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  1. I am so curious to know, if you, have ever felt the impulse to wear color?
    An emerald green, coral or red dress. Maybe a black velvet suit??
    I think you are gorgeous, with good taste, but the absence of color in all your choices, makes me wonder if you ever crave color.
    Anyway, pretty choices.

  2. That Prada straw bag, white brunch dress and Kirkwood mules…#summerclassics❤️

  3. Make a video on how you do the laundering

  4. Am I the only one who finds straw and basket bags irrelevant in cities like London? I can only see them working in the countryside or beachside. You can't wear them at work, as they would look inappropriate. I much prefer a nice canvas bag that could work in a city and on holidays.

  5. How you do for living?Job?You are good taste!

  6. Noooo! Not the LV 😂😂😂 I love that bag so much. I liked that you included it just so I could see it again 😍

  7. Try wearing a fitted white camisole inside that dress to cover up the will look amazing in that dress

  8. Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Great Content! I love the bomber jacket! You should try it over white shorts, with white booties when you transition to fall.

  10. Chloe C sandals—love them and they’d be monogram for me. Hoping they are repeated next year in a silver metal with black. Does the C catch on things when you wear them?

  11. This was a fun and very helpful video!

  12. If you want to look boujie on the beach x

  13. Great video Hun x such good info x

  14. Thank you for the video Josie. I love your style.

  15. I like the format of this video and the honesty of the bad purchases 👍

  16. I think the bomber jacket would be flattering if you just put it on your shoulder over a dress instead of actually wearing it. And Tod’s loafers while being a bit more masculine and casual than the Nicholas Kirkwood pointed toe loafers might go well with some laid back feminine silhouettes. 😉

  17. Love the vlog as always, I wouldn’t pay out that sort of money for the basket bag but its our own choices there are so many out there nowadays it’s personal to us but no one would notice today xx🤗🌻

  18. I would really like it if you could do another designer dupe video. I can't afford alot of designer brands and I loved those videos and that's how I came across your channel! X

  19. Thank you, Josie. I am on the same wave length this summer. I purchased a beautiful bag, similar in color to your two toned bag. I wore it at first but soon, gave way to other summery bags. I open my closet and look at it longingly and think, "Did I make a purchasing error?". I also bought a pair of black "Gucci" dupe slides, just to see if I would like them. To be honest, I haven't got much wear out of them. I am hoping to wear them more in the fall. I also bought a new water bottle this summer, however when I was looking at them, I thought the metal ones were too heavy to lug around to the gym every day. I can just wash my bottle, so I am not that interested in the light disinfecting feature. Is it heavy? I also bought a light weight jacket from H&M, the same color as yours and even brought it to the tailor to have the sleeves taken up. I have to say, I have not worn it yet, but we are having a heat wave in Boston, MA and maybe I will wear it more in the Fall. One of my favorite purchases is a black print jump suit, that I bought as an afterthought. But I look great in it and my husband even said so without my prompting him. I also bought a Calvin Klein canvass beige/gold summer bag with wide shoulder straps that is great for kicking around town in, doing errands, heading to the gym and most day time activities. I was buying larger bags, but since I no longer work (I was laid off), I realized I do not need a big bag anymore. It is taking me a while to figure out how to shop for myself now. I don't have any intentions of going back to work, as yet, so I need to think about what I want/need. No more business/work type outfits, I now need more casual day time outfits, date night outfits, family/friend gathering outfits and vacation outfits. I have bought a lot of gym clothes this year since I spend every day there. Thank you again for sharing. Your videos are always a pleasure to watch.

  20. Hi Josie…. Quick question…. Which clothes hangers do you recommend?

  21. Gooseberry bikinis are the best! I just purchased my third one! The high waisted bottoms are very flattering as well. Loved this vid so much 😘

  22. My local food co-op sells beautiful basket bags hand-made by women in Central America. The money (about $30 goes back to the women and their families). Oh, and it's beautiful!

  23. I don't know why you wouldn't wear the LV bag in spring and summer as it is a pale colour it works perfectly.

  24. Thank you for being honest with your reviews, it informative to understand what equates to the value of a usable product. I find your perspective enjoyable to hear, learn from and apply to my everyday life, thank you Josie x💜x

  25. Ciao Josie. I just wanted to tell you that maybe the Rixo dress could not be suitable for the Italian weather at the moment. I live in Milano and the weather has been really really hot lately (especially in the last couple of days). Rome is about the same and a beautiful long sleeve silk dress could feel a bit too hot to wear for a wedding in July in Italy. Obviously plese feel free to wear it if you think it is perfect for the wedding.

    The pink Prada bag is beautiful ❤️ Thanks for all the contents you produce, very very appreciated.

  26. The big basket bag to me isn't just a label… It's the perfect size, has beautiful weaving, and it's simple yet perfect, unoffencive style shows everyone just why it is priced the way it is. I love it.

  27. My worst purchase this year were 2 pairs of ballet flats. Very nice looking, but why I thought I would wear them I'll never know. I need far more cushion and arch in my shoes.

  28. This was a very interesting video and I hope you do more like it. I especially appreciated your comments on the bomber jacket. I've tried, on numerous occasions, to wear pieces that were out of my style comfort zone and had the same issue- I never wore it and before you know it, it's in the bag for the thrift store. I also have to say- I absolutely LOVE all of your white dresses. They are so lovely.

  29. Love the Prada but couldn't justify so just purchased a Kayu basket bag on net a porter for less than £100, husband says it will be great for taking sandwiches out, philistine!

  30. Hi Josie
    I live in Australia so I am out of season with you, but you inspired me to get a blush pink biker jacket. I have worn it SO SO much!! I think my price per wear is down to $5 so far and it will get even lower as time goes on. It sits on the hips and gives an edge to a casual jeans outfit but I have also worn it to work with a pencil skirt and heels as well as out with a flowy, twirly dress. I also bought some neutral wedges at the end of summer sale that are similar to your Castana ones. I haven't worn them yet but I will once the weather warms up here with white skirts and dresses!! I think your pink Prada basket bag is gorgeous (and Freddy referred to it in her vlog, as she is renting the white). As usual, an exceptional quality video with your delightful style that stands out from the crowd.

  31. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who regrets purchases sometimes 😂

  32. Great video. I absolutely love the pink Prada basket bag. I think it suits you perfectly and looks gorgeous with your white summer dresses. A wedding in Rome – how exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what beautiful pieces you take with you. Love your channel. You're my favourite YouTuber 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  33. You could totally pull off the bomber but with white trousers instead of dresses 🙂 wait for cooler temperatures to rock it!

  34. Josie how do you prevent your white clothes from going yellow from sunscreen when you're on holidays? I find myself avoiding taking nice white clothes away with me for this very reason. And I will not be without sunscreen.🙂

  35. I would sale the items that I know I won't wear.

  36. The lv is definitely a fall winter and spring. A bit bulky for summer. I bet you use it more soon

  37. All the traveling isn’t very good for the environment Josie, what do you plan to do about that?

  38. I miss your Prada cahier pink straw bag from last year. Love that one. I got my Valentino sandals due to you and love them, so much. You are lovely.

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