Thursday , December 3 2020
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MY MORNING ROUTINE | Fitness, Food, and Skincare

My Complete Morning Routine! For this video I take you through a complete morning routine, skincare system, food, fitness, day in my office, foam rolling, and everything else! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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  1. wow , do the make up right away after you wake up? I can't even do anything before I eat my breakfast
    breakfast is the most important thing in my life xdddd

  2. “And there my side boob , I guess you can say my implants” 😭😂😂

  3. Oi galeraaa❤️ Sou a Bruna, criadora da hashtag do instagram #hojeeutodeparabens, fez ou faz alguma atividade física (qualquer uma) usa a hashtag e me marca que eu reposto, para incentivar o maior número de pessoas possível, a ter uma vida saudável e ativa. E aí vamos estar de parabéns hoje ?🎉🎉 Insta: bruna_reis0

  4. Sorry if this is a weird question but are there pads In the top you’re wearing? Bc your nipples
    Don’t ever show lol

  5. Nice video showing your routine.

  6. It's a wonder we don't get to follow her into the crapper

  7. 😀👍
    I will be very grateful for watching and liking my first video on my channel ❤

  8. Night time routine please!🙏❤

  9. Hi, thanks for sharing your routine.
    If you do wear assessories & like something unique & outstanding , would appreciate if you visit Etsy store @ JenGemJewellery, which is selling handcrafted assessories made with Swarovski elements, stones, glass beads etc.

  10. the beginning was too real hahahah

  11. list what products you use please!! and do a night time routine :)!!


  13. What was the oil you applied to take away redness!?

  14. Galera me indicaram esse cursinho de receitas fitness pra SECAR BARRIGA , comprei e GOSTEI MUITO DOS RESULTADOS, espero ter ajudado vcs!!

  15. Just The Pro Heal Serum is $148 and the PTR moisturizer is $78!

  16. omg I love how real this is hahaha

  17. I’m happy you’re being real

  18. So no bashment before you get out of bed then?

  19. What brand hair oil did you spray in your hair?

  20. how much years old u have ? like u look like 22 or 21 serious ._.

  21. what is the white comfitor you use on your bed??? ive been looking for one of those for so long!!

  22. Let’s see your night routine ❤️

  23. Hands down the best morning routine Ive ever seen!!!! So real!

  24. Your skin is perfect I wish mine was that clear and glowing 😍😍 and your physique is always 👌👌👌

  25. All the marble. But can we please get a marble game changer bag?

  26. I love seeing you in the office it’s so interesting to see everything that goes in to it. You are seriously so kick ass and really care about your brand and just genuinely a really nice person I love watching your videos they keep me sooo motivated

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