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MY HEALTHY MORNING ROUTINE | Workout With Me! | Fashion Mumblr AD

So excited to share with you my Healthy Morning Routine! From meditation, my workouts, to my nutritious post-gym smoothie!
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This video is in collaboration with Good Guru, whose products I have been loving using for several months now!


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  1. Hope you make what I eat in a day

  2. Which is the meditation app you are using

  3. This was a very aesthetic video and i love it

  4. she never took a piss or dropped a log…. what a moron,,,,, shes beyond painful, is this for all the apes out there that don't know how to get out of bed in the morning..

  5. It's not necessary to brush ? 🙄🙄

  6. Wow this screams attention!! Fake routine!! Nope , not for me!! Thumbs down big time!!

  7. Are u engaged or married 💍

  8. As a model you're give me a lot of motivation to be better ,better then now

  9. i might quit school and my job so i can focus on my morning routine 😂

  10. Y supplements.R u sick.Get ur normal diet.Living in developed countries with underdeveloped brains

  11. Hi everyone, I'm from Brazil, I want to speak with natives to improve my English ☺

  12. this is not a squat xd

  13. Morning routine Waok ❤️❤️

  14. My morning routine is a complete and utter disaster compared to this.

  15. I Love your dog, so cute 🙂🐾

  16. makeup ….to go to the gym ???? Please be natural

  17. My healthy morning routine :
    Wakeup at 12 pm
    Brush teeth and wash face then put moisturize
    Go on phone
    Check medications and take medication 💉
    Go on phone all day #couch potato 🥔📱 #Lol

    Pintrest : reema alsharekh💗💦
    Snapchat : ريما الشارخ /reema alsharekh 👻

  18. Wow.. You're voice sounds similar with Rosé from blackpink

  19. makeup before gym its not possible…i only put moisturiser

  20. Why all the hate people? No she's not a mom or married so maybe she has more time on her hands and this routine is Her routine. It might not work for you. Goodness! Trying to make someone feel bad for being attentive to her life. Go get your own life. Sick people

  21. How it is possible daily 😞😞

  22. I like her morning routine

  23. Wow. I always wonder how you keep your body so healthy and now I know why. Your body is in such a good posture. Could you tell me where to find those vitamins. Iam really in need of them. I want to keep my body as healthy as yours

  24. get a full English brekky down you Christ sake 🙂

  25. People stop fucking complaining just because you can’t fucking live the same luxurious life
    Admit it we all want this life

  26. Hi really enjoy enjoyed the video wat is the music at the end of the video.

  27. Surely putting all of that stuff on your skin isn’t good

  28. your morning routine is very good and u r a very very beautiful girl.

  29. My morning routine:
    Start checking the mobile

  30. Am i the only one who finds this totally surreal and definately not like what real life is?

  31. It feels simulated routine.. Not a real one.

  32. You have so beautiful face and body!

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