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Navarro slams Pelosi over USMCA delay, questions the Dems work ethic

White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro explains why the USMCA will be problematic if it doesn’t pass through Congress before Thanksgiving and talks about the ongoing U.S.-China trade deal negotiations.

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  1. RE: China – by the "world" being shocked, they mean China. Just because you're a communist nation does not give you any rights around the world to censor or ban anything said, or any ideas outside your alleged perfect little world. Keep you communist rules at home and apply to your own prisoners/citizens. The rest of the world is a free planet.

  2. Why are Republicans being so damned nice about this bs process? Democrats are hurting Americans. Republicans are sitting on the sidelines feebly allowing it. Anyone in congress looking out for US?

  3. CNN: Trump's top China adviser appears to have made up expert he regularly quoted

  4. Pulling a John Kerry overseas is only going to land her in prison a little quicker. She won’t be able to spend all of that cash the Mexican government gave her.

  5. Potus can sign an Executive Order re USMCA.

  6. USMCA is not much different from NAfta so why the hurry

  7. Because the communist DEMOCRATIC PARTY has one AGENDA, and that is to take OVER OUR COUNTRY for communist CHINA.

  8. If the PRC. had any brains, they'd agree to all of Trumps demands to get the tariffs knocked off; they must know Nancy the narcissist will never vote it through into law. These Champagne socialists make me want to vomit.


  10. They need to get rid of that dildo-in-chief. PERIOD. End of story.

  11. Who works at 80 years of age? She needs to be put to a retirement home already.

  12. The Lopez of Mexico and Canada new PM must call upon house Democrat's for talk's, negotiation's to purchase of agriculture's export's deal under USMCA and make it successful like Japan made in China agricultures deal's.

  13. the CHINESE are so happy when the democratic party and Hollywood and wall street are only focusing on everything against trump and China is stealing and destroying and killing and promoting hate against USA all over the world,China is corrupting islands and countries and the Pope and Hollywood and the democratic party.

  14. most people get fired for doing nothing

  15. Farmers won’t forgive the democrats if they don’t get this passed !

  16. Nancy just can't give PDJT a Win!  She will do anything to stop it, or hold it up!  THAT is why she isn't bringing USMCA to the floor for a vote!

  17. 4:44
    I don't get it. Any grown-ups here who know what that was all about?
    After looking… The Fox host is either naïve and/or promoting the new Fox management bleeding heart globalism, taking sides with communist China as if it speaks the truth. In other words, it's mostly nonsense.

  18. The President was right that the democrats are the party of do nothing.

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