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My IPL Hair Removal Update, Highstreet Haul & Renovation Updates! // Fashion Mumblr Vlog AD

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Shop The Kenzzi device – and use code FM50 for $50 off your very own Kenzzi!
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* This video includes a paid integration with KENZZI

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What I’m Wearing:
White dress –
(US) White dress (similar) –
Pearl necklace (part of set) – [Use code MUMBLR10 for 10% off] White tiered dress –
(US) White tiered dress (similar) –
Floral dress –
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Kenzzi device –
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Estrid Razor – (Add ‘Josie’ at checkout to donate £1 to The Fawcett Society!)
New Look Espadrille wedges –
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Gilly Hicks shorts –
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ASOS white dress –
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Broderie top –
(US) Broderie top –
Mango Trousers –
(US) Mango Trousers –
White broderie playsuit –
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Reiss Tyne trousers –
(US) Reiss Tyne trousers –
Zimmerman shorts (similar) –
(US) Zimmerman shorts (similar) –
Similar white shorts (highstreet) –
(US) Similar white shorts (highstreet) –
Floral tie top –
(US) Floral tie top –
Pretty Ballerina flats –
White tiered dress –
(US) White tiered dress (similar) –
Prada bag –
Padded sandals –
(US) Padded sandals –
White Topshop top –
Floral skirt –
(US) Floral skirt –
Loewe striped bag –
(US) Loewe striped bag –
Floral shorts –
(US) Floral shorts –
White polkadot blouse –
(US) White polkadot blouse –

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  1. Was debating a home laser machine… will definitely try it out!

  2. I am so upset, I purchased the kenzzi on Josies recommendation, spent £180 on this and yet it is safe to say it doesn’t work at all… Unless I have bionic hair or something but I have used now for months and 4 times a week! On my underarms and bikini area and no change what so ever!!… so disappointed I was scammed 😓… please NO ONE else Waste your money!

  3. Omg your pizzas look delicious

  4. My comment is a bit late but I really hope to get some advices concerning the Kenzzi. Sounds so good and I really hate my legs as I need to razor every day and have still black stubbles (yes, the Estrid is the best razor EVER ;-)) Meanwhile my (bright) skin is a bit sensitive at the legs now but these black, thick hairs… urgh. I was glad that you uploaded this update Josie and was thinking about to try the Kenzzi even Lauras experience (comments down below) sounds really bad. Now I asked Google as well for some futher information and I am shocked about the really bad reviews at amazon. Not a few but more than 50% rate the Kenzzi with only 1 star! I am now unsure and confused. Maybe this was a bad fake? The seller at amazon is Kenzzi but you cannot open its site.
    200 Euros are too many to waste them, if there are so many problems with shipping and returning… I would be glad about any advice, discussion, …
    Love your and Charlie's content and can't wait to see the new closet! But well, I have to watch the last three weeks' videos first. 😀

  5. @josie what nail colour are you wearing please? It’s gorgeous!

  6. Also in their terms and conditions, even if you return the item to them they will charge you $75 "Restocking Fee." After you've also paid for the import taxes too of course. I really feel scammed out of my money and my consumer rights.

  7. I ordered this after watching this video, and they have only just shipped it after 2 weeks and way too many emails chasing it up. I finally got a random fedex shipping confirmation…from CHINA of all places. Not looking forward to the expensive customs charges inevitable on arrival. I kept asking to cancel the order but they won't let me. I feel like I've been part of a scam quite honestly. Horrible experience all round.

  8. What about your Philips IPL?? I just watched that video of yours. You were really happy with it but now you're talking about this one.

  9. What is the amp on the plug for kenzzi? Wondering for adapter.

  10. I have noticed that in UK restaurants are more tolerant of dogs. Not here in 🇺🇸

  11. Just ordered a KENZZI through your link/with your code! In the past, I would’ve just gone directly to the website and used their discount code that is posted on the main page. But thanks to one of your old videos breaking down how you get paid, I always try to order the products you recommend through your links directly to make sure you get the credit/commission that you deserve! 🤍

  12. Hi Josie,
    Quick feedback:
    I've used your code however in order to receive the parcel I had to pay £65.00 taxes! A big disappointment!

