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My Maldivian Morning Routine | Jet Lag & Post Travel Beauty Routine | Fashion Mumblr AD

My Maldivian Morning Routine! This is what I would get up to each morning in the beautiful Maldives! As well as a few tips for fighting jet lag, and combatting post-travel skin blues!

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Pyjama Playsuit :
Headspace App
Garnier Micellar Water :
Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask :
Too Faced Mascara :
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Scallop Navy Swimming Costume :
White Shirt :
Sunglasses :
Bracelet :
Garnier Moisture Bomb Spray

Filmed at the incredible Conrad Rangali Island – Maldives

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This video includes a collaboration with Garnier, whose skincare products as you guys know I just absolutely adore and use every single day!


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  1. Everything that I watch of yours is amazing. Keep up the fabulous work. 🤗

  2. Hey dear…you should explore the India. ..definitely you will love it … many cultures and traditions comes on one platform that is india…..welcome

  3. Loved your video!!! Looks like paradise. Did you feel safe swiming in the sea as it is full of sharks??? I loved swiming in the sea in Greece and snorkling and would love to go to the Maldives one day. xxx

  4. May I know the name of the song you used in this video? I really love it , Thank you!😊

  5. In which resort did you guys stayed in Maldives?

  6. Jet lag tips are always useful 🙌🏻

  7. Hello I am from Maldives..happy day to all

  8. WOW ! If I ever get married this is my honeymoon destination, those water villas just look like the most relaxing & romantic place to stay. Does the sound of the water keep you awake though ? X

  9. loved the video!! are you sponsered by garnier? do you not use the same skin products as you do at home ?

  10. I've been meditating with the headspace app and its incredible! Which meditations (outside the app) are your favourite? Also the view from your room is amazing and the video in general is incredible!

  11. bought the moisture bomb sheet masks.. used one this morning. it was incredible on the skin. thanks for the recommendation x

  12. Gorgeous video! I can't believe this swimsuit is from Accessorize!! It's stunning! xx

  13. Did you say you drink 4 cups of water in the morning?? Sorry my sound is bad…

  14. love this video so much! lovely location to film, makes me feel so good! thanks for sharing!

  15. great video! I love u so much but I was wondering if u might consider taking a more chilled out approach to ur videos they just seem a little to scripted no worries tho I still love u very much xxxx

  16. soo beautiful!

    btw, does the Garnier Moisture Bomb Spray feel greasy or sticky?

  17. soo beautiful!

    btw, does the Garnier Moisture Bomb Spray feel greasy or sticky?

  18. What a beautiful and relaxing way to start the day. It looks amazing.

  19. Really enjoyed this video Josie! 🙂 x

  20. yet another AD… dissapointing.

  21. You have such a bad sunburn 🙁 poor thing

  22. Wonderful video! But where are the people? What is the name of the resort? I am planning a trip to Maldives,but not sure best place to stay. Can you give me recommendations? Thank you.

  23. You are awesome! Excellent tips.. Thank you for sharing..

  24. You mean you don't have a place there? Gosh…..

  25. The Maldives is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. It looks absolutely beautiful. There's a few new skincare bits that I now want to try out too!

  26. This video makes me want to take a vacation so much!!

  27. I really enjoyed this josie, I love your trips away, your vlogs make me feel so chilled! I didnt realise garnier did other face sheet masks. will give them a go. xx

  28. Oh jet lag! Just trying to recover from our trip to Hawaii with a 5 hour time difference. I slept 14 hrs our first night back. Thanks for the tips 👍🏻

  29. Loved this video! It was so relaxing and fun to watch! 🙂

  30. How beautiful, Josie … you are my inspiration! I wish you a wonderful day! 🙂

  31. What a lucky girl you are. Traveling and looking beautiful all the time. I 'm loving the new web sites you are introducing me to. I am going to get out of my shopping rut.

  32. You are as beautiful as this place. You can only dream of such beauty and such a successful holiday 😘

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