Wednesday , December 8 2021
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My life is NOT Perfect! | Fashion Mumblr Daily Vlog

A day of ups and downs.

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  1. your fans and friends are always beside you…PS…Josie, everyone has shiny skin, puffy etc so its OK…you're stunning and I hope it all stays well with you and your beloved Charlie.

  2. I think that building looks like a tampon or a suppository. lolo

  3. Should have took a friend to the premier.

  4. this is the first video I watched from you 2 years ago and i have been subscribed and loving your work ever since. xoxo

  5. I know that my writing this is a few years on from when this was posted. As some one who is now 41 and married for 16 years, you are right. Relationships are never perfect. Life isn't perfect. And to be honest, it makes us love you even more. It shows us that you trust us. I'm happy to see that 2 years on the 2 of you are still together. Much love from Salt Lake City Utah

  6. I’m new to your feeds and have started looking back on your older posts which I’ve been loving. I’ve never commented on anything before but I love how real this is and must of been so hard for you to share. Thank you for having the guts to do this. As you said nothings perfect and we sometimes forget that watching these. Love all your posts!

  7. Cheer up sweetie! 🌿 relationships are so hard sometimes. Thanks for being real. You still had a good attitude and was lovely like always.

  8. Josie ~ Thank you so very much for sharing the Real part of Life. You and Charlie are such an inspiration with your travels and shared careers. You are so dynamic with all of your natural talents and we have been so blessed with your success you share from the fashion world. It's not Free ~ It has a cost with all of your real passion given into each of everything you offer us. But what we don't see is all it takes to generate all of these Outstanding presentations. I have been enjoying so many of your very informative videos on so many valuable fashion consultations and I'm in the process of totally renovating my entire wardrobe for the new me in 2019. A Total Makeover! Hair color, weight loss, everything. I want you to know how much I appreciate what I have received from your videos. I hope to see you and Charlie again soon enjoying your journey and travels with much fresh air and laughter allowing yourselves playful R&R along the way. The real life that I have experienced has been a roller coaster ride, with many challenges and achievements, not like the boring merry-go-round that some choose.
    Oceans of Love to both of you ~ from Fran in the Palm Beaches of Florida

  9. I just found you a few weeks ago! Im trying to catch up. Thank you for being real!

  10. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. It’s so helpful to show the “unglamorous “ side of life. Young people feel depressed bc they think everyone’s life is perfect.

  11. Came across this older post…SO refreshing to see the not so perfect side of life as that IS reality right! Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel that even I can reach some of the "perfect" days without being perfect. Thanks again♡

  12. This not a downer video that is real Life , that makes you more Human to viewers ! You are a
    Very beautiful person inside and out . All will be well tomorrow ! Love your blogs !!!

  13. I love to see this side of you, and i dont mean that i love to see you sad. But it shows that you have real problems and not everything is big bold en beautiful. I have so many respect for you, because you are not afraid to show your vulnerable side and you're not afraid to cry in front of a camera. MY respect for you keeps on growing and i really like the person you are <3

  14. I love your videos! You have so great positive energy and amazing different topics. Greetings from! ♥

  15. One needs to assess whether those no so nice moments will become hours, days, or months . You are super intelligent so use your head in these cases. Hugs.

  16. Your videos are my guilty pleasure.. I decided not to request specific videos because u have made all I would ask for haha. I really hate and love u.. your work ethic is A1

  17. You are such a lovely lady. You are putting so much of hard work into your vlog. Is nice to see you as well on negative side life is no perfect. Big hugs.

  18. Sending you a bighug lovely 💕🤗🌻😘xxx

  19. I know my comment is like, super late, but I send big hugs to you from Nairobi, Kenya. You are such a lovely spirit Josie! <3

  20. Josie, sweetie, I admire you. You are a strong woman. I love that you keep these videos real. Stay strong my friend.

  21. Wow so brave of you to share this but guuurrrl- don’t let boys make you change your plans! 😉

  22. Aww, I teared up a bit. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You're so right, we have to work at relationships. You are positive about it and that's what i take from this video.

  24. This is a two year delayed comment haha, but thank you so much for sharing this, sending you hugs

  25. You need to stop smiling so much and swear and burp that’s the type of people I like. Just not all Doris day my life is amazing crap. I mean really? Tea and biscuits that’s wayyyy OTT I’d just go to McDonald’s

  26. Sweet heart you should have gone to your premier. Boys will be boys. Let him go and get drunk with his mates and you do your thing. He's big enough to cope and he'll be the one suffering the hangover! You are so sweet xx

  27. Needs lots of courage to talk about such personal things, thank you!👍🏻👌🏻

  28. I never comment on videos but Can I say I'v just started following and I'v watched a lot of your videos (which I enjoy!) …. you look so positive and happy and for someone whose moods are often up and down… this blog just made me so grateful for your honesty and openness. The reality of it was so warming. Hope you and your man can always be happy together but it was touching to see you in a "real" moment. You should feel really proud xxx

  29. You're a beautiful person to watch! Thank you for being real, that just makes me want to see more vlogs from you. Life is life and it's not perfect to anyone and it shouldn't be anyway. Next time go to your event anyway though, let him deal with his thing. (Just an unrequited advise) 😉

  30. Nobody's life is perfect and most people will understand what we see is an edited version of your life. Though I still stand amazed that you can fit so much in a day and how hard you work! It might seem pure glamor to some, but I don't think most people would have the ability to maintain such a busy schedule and put in the effort to take care of themselves and relationships at the same time. You are inspiring. 🙂

  31. Wait, so after he's out drinking with his friends, you guys argue because he comes home and beats you or mistreats you in some way? Or are you just waiting up for hours only so you can yell at him for going out with his friends?

  32. This is real…thanks for sharing..❤️

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