Tuesday , June 28 2022

'My party has utterly failed the American people': Rep. Adam Kinzinger | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. There are other members of the Republican Party who know that they have become a disgrace. But few of them have the courage that Kinzinger and Cheney have demonstrated. Every American who loves the idea of America (the ideals of this country) knows that real patriotism transcends party affiliation.

  2. This guy is a fucking Patriot.

  3. If Trump had won by a landslide? The Dems would've cried foul. They do it EVERY TIME a Republican wins.

  4. who votes for the filthy trash kinzinger ???

  5. Kinzinger is what you call a "decent" human being and GOPs/REBs just like the late Senator McCain. Why aren't there more GOPs/REBs like this man. People need to support this man and others like him to the end.

  6. A ABC poll found that 6 in 10 Democrats believed that Trump should be held responsible. While a poll of Republicans found that 10/10 believe that President Trump was not responsible in any way. Put them together and you find only 20% think Trump did something wrong. Think about it.

    Amazing how ABC is so Focused on the Jan 6 issue while they ignore all the domestic and international issues of this day. Perhaps it's because they know that they can only blame Occupant Biden and … well … they don't want to report on the real news.

  7. This boy don't have a party, he must have been picked on for being a feminized goober so he ran to the other side to get even.

  8. Kinzinger is a weak and should be sued by Trump for his action. George is Hillary's boy. Never watch. Hillary did far worse than Nixon she developed a fake dossier to spy on Trump. You are a turn coat.

  9. I'm a Democrat. However, if Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney runs of POTUS, I'm switching parties just to vote for either candidate.

  10. It’s a shame he’s republican, but I guess it’s a good thing, because there aren’t many who tell the truth.

  11. See Justice Matters 6/22, for 45Wild "State of Mind".

  12. What are sensible Republicans going to do about it? Are they going to continue to support Trump blindly even if you don't agree? Are you going to sit back and just watch it all burn down from the sidelines? This doesn't get better by itself. I really do want to know.

  13. All fo these idiots can go to HELL!!! No one has messed this country ip more than Biden. You fools!!

  14. The world loves you Adam kinzinger

  15. Narcissists were running the country.

  16. I have always voted a straight Republican ticket. But as I look around in southeast Bexar county (San Antonio) all the Republicans have done is give us super high property taxes along with very bad roads.

  17. 2024 absolutely terrifies me

  18. First off thank you for your service Adam!!! Second off I consider myself Democrat and I stand up for u my Man U are the only one in the GOP with any kind of common sense and dignity. I’m from Manteno I’ll as I know u lived here to. Keep up the fight and keep doing what you are doing. As for death threats those rightwing Pu$$y Donald Kim Jung Trump nut swingers can go to hell. Send em my way I’m not worried about a bunch of racist cry baby pukes!!! Trumpturds are a bunch of whining little biatches!!!

  19. Find all the culprets threatening the lives of these people and HANG THEM!!!!!!!!@