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My Designer Handbag Collection! Every luxury bag I own, from my very first, to my latest splurge. LINKS below!
P.S – I hope you enjoy the really old photos I put in to show you how I wore it ‘back in the day!’
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Catch up on the 🌸 #FashionMumblrSpringEdit 🌸

Zara Haul :
Spring Drugstore Makeup Look :
Spring Wardrobe Basics :
Spring Beauty Launches :
YSL Unboxing :
ASOS Spring Haul :


❤ What I Wore In This Video ❤

Top :
Earrings :
Necklace :
Rings :
Bracelet :

❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Mulberry Bayswater :
Mulberry Lily :
Mulberry Clipper :
Mulberry Cecily :
Rebecca Minkoff Marble Tote :
Gucci Dionysus :
Gucci Marmont Mini :
Valentino Glam Lock Rockstud – Coral :
Valentino Rockstud – Gold :
YSL Shopper Tote :
YSL Blogger Bag :
YSL Monogramme Clutch :
Bulgari Serpenti :


Gucci Unboxing:
YSL Unboxing:


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  1. What colour is your Mulberry Bayswater? Oak Natural?

  2. aweee ink stains on patent leather are impossible to remove. In general, patent does not mark easily but when it does – impossible to clean (because the glossy top coat would likely be damaged and that spot remain visible even if the color were to be removed successfully)

  3. Josie, I'm sorry about the stain on your Lily bag … Perhaps you can think of it as Paddington Bear does; memories of a wonderful trip! …?

  4. Loved the collection.i m a connoisseur of good handbags r doing a great job

  5. My favorite is the dusty rose YSL envelope ✉️ ❤️❤️

  6. I love your videos so much! We live in London, and I have to say if you ever want to sell the pink Clipper Mulberry travel bag, I will pay whatever you paid to buy it. I love it! Thanks for your videos!

  7. Lovely vlog! I’ve just subscribed and I thought I can learn a lot from your videos about fashion and about vlogging as I make bag reviews as well.
    Your videos make me feel refreshed, probably because you’re honest and you’re still very humble despite the success of your channel 😊
    Well done! God bless, sister 😊

  8. The ysl are the best those 2 mulberries look old better donate them

  9. I really love your collection!!! What brand of your white clothes ?

  10. I am a new subscriber! I definitely love these types of videos . I am so So SO glad that I found this channel ❤️

  11. spot the difference…earings vs no earings…

  12. You looked great in all the pictures you shared. Pls do a video with your style pictures and how your style has evolved over the years! Pls pls pls!

  13. Love your videos! And I absolutely love your top — where is it from, if you don't mind sharing? thanks!

  14. I agree with you on being able to be introduced to brands and/or styles as a result of watching or reading blogs. Thank you guys for your hard work. I am working toward a Mulberry bag. The whole line of them are so gorgeous! 👜👛❤️

  15. Loved the YSL bags. I adore the top you wore (white lace top). I love wearing stark white year round; especially in the summer. I Iike to wear jewel tone shades. But, I would love to find a nice statement white blouse. I am plus sized; I wear size 16-18 in pants and 1x-2x top. What are some nice brand tops I can purchase. My style is high/low and I like classics with an edge.

  16. You are so inspiring! Unlike some other YouTubers I've watched, you share your fashion with a passion that is contagious! You don't share collections with an entitled mentality. I absolutely love your bubbly personality!!

  17. You have an amazing bag collection!!,GUCCI LV DIOR FENDI PRADA CHANEL YSL handbags all 80%off in<>

  18. I really appreciate the combination of High-Low fashion. Don't know if you view latter posts on least recent videos but, 'if you please' by all means keep the high end designers coming! 😉

  19. Josie, just watching this and I sold my Mulberry bayswater last week. Now you made me to regret LOL anyway I think the other mulberry could be fixed in handbag clinic but they would need to change the colour but they are pretty good at matching the original shade x

  20. i liked the valentino, i so much want one!

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