Tuesday , June 22 2021
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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 29th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

A Miami private school is asking teachers to delay getting a Covid-19 vaccine. The couple running the school made false claims in a letter about the shots, calling them “experimental,” Several investigations are underway into the death of Mario Gonzalez while in police custody after it begins to draw comparisons to George Floyd’s death. Lawmakers react to President Biden’s address.
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  1. Wow, such biased globalist rhetoric it boggles the mind. I don't believe anything said.

  2. America is screwed haha

  3. jesus christ Mitch way to project

  4. 6:06 Jesus, the screeching baby in the background 😳 …that's why I am childless hahaha

  5. Well of course a school with young kids needs to be aware of the "cootie" effect. This virulent cootie is contagious from the usual touch mechanism, but can also be passed from a mere look at someone across a classroom. The only way to stem the spread of viral cooties is to wear an eye mask similar to those used for sleeping purposes. While driving it is recommended not to look at other driver's or passenger's eyes. Dark sunglasses such as those used for the recent solar eclipse could be substituted for activities requiring sight.

  6. Are you Vaccinated? shop customized Vaccinated apparels here @t

  7. Mire than enough Alina baraz

  8. "Radicalism…brute force?" Republicans still defend and excuse the Jan 6th Insurrectonist & Trump. They seem to have an infliction of mass amnesia.

  9. Ms Florida Teacher…if a woman gets covid and dies, her menstrual cycle ceases. Further more it is showing many who get covid and survive suffer long term medical issues from breathing issues, nerve issues, muscle issues and I am sure reproductive issues.. Stop spreading your ignorant conspiracies. Ask ted Nugent who denied covid and now has it if it's real.. !!!!

  10. Hey Mitch, he won't get much done if he tries to deal with you either. He's going to get as much done as he can, with or without you and your do-nothing senators.

  11. Gee, I wish I had that free, free, gimme, gimme, gimme do nothing for it life when "I and You" responsible be better attitude Americans, paid for their free and gimme. REFUND THE PEOPLE – DEFUND WELFARE. We want our reparations, too.
    Dems no personal pride, integrity or responsibility society.

  12. The Democrats are just paying off bad decisions.

  13. This particular case cops need fired & some jail time. Not a single law person or anyone should go unscathed from taking a life Fr…Kilo

  14. They don't want the public to be so quick to judge, well The Cops Shouldn't be so Eager to Shoot or hold someone down in need. Cops do the same thing just under different circumstances "Especially when someone is doing nothing wrong & cops take it way out of text thinking how they treat people is OK, & it is NOT…Kilo

  15. I hope the Republicans burry this ridiculous tax plan

  16. Great job President Biden thanks for your service, God be with you and staff

  17. What a disgrace, this potato is not my President. Buy-den administration is a 🤡show

  18. Pos of a President, he is against America, he is driving us into a socialist country by the squad that hate America but refuse to leave, because they are enjoying the prosperity that America offers them. What hipocrites!

  19. I did that on my own when I was 16 ,I’m now 65& fine. Nuts.👎👎👎👎

  20. What kind of Nuts run there schools!!!OMG!!! Glad I don’t live there.

  21. They have to stick together. I agree with Mr. Smith. And NBA. You will see a change to come. It takes time.

  22. Clean sweep Congress and Senate in 2022, all incumbents OUT

  23. Pathological lies… the Border crisis was from all of the DNC politicians claiming that they want open borders and attacking Trump, now it came back to haunt them.

  24. I'm sitting here waiting for the news reporter to ask the non vaccinator how did she get all that plastic surgery without any kind of anesthesia… and I bet she can't tell you what anesthesia is made from.

  25. Roses Are Red… Kamala's Not Black… Joe's Got Dementia… And Hunter's On Crack

  26. Biden talks a good socialist ideology were big government controls your life and racial divide is the agenda

  27. The couple who owns that chartered school are both clearly Frauds. I hope they never make it back on my screen, unless it’s updated on Justice for the great people of Florida.


  29. Its obvious that CEO private school couple is full of crap and full of conspiracies and botox. I bet they lose students

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