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MY MORNING SUPPLEMENT ROUTINE! Health is wealth! This is what I do each morning after waking up. Scroll for product list and links!

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Katie’s Booty Bible

– 15 weeks
– TRANSFORMATIONAL butt workout program
– private facebook support group
– full video-based workout glossary
– gym recommended, unless you have enough equipment! (i’ll help with substitutions if needed.)
– recommended supplement list


Katie’s Booty Bible


(discount code: KATIE1UP)

Organic Vegan Greens & Reds Superfoods
Multi-Go Women
Make Her Lean MAX

LINK TO ALL OTHER PRODUCTS (listed below link):

– Glutamine
– Collagen Hydrolysate
– Turmeric
– Biotin
– Folic Acid
– Glucosamine
– Vitamin C

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  1. I liked your video. I have been trying to research for video like yours that breaks down the topics in this vid! 👍 🙌Your video is like the vids from this awesome med student Dr Ethan. Ethan's explanations are really useful and I learned a lot for my practice. He is the helpful health enthusiast in the UK and he explains health and wellness!

    You should really check his YouTube out and give the doc a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanEducational

  2. Your video was very insightful! I've been trying to search for a vid that educates the topics in this vid. 🙌 The part at 1:17 is my favorite. Your content really is like the videos of Dr. Ethan. Dr's demonstrations are for sure useful and he actually helped me a lot on exams!

    Go check his YouTube out and give the Dr a like! ➡️ #DrEthanEducation

  3. many person want to lose weight by doing workout… but it's not possible for health condition… so them i want to recommend this: which is no 1 in USA. and also my neighbor used this and lost crazy amount of weight in a very short time… thank me later!!!

  4. this could be the best option for you… i recommend it to many person, whom all are very positive about this… thank me later!!!

  5. I take all of the same suppliments that u show here…..result? I'm down 103 pounds since February…..I also work out and eat better….. My body feels better and my medical tests show it. If it's a placebo, it's one hell of a placebo.

  6. I saw that the multi vitamin is for men. Should men take same supplements ?

  7. what do you think of creatine?

  8. I don’t know if it s me but I’m preparing the same shake in the morning and it taste Awful I think it s from that collagen:)))

  9. Where do you get your lashes done, ?? if you do ?! thanks 🙂

  10. ACV helps with migraines too! Haven’t had one since I started drinking it (2 years and counting)!! ACV is life! Great video!

  11. Have you tried incorporating 1Up’s water shred supplement? And if so, how did it work for you?

  12. I bought booty bible woo hooo!!

  13. And the conclusion – very expensive urine 😂😂😂

  14. This was so informative thank you!!

  15. Do you cycle your supplements?

  16. Same here, I get inflamed as I have Hashimoto's and I have to take Synthroid,which may ignite arthritis. I need to up my joint care. This video is excellent. Really helped me learn a bit of what I can do to help joints repair from working out.

  17. Hi katie! Do you take time off from supplements every 3 months or so??

  18. Katie can you make a video on an update on how you are managing your RA. 🙃

  19. Girlfriend your makeup looks so amazing !!

  20. Katie, folic is synthetic and will cause cancer. Please look into taking folate instead sweetie. Also look into what training under artificial light in a gym does to the body. Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse has a lot of good information on artificial blue light and it's starting to go mainstream now. Inflammation and sore jounts are only the beginning. I now train outdoors and that all stopped. The best to you Katie 🙂

  21. Omgoodness I can’t even take a multi vitamin 😂 I need to try them greens! I already got the pure rebuild, l-carnitine and aminos from 1upnutrition .. ❤️

  22. Excellent Vlog Katie, Enjoyed! 🙂

  23. Folic acid is good unless you have a MFTHR genetic mutation like I do. In that case you need a more bioavailable form of it.

  24. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for this video. I saw on some of the supplements recommended taking up to 4 times a day. Do you do this? I’m new to the gym and lifting, if you could only take one supplement out of the ones mentioned only which would you take? Supplements are expensive 😞

  25. What do the reds and greens taste like? Are they bitter or sweet? I definitely need a boost to my veggie intake👍

  26. Hi Katie!! I too take as many supplements as you, as I too have inflammation of my joints. Turmeric had been a life saver and helps me get through my workouts everday!!😊

  27. Hey Katie! Thank you so much for the information 🙂 I have a question- I would love to add that drink to my routine as well as my fiancé’s. He gets up an hour after I do so if I made both drinks in the morning, would it last for an hour or so premade in the fridge? Or is it best to make it fresh?
    Thank you again for your dedication!

  28. What are your thought on magnesium supplement? Thanks ! You Rock💪

  29. Pin this if you love your fans Katie

  30. You took all of that on an empty stomach?! I would get so nauceous!

  31. Fitness vlogs are your U.S.P. want to see workout vlogs as much as possible.. Love from India..😉😍😘

  32. What do you recommend for someone who is always tired? I've had my thyroid tested and it's fine. But I'm always sleepy.

  33. Love this- highly recommend you read eat to live by dr. Joel fuhrman. Some ppl see it as a “pro vegan” book but I just see it as a health book. I think you might find it super interesting

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