Tuesday , June 28 2022

Nancy Pelosi and Biden are running out of scapegoats: Business analyst

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin and Fox News contributor Liz Peek weigh in on President Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s economy on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. We hate Pelosi and Biden. Pelosi should be forced to live on the streets of her district. San Francisco. What a joke these clowns are

  2. US is sending another 50 billion USD to Ukraine.. this huge US gift – In real terms, US government is running the Ukraine's economy, admin, paying all of Ukraine's armed forced, schools, doctors etc salaries, providing  war supplies for 12 months.. 
    Out of this 50 billion USD some 15-20% will  get into the hands of  Ukrainian and US oligarchs as commissions. I am sure Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton  and friends are in line for commissions.

    Why is Biden giving billion to Ukraine, when at home millions of US citizens are suffering under cost of living. Many in the US are barely able to feed their family.  What happen to charity begins at home.? 
    What a wonderful world. While US working classes pay the price to keep Ukraine working. Don't you love our system !

  3. I’m tire if hearing the idiots speak

  4. Even the attempt to install socialism is creating food shortages.

  5. Yes, they have no more evil tool so they’re using Abortion and take away the infants formula; shame on B and P

  6. Joe Biden is an idiot he is the problem not president donald j trump

  7. I never knew I was capable of so much hate. I really Loathe him and the whole administration. They are nothing but LIARS while destroying the Country

  8. This does affect the UK aswell

  9. Biden acts like stupidity is a virtue

  10. Bet Piglosi isn't running out of wine and gourmet ice cream.

  11. We can thank the liberal media propaganda machine for bamboozling so many Americans into voting for this fool. I hope we survive.


  13. Why is Biden shouting like that, his administration should be blamed for the problems.

  14. Their imaginations getting weak. Running out of excuses. Impeach. Retire and fire. It's plain as day to see they have been attacking our democracy since day one in office.

  15. Post all the comments you want to but here's the real deal. You better get out and vote in November and again in 2024 for republicans or you're going to get more of the same it doesn't matter what you say on YouTube it does matter how you vote remember that

  16. We aren’t losing hope, we will always have hope in Jesus. Biden can’t take that away

  17. # 2000 mule’s why won’t Fox News talk about it ???????????

  18. Spare us. We are bored of listening on the same issues

  19. The nicest thing you can say about corruption ridden Biden and his entire administration is that he is an imbecile. He, along with his entire administration and the entire Democratic Party are treating our society as if we are unable to understand reason as they are busy cutting the last bridge support from under the bridge upon which our society is standing. There has not during his entire term as President been one successful policy come forth from his administration. Just when we as a society think it is impossible for things to deteriorate any further, he or his administration comes out with some other statement or policy that impossible as it may seem, more stupid than the last "it can't get any worse than this". It would be better if they all threw a humongous party in celebration of all of their "successes " where one of them in their drunken stupor set the place ablaze. Instead they all, day by day are inching us toward a catastrophic confrontation with Russia over Ukraine. Imbeciles, one and all, lead by a clueless buffoon.


  21. Who let putin start up the german pipeline (Biden) which caused the war on Ukraine ! OH LIAR IS STABBING. US IN THE BACK AND LAUGHING IN OUR FACE !

  22. No not all no matter what trump or Putin did it even though it's Bidens signature on the dotted line but he didn't do it let's go Brandon

  23. Why are they allowed to do this? Who Can Stop There Screw Ups 😉 Who?

  24. I am so sick of these Democrats. Biden started his term by signing executive orders that negated all of President Trumps policies that were working to make our lives better. It didn't matter if the policies were working, they just got rid of them. Then they implemented policies that are crippling our country. In my opinion, the Democrats are traitors to our country and they all deserve to go to Gitmo. They are trying to overturn our legitimate Republic government and insert a Communist government. That makes them traitors. If you haven't been paying attention there are too many people in the Democrat party that have ties to China. A Communist country.

  25. They are both criminals and traitors to this country!!!

  26. Impeach him and Harris now the longer we wait the more damage Biden with do.

  27. Fox needs to discuss the voter fraud.

  28. Biden is not a American, he must be a left wing socialest,or a Com7

  29. No they are not. They have plenty of suckers to milk.

  30. What a putz this guy is

  31. But the economy is fine huh Biden. Bahahahaha.

  32. November can’t get here soon enough

  33. November can’t get here soon enough

  34. Wait till bullets fly.

  35. These two are so incompetent.

  36. It's all your fault Joe

  37. These climate zealots are flying their fuel-guzzling jets all over and we are paying the price. FJB

  38. Is it too late to send her back to Ukraine?

  39. Brandon and nutty Nancy they are Americas worst enemy

  40. Biden even has the Pet Food Isles in Stores going Bare.

  41. I thought Pelosi was on Capital Hill since the Kennedy Bros were there. Seen pics.

  42. Joey doesn't even know where left field is.

  43. America has never been led by worse leaders than now, it is a wonder if the dems corrupted the voting process to the point that we will be unable to elect people that we actually vote for!!!!!!

  44. The problem is,who was nothing,will still nothing,and of course they suppose to forgot about any freedom,food,housing,Healthcare,about many-many things 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