Friday , November 27 2020
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Nancy Pelosi: Trump 'Confessed To His Violation' By Asking For China's Help | NBC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that President Trump “confessed to his violation of his oath of office,” when he publicly asked for Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens.
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Nancy Pelosi: Trump ‘Confessed To His Violation’ By Asking For China’s Help | NBC News


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  1. NBC is Fake News .worce then MSNBC. I will tell you what is Sad .Listening to the Dimenta Nancy Pelosi

  2. She is scared of the Ukrainian cover up TRUMP wins

  3. To many foreign bots in these chats. Not only that I'm tired of this political theater. I'm not a Trump supporter but if and what he may have done is nothing new to U.S. past leaders. I'm tired of hearing my country's leaders telling me my country is doomed because of either Republican or Democratic leaders decisions. I'm tired of peoples rights to voice opinion/protest are being threatened to be silenced. I'm tired of my rights to bear arms are being threatened. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you fall in line with, all our liberties are in danger because of this.

  4. Nancy bring a formal /official impeachment vote!!!!! This allows the the Republicans subpoena POWER
    TOO. Nancy and the Democrats are scared……

  5. this woman son make money from China

  6. I am from China. We do feel it is super confused about Americans. America needs to have a consensus and have someone in charge for sure.

  7. The only thing China should investigate is Crack trump illegal tariffs on China in the name of national security!

  8. Good for the goose good for the gander, Biden's turn on the hot seat.

  9. I am an American, and a Republican! I am embarrassed by my President and the cowardice of my Party. I implore my representatives to do their jobs! Please stop this madness and eject Trump from the Republican Party!

  10. Well she can't stand by and watch what's happening with the Constitution now can she!!! Her father was in politics n that's what he stood for! That the type of household she was brought up in!!! You go girl for what is right!


  12. Has Pelosi had her Brain scan lately she taking the Democrats to a lost cause with her stroke!!

  13. Nancy Pelosi is full of crap

  14. NBC – 2 days old video with only 38.5k views and 346 comments. That's bad, you know what the means? The people have begun to rebuke you for your propaganda service to the DNC. The only ones who come here to comment are people like myself and what's left of your, the DNC's, rabid base. The majority want the truth and they know they can't get it from you. Feelsbad.gif

  15. No, Nancy, your son is also tied into the Ukraine as well. The data implicates you, Biden, Soros, Clinton and Obama and you need to say and do this to try to protect yourself. In truth, Nancy, you are trying to pin your crimes, the crimes of the entire DNC, onto an innocent President. You know you are conducting a "no-vote" impeachment inquiry which is both unofficial and a breach of your powers under law should you take it any further than you already have. Take a vote, make it official and proceed unless…you're worried about the POTUS' subpoena powers under law which grants him the right to put your corrupt body, the entire DNC entity, onto the stand and have all your accusations scrutinized under oath. Should it be found false, you are then charged with treason at your own impeachment hearing. You're not going to do that.

  16. democrats and piglosi are wasting american tax money for investigating our president.If democrats want president trump out, they can wait until 2020 election (if they win)

  17. Wait, the Dems have more in common with Communism than the republicans.

  18. I still don't know what act of Treason, Bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanor's he committed?

  19. Nostradamus described trump best: The false Trumpet, Great shameless, Audacious bawler, Concealing madness.

  20. lets face with without legal cause simply voting for impeachment, will not work

    if voting were enough, then we could just vote to deport all democrats
    and we could find the sufficient voters
    but by law you can not vote on unlawful things

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