Thursday , March 4 2021
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Myron And @Donovan Sharpe Explain Health And Fitness – One on One

This clip features a segment of Donovan’s 1 on 1 where Myron and Donovan explain health and fitness.

== Myron And Donovan Explain Health And Fitness ==

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  1. How much can you squat, bench, deadlift, military press?

  2. Gotta replace the endorphin rush of junk food with the endorphin rush of sex. Also a question, Myron: you have said before you use a meal prep delivery service. Would you share the company name? I’m considering going that route myself.

  3. "Do you want Results? or do you want to cry?" Perfectly said myron

  4. False, I travel the world, I'm absolutely a "foodie", year round 9% bf and visible 8 pack. Ripped with a V-taper. Cheat meals are fine if you do cardio and rest if your life is in check. Most foodies I know are either skinny or fit.

  5. False, meal time frequency does matter Myron

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