Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Navarro says there'll be a recession if Democrats win the White House

Office of Trade and Manufacturing Director, Peter Navarro, on the factors impacting the U.S. economic outlook, Federal Reserve policy and China trade tensions.

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  1. There is already a recession created by Dtrumpt, Democrats always save USA after the GOP mess thins up.

  2. Now, on Monday, after all of the hysterical criticism of the President, it appears that the Chinese have given in. Their economy was the first to crumble and they are saying that they want to deal again. If they are serious, what are all of you doom and gloom prophets going to say then?

  3. Trump haters lack imagination and vision same old gloomy outlook. How about this: Trump complete the Pan-American Highway in the Darian Gap between Colombia and Panama. This could very well create an economic boom throughout the Americas. Help stop the impoverish immigration from the south. American investment will improve relationships with its backyard neighbors. And lastly win him many Latino votes.

  4. Jared Kushner bought you from amazon Navarro.

  5. So interesting how consertive people can have their jobs taken away by corporations and oligarchs who saw China as a way to profit.

    And now that China poses a threat to these greedy scum, the same people will rush in to lick their gucci shoes and defend them from communist China. Really pathetic

  6. Trump is destroying our economy. We'll be dealing with the consequences long after he's gone.

  7. Well said there will be recession but he didn’t say there MUST be recession if Republican wins

  8. What if US enter recession before presidential election?I wonder who's to blame if it happen.

  9. Being as we import from China much more than we export to China this is a war they can't win.

  10. He is the chosen one. The Antichrist has arrived said Nostradamus.


  12. Navarro is such a hypocrite….blaming Democrats for their failure …

  13. Lol pretty sure he wasnt expecting trump to raise tariffs which led to 600 point drop

  14. As the owner of a retail store in the US. I can assure you, China has not taken up the burden of Trump's tariffs… I did. And when I can't afford to anymore, I will make my customers pay it.

  15. Many times it is better to just shut up and let the person finish answering the question!!!!

  16. Lolololol. Who was in charge at the start of the last Great Recession….that’s right, a Republican. Oh, and The stock exchange had far greater gains under Obama than under Trump….and that’s without having to blow up the deficit under Trump.

  17. Anyone who believes this is an idiot.

  18. The truth is there will be a recession no matter who will be in the white house next time.Or it will come sooner than expected.

  19. There will be a deeper china commie infiltration and sabotage if democrat will the white house.

  20. Los Angeles, Paris, London…Once great cities.
    Now all shitholes. Coming to your town very soon. Run by Democrat Socialist

  21. What an idiot!! If Democrats win the White House, there will be recession and they will have to clean up the mess because you are the one who is created it…. Anyway, China is paying for the tariffs and Mexico is paying for the wall….. 🙂

  22. Yeah, Idiot Trump starts an idiotic trade war with no strategy except trying to look tough for his Deplorables, and it's the Democrats fault when the inevitable happens.

    The sad part is that Trump's followers are as deluded as he is and will buy it.


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