  13. I got Kenzzi as an early birthday present for myself at the end of May. I was very good for the first 6 weeks and did it religiously, but then went away and missed some sessions. Got to get back to it.
    It takes a bit of patience to do legs. But overall I'm so so impressed. I have a very light complexion and dark hair and it's been working really well. I've been using it all over my body just not my face 😊
    Thank you, Josie 💜

  14. ive been looking into IPL laser hair removal for a while. Iv also been looking at the Kenzzie. after your first video of it, i purchased it, it was the nudge i needed. so thank you. I have only used for a month now, but already can tell its working. xx

  15. Pizza looks lovely my grandson lives In chicargo and had one like yours🍕🍕🍕

  16. Hi Josie, from Australia 🙂 Just wondering if you recommend any other laser treatments better for your legs, thats my main concern, but I have fair hair and wanted to get the right one.

  17. So is the IPL recommended for black girls also? Or is our skin/hair to dark?

  18. What a good idea; to fry pizza! I don't have an oven at the moment, so this has been very exciting to find out!

  19. Pizza looks delish
    "Chicago Chicago my kinda of Town"…I live in the burbs of Chicago.
    I love all of your videos so anxious for the next and the next.
    Thank You Josie and Charlie You inspire me

  20. You can just put the pizzas directly on to the roasting oven floor

  21. My mouth is watering for your pizzas 🤤

  22. Yum the food looks so delicious I’m hungry now.. for my dinner I’m having pea soup bake chicken white rice..

  23. I would love to see regular updates – I find the process of creating so enjoyable.

  24. Josie, the bow top with the ruffly straps can be made to fit better by taking out the seams that attach the straps in the back, and switching the location of the straps in the back. It'll make the straps crisscross, taking up some of the length of the straps. It will make the straps stay on your shoulders better. I do it all the time with my clothes, since I wear pinafore Flamenco style trousers with high neck ruffle blouses made of slippery fabric to work. Criss-crossing those straps keeps the trousers fitting well throughout the work day.

  25. Whoa! Don’t leave that white Pom-Pom in the hallway if you want it to stay white. Construction is lovely but the dust gets everywhere.

  26. Thank you for these wonderful videos Josie!

  27. You have soooooo many clothes, shoes , bags etc, do you ever get over whelmed with amount of stuff? Don’t mean to be rude in anyway x

  28. Wow Charlie!! Good job, I loved your video 👍

  29. Mmmmm. The trousers and white short top look cheap, so sorry!

  30. Lovely vlog Josie! Pizza looks delicious. 💕

  31. As an alternative to you Rees trousers I know that COS has some really nice ones from time to time. I love them as they are the comfiest 🙂

  32. Can you tell us a bit about your standup steamer, please? Do you iron as well or just steam?

  33. Hi Josie I love your videos!💖You may have said at some point but I don't remember stuff like that
    until I really need to know 😉 what MacBook is your pinkish one a MacBook Air?
    With what specs if you don't mind me asking? And what other apple iPads etc do you recommend?
    Thanks babe❣

  34. Hi Josie. Could you please tell me which clothes steamers you use, and is there a discount code? Loving the vlogs

  35. Why are you letting dogs eat from plates that are for guests ? It's disgusting.

  36. Love your vlogs! But… you should know that…Paid for my Kenzzi months ago. Still haven’t received it. Had to give DHL an extra £47 then three weeks ago they asked again. I’ve been in touch with Kenzzi loads but they have not actually fixed anything.

  37. What happened to your Philips lumea from a couple of years ago? Wasn't it that effective?

  38. If you think waxing is painful God help you if you want babies 🤣

  39. Do y'all have air conditioning in your home?

  40. You look awesome in New Look dress and wedges! x

  41. !!!!!!!Please be aware that you have to pay 50eur of taxes as it is coming from Hong Kong!!!!!!

  42. Make up looks amazing ! What is your cheek and eyeshadow xx

  43. Josie you hold the button down and it keeps flashing automatically 😊

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