NBC ‘Meet the Press’ host Kristen Welker on moderating a 2024 debate | ENTERTAIN THIS!

NBC News journalist Kristen Welker chats with USA TODAY TV editor Gary Levin about becoming the moderator for the long-running “Meet the Press.”

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Kristen Welker’s big moment comes Sunday, when she replaces Chuck Todd as the moderator of NBC’s venerable Sunday morning news show “Meet the Press.” Her first big “get”: an interview with former President Donald Trump as he seeks reelection in 2024 amid four criminal indictments, to be taped Thursday at Trump’s Bedminster, N.J., home.

Welker, 47, has been NBC’s chief White House correspondent since 2011, and first worked at the network as a “Today” show intern in 1997 while attending Harvard University. She capably wrangled the candidates in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election and is only the 13th host of “Meet the Press,” TV’s longest-running show, which premiered in 1947.

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  1. No way please do not make her a 2024 moderator, as she proved yesterday on Meet the press. We need someone like Brian Tyler Cohen or Gina Bonanno-Lemos with balls to face the 2024 debate.


  3. Kristen Welker is Bias. This skelter news outlet thinking theyll make it through Bidens african americans arent just the only problems and Kamala's depopulation for cleaner air. One question all of y'all buy your golden tickets, i mean if they'll be honored after selling your souls to the machine.

  4. she is gr888888 ,…..congrats …..

  5. She should have stayed a reporter. Her "tough" interview with Trump gave him yet another purview for his insanity. What an insult to the late great Tim Russert.

  6. Shame on you Kristen Walker for giving traitor trump a platform to continue to gaslight the American people but you called him Mr President???? You have just ended your career just like the CNN host who last gave traitor trump a platform…..can’t even remember her name…. SHAME ON MSNBC!

  7. I'm telling all my friends about your channel.

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