Wednesday , January 26 2022
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National Hurricane Center: Dorian could be over Bahamas for over 30 hours | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian is on track to become a major hurricane with dangerous storm surge and winds before its slams into Florida’s east coast at the end of Labor Day weekend, forecasters said Thursday.

Dorian left the Caribbean relatively unscathed as it pushed past Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands on Wednesday. But forecasters at the National Hurricane Center say the storm is primed to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane with possible “rapid intensification” as it swirls into the Atlantic.

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  1. Now it's about to stall at 2 mph and still heading westward…. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. What about the storm surge? Even if it hugs the eastern coastline the storm surge especially at high tide is going to be extremely large….

  3. Guys I get your consideration. But the these ppl live in Florida and have been for years. They know the risk they take by living there. I lived in Melbourne. I went to Eul Galley high School. They know what to do. There flordeirns relax! Yes they know it's a man made storm.

  4. How do you know it is not going to go straight over to the Gulf? It's amazing the chemtrails, seeding the clouds, nothing has been done to head this hurricane off or is this just one more plan for genocide?

  5. Dorian has not gotten the memo to turn right!!!

  6. My family and friends in Vero Beach and Sebastian – hope they are wise enough to leave

  7. To all those who were commenting from the Bahamas earlier on saying you'll be fine and don't pray cause"God" weren't answer prayers I wish you're all safe and God be with you and your families and that you have a chance to repent and take those words back sigh and to everyone else be safe 😔 the Bahamas is in a mess right now 😭♥️

  8. Great work folks …hang in there 💪

  9. In my prayers folks …God bless all 🙏🙏🙋💓

  10. This thing has a mind of its own I bet it may just be the next super storm and if that does happen guess what ready up Rhode Island and Connecticut you’re about to get it again

  11. Yall need to stop and chill your scaring people and making them freak out (INCLUDING ME) stop saying everyones gonna die and just hope for the best. Lord be with the bahamas and florida and any other areas that will ve affected all yall stay safe💞

  12. Ok guys, if we start praying really hard we can turn this thing around.

  13. Idots…the damn thing isnt turning up or it would be turning by now

  14. It will go across Florida into the gulf.

  15. I wonder what people thought about hurricanes in Florida in the 1700 and 1800 hmm….

  16. When you evacuate take all your Firearms are the National Guard will come in behind you and take them

  17. You people that live in Hurricane ridden areas need to get the f*** out. I want free Federal money all that b***** want donations… you want to live in Paradise but you want everybody else to pay for it…

  18. looks like Al Bundy had sex with Jr Soprano

  19. Depending on the forecast
    Me: this iS tHe FoRcaST

    Srry I had 2

  20. I live in West Palm fl, and will we get hit by the hurricane?..

  21. Get the hell out of Dodge.. Lord be with those who can't.

  22. This hurricane is a type of mindset has when you think it's going one way it's like a child it turns the other way no one won't know until the last minute

  23. what if it goes west and north to Georgia? will it go down to a level 1 and a depression? (just thought of that situation)

  24. God bless those that stay our prayers are with you!!! WE LOVE YOU

  25. I live in Saint Petersburg… I evacuated just to be safe and my manager didn’t like that cus I won’t there for work… they can’t tell you that you can’t evacuate can you?

  26. I'm sick of this. Something can be done about this .Millions of lives are effected. These storms can be detected while they are about 1/4 mile across. Time to blow out one of the walls with explosives, or heated with microwave technology. This will dissipate it. I've heard that some are working on it BUT nothing IS DONE.

  27. When Mother Nature 🌬 is angry at us! My prayers to everyone at risks for the hurricane.

  28. Get the hell out or bunker down. This is gonna be a nasty hit to Florida

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