Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Natl Association of Police Organizations president weighs in on Trump endorsement

National Association of Police Organizations president Mick McHale explains why the organization endorsed President Trump over Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Police officers from coast to coast (in the key states in particular) may wish to be extremely watchful over the voting fraud. Media push prediction of Biden's victory as preliminary step to to make the victory based on fraud look natural. Beware!

  2. Just what America can expect after Dear Fuhrer keeps up his attacks on many liberties we used to enjoy. Trump says if Biden wins we’ll all be speaking Chinese. In reality if the Orange Ahole wins it’ll actually be RUSSIAN! Fox News/Pravda are the dregs of humanity and in no way should you have the word News in your name. More like screeching, deranged bigots and racists. FOX PROPAGANDA! HOAX! Anyone idiot can throw that 💩around. 🖕

  3. So it turns out that cops in this country are not a few rotten apples, it's a barrel of rotten apples.

  4. Trump is corrupt. It just goes to show you how corrupt the police are. They was zero accountibility.

  5. More police Departments need to endorse Trump 2020, the lawlessness in our country needs to STOP.

  6. As I understand it, Blue is for democrats right? So, Democrats lives matter. Yes sir!

  7. After this election over , we need to get democrat voters mental help. The two go hand and hand

  8. The police association is backing a loser! 45 is going down, rest of Republicans and police association will go down with 45!

  9. Good he's the one supporting 💯 the police in America.

  10. “Why are you endorsing Trump and not Joe Biden?”
    “What don’t you like about Joe Biden?”
    “So the Biden campaign didn’t address your organization?”
    Wtf kindof questions are these?? Reminds me of elementary school when a girl was trying to get me to like her friend lol. I don’t even know why I’m watching this video😂

  11. You are a Idiot dude. Hope you loose your job. God help us. How much did he pay you …..

  12. You hear the reporter? Why don’t you liken Joe Bidden? Lady who cares!

  13. I do support my colleagues and frontline men and women doing their best under the circumstances. Our unions may say they endorse him BUT definitely me and many in the force NOT voting for him again.


  15. Yeah meanwhile Trump is killing millions of Americans by not responding to the Covid pandemic and this freaking jerk off wants endorse trump, what And idiot

  16. You have to be kidding me! 😠

  17. Hey police national association, if Trump loses, you just cut off one of your legs. You will be be defunded until you get your act right. The way you get your act right is by respecting the laws yourself and by getting rid of the racist pigs and "known murderers" that you give a slap in the back as great work.

  18. This woman has the biggest forrehead ive ever seen

  19. Thats because trump lets the police do whatever they want to do

  20. Biggest gang in the world. Bunch of welfare recipients that investigate themselves and find no wrong doing. Domestic terrorists at their finest. These unions rehire the very few officers that are actually dealt reprimands. The disconnect between police and people is there for a reason…its marked by that little blue line they deface the flag with.

  21. Traitors. Trumpanzees are against American values.

  22. I would ditch all the far left Democrats they are dangerous to our country and have no good ideas. I too went from supporting the left to screw that so now it's MAGA.

  23. No wonder cops shoot black people🤔

  24. Yet another great reason to support Biden. While there are certainly a few good apples, the police unions are only looking out for themselves, not for the good of the country. They are not on the side of the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. Throwing their support behind a wanna-be dictator who has no regard for the constitutional rights of his people only further proves this.

  25. They are lying, they are only supporting Trump to continue being untouchable even when they commit murders of unarmed citizens who do not threaten them. Also even Trump was humiliated by FoxNews' Chris Wallace for saying that Biden supports defunding the police. Trump even stopped the interview and read the document where Biden allegedly supported that just to be proven a liar once more cause he couldn't find that anywhere.

  26. A racist organization endorsing a racist wannabe president.

  27. This isn't a surprise. The majority of police unions are just as corrupted as Trump's administration. I am completely convinced that anyone that votes for Trump after this debacle of a term is either racist or stupid.

  28. The cancer of racism is well instigated within all the law agency's. This is about who gets the biggest wage to turn a blind eye!!

  29. Good news in such sober times 🙏💖

  30. Wow wouldn't even participate in a police function there's no doubt now Biden's in the passenger seat he's definitely not driving the car and he's making a hard left heading right toward Communism.

  31. She asked really good questions she’s a gangster

  32. Endorsed obama cause he was a democrat. Even tho he helped cause this situation. Dont endorse trump in 2016. These people and unions need to leave the democratic party

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