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My Fake Tan Routine | How I Maintain a Natural Golden Glow! | Fashion Mumblr AD

The secret is out!! Here is my fake tanning routine, letting you guys know my tanning tips and tricks for how I get, and maintain my natural golden glow, using my favourite tanning brand; Vita Liberata.

I’m so happy to be partnering with Vita Liberata to bring you this video – they were the first tanning product that I ever tried, and have loved them for many years. My tanning routine now consists of their pHenomenal tan, Body Blur and Tanning serum, discover how I use them in the video!

You can also get 20% off ANYTHING from the Vita Liberata website using the code JOSIE20 here:

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  1. As sakiau ismok mane auginti.☺Kai mama neteisingai aukleja. Vaikas bega taip ir su manim☺❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Aciu

  2. Hi Josie! I have always struggled with my face being a couple of shades lighter than the rest of my body. I use spf50 all over, but for some reason my face gets the least color. I started using taning drops from vita liberata on my face a few weeks ago and now my face matches the rest of my body. I am so happy with this natural glow on my face, I should have tried it a lot earlier! Thanks Josie 🙂

  3. I know this is a vintage video but I hope you can answer a couple questions. 1. How often (approx) do you repurchase the pump tanner bottle? 2. I am very fair and have older skin so I get some weird results… do you use the buffing brush as you have just applied the tanning lotion or do you use the brush to apply the tanning lotion. Or, are you using it after application when the tan has developed. Thank you for your info on this. Obviously I tried tanners in my younger years and I didn’t like being orange so I gave up. The products today are so much better I want to try again. Fake tan is better than skin cancer (I live in FL). I buy a lot of SPF 30. 😉

  4. Tan for TWO weeks? I'm blessed if mine lasts 5 days, I need to try this brand 🔥

  5. I use gloves to self tan and I use the same product you do . Also I put just a tiny bit of lotion on my knees and bottom and sides of feet and hands to make sure I do not get a thick spotted tan in those areas

  6. Yes, you have a healthy glow. Thanks for sharing

  7. Do u still use same camera ? It seems much better on the last videos

  8. Please always let your forearms have a bit of sun before you put on sunscreen preferably before 10am am or after 2pm. People NEED some sun exposure for vitamin absorption. Avoid burning your skin but dont hide from it either!

  9. How do you ensure it doesn’t get on bedsheets – taking the serum for instance? 🥰

  10. I'm already brown 😄 but I watched all the video because you are so lovely to listen 😍 From Brazil! 😘

  11. What is the colour of your nail varnish. … it's a very feminine colour?

  12. So informative, I only hope I can purchase in the State.

  13. Can we please stop saying Josie looks or acts like freddymylove? Is there not allowed to be more than one blonde English YouTube influencer in the world? 😂

  14. Ecotan face water is supposed to be the best product out their and it is vegan nontoxic and cruelty free @ecotan

  15. Ty I am thinking of trying, will get what you have so I know it looks great ty 😇💜

  16. Would this be successful on older, drier skin?

  17. how does it work alongside serums and oil? i use rosehip oil as a moisturiser and want to know if the tan from the serum will break down from it. great video:)

  18. You are so darling- love all your fun videos! Keep them coming 😉 xo

  19. Josie, I love your videos, and wish you lots of luck! You are a tremendous marketing person!

  20. if you exfoliate everytime you shower, wouldn't your tan fade very fast?

  21. You look so beautiful in this!! Xx

  22. What shade of the tan do you use?

  23. Love it 😍 thank you so much , i would appreciate if you can list down all the products u have been told us about I really want to tryout the brand.

  24. hey! I'm new to your channel and I love it so much! I have a question about maintaining the tan, you said you exfoliate almost everyday after achieving a flawless tan, the exfoliating doesn't remove the tan from your skin? I really want to try it! thanks😘

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