby Dress –
Chloé basket bag –
Valentino Garavani Rockstuds –
Fendi sunglasses –

H&M White Dress –

Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder – [ USE CODE JOSIE20 FOR 20% OFF ]

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  1. Josie, thank you for sharing your tips I'm always inspired by your choices. I recognize you are the messenger and pricing is not your lane so I'll just appreciate the message… Enjoy your day Blooms.

  2. Your brows are looking great! Thanks for always sharing useful information along with each beautiful piece and teaching how to incorporate new pieces into your own personal style. Your authenticity to yourself and attention to detail reporting the information and honesty of opinion in a useful (and classy way if it’s negative) and showing brands you truly believe in allows me to believe and trust your opinion. This truly makes you a “content creator”. Thank you Josie, for not only sharing some enjoyable time with you in your life, but also good content and information. Enjoyable and useful! Thank you!

  3. The Zimmerman maxi dresses are certainly your style. They are youthful and gorgeous.

  4. Lovely video as always and love your style x

  5. Honestly, I love your lighter brows but this full brow and lighter makeup vibe is a good look too! No need to be self conscious.

  6. Omg those last two dresses are the best

  7. ooh you've sold me on that face powder and the sandals – the bathers are a bit flamenco style with the floral feather boa strap

  8. Can you please let us know where the Bracelets are from, the one you are wearing in this video looks like a van cleef inspired bracelet and would love to know where to find it. Thank you for linking necklace, ordering it 😍🥰

  9. Josie's wardrobe is literally my dream and more! You look gorgeous as always! Thank you for being a ray of sunshine and an inspiration <3

  10. I love your fashion video, they are so palatable and informative. I always know what to buy every season from your videos, so tastefully done. ❤️❤️

  11. Josie, those beautiful swimsuits look fab. They are called swimsuits so can you actually swim in them with all those frilly bits on? It would be interesting to know if they are just for show. I am wondering if those frills end up looking a bit rough. Also are the frills a nice soft material or hard so they keep standing up nicely? Am just interested.😁

  12. The dress you are wearing is so gorgeous, every dress you have is just too perfect!

  13. If I paid that much for a pair of sandals, I wouldn't expect them to hurt my feet! I don't understand how this brand can expect customers to just put up with that???
    I agree about 'price per wear', when you have say, just half a dozen pairs of shoes, but for the amount of designer shoes you have it would take a lifetime and more to claim you are getting 'price per wear. '

  14. I remember clicking on your first video and you were standing in front of a mirror with just a rack of clothes. Most of them were all neutrals and light pink I think. I really loved your style. And I got a lot of good information to help my own style. Love your videos.

  15. Do you edit your own videos?

  16. You make everything look beautiful x

  17. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 🖤🖤🖤

  18. No need to feel worried about your brows, they make you look even more refined and elegant.. didn't think that was possible, but there you have it.

  19. is hydra powder also an investment? It's seems like the title is wrong. None of the items shown are investment.

  20. Josie darling love how you still do fashion and do some gardening 🙂❤️, I'm sorry to say this but your friend Lydia needs to take inspiration

  21. Love all your outfits! Personally, I love a nice sleeveless rollneck with a high collar for those chilly summer nights.

  22. Sorry, those chloe sandals are simply ugly. $300 swimsuit!🤯😱

  23. Perfect video as always Josie! Your eyebrows looks great don´t worry! Xx

  24. The darker eyebrows actually have made you prettier. I was trying to figure out what changed yr face for the better and then you mentioned them .yep. Like that supermodel in blue lagoon. can't remember her name right now

  25. I must confess that I used to love Zimmerman but with more exposure the prices have just gone crazy… The Valentino rockstuds are absolute classics though I will agree. No one does studding quite like it 😍 x

  26. Personally, I wouldn't buy too many pairs of designer sandals and summer shoes.

  27. I saw on your Instagram stories that you broke your Valentino slides. How did that happen? 😳🤔

  28. Your eyebrows are so flattering.

  29. We went to Oahu for a short time. It was worth it! Love your channel so much.

  30. Your brows look gorgeous Josie, not sure if its me but I found it so hard to keep up with you today ! you seemed to be talking so fast !!

  31. Love your brows! Sorry is this a repeat fashion vlog?!

  32. My favorite fashion content 🤍

  33. Display is interesting girl kitty goddess dear earth summer beautiful weather you

  34. Did you know farfetched owners have entered the top 10 rich list this year for the first time thanks to their clever marketing through influencers and their brilliant business model? Bringing designer brands to the masses! I’m not complaining, love me some Chloe and Zimmmeman with 10% off…

  35. In bed after my second vaccine and this is the perfect vid to watch 😊 thanks Josie. Love this dress! And with you on Chloé just the best brand x

  36. Your tan looks amazing Josie🥰

  37. Your eyebrows look good, the colour really pop your eyes🥰

  38. I really enjoyed watching this.

  39. I can't see you wearing those floral Zimmerman shorts anywhere near as much as the white ones as they won't go with anything other than a plain white/cream top, whereas white shorts are much more verstatile. At that price point it's disappointing to hear that the white ones creased so much – sounds like inferior quality linen!

    I know you say that these are 'premium' pieces but surely they are still sooo overpriced compared to what most folk would buy, and there are 'premium ' brands that are still considerably cheaper, I really find the price of those Zimmerman dresses so ridiculous now!
    A more useful way of looking at '10 Summer invertment pieces' is surely: a pair of tan leather flats/pair of white linen shorts/pretty swimsuit/nice 'evening' sandals/decent sunglasses/good beach bag/couple of pretty summer dresses. All can be bought for much, much less than the approx. £3,000 for this little lot!!!

    I find it a bit ironic that when I went back, as you suggested, and watched your old video on getting your brows microbladed (only 4-5 years ago) you were getting on buses in London, buying clothes from Next and Primark bags were in evidence. You've come long way, since then, and I don't resent you it, but I do think you've lost the plot a bit sometimes!

    Also – nobody should tolerate the pain of those Chloe sandals, at that price it's unbelievable that they get away with that as a brand!

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