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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – June 16th, 2021

Biden, Putin meet in Geneva, more countries surpass U.S. in global vaccination race, Mackenzie Scott donates 2.7 billion dollars to charities, racial equity issues.  
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  1. Pure bs, we know already that Russia and the US work together; two heads on one beast..

  2. putin and TRUMP….what a duo…the world is going to be shocked to find out the TRUTH…when they discover the media has been COMPLICIT to all the years of lying and covering real TRUTH….god help them

  3. Right to be whom you want to be.💞

  4. Yet again @ 6:22 a fart ! There is definitely a flatulence problem here with someone..

  5. That coke bottle thing, hopefully, one of the more insightful, socially conscious athletes in America gets the hint. A collective effort politically/socially by them could counter some of this new Jim Crow BS real quick. No marching. No going back and forth arguing on twitter. No big news conference. Just act and let the economy tell politicians what to do. Since they are retiring so young I am guessing this will be happening soon. It's coming though. Thanks Ronaldo.

  6. Non toxic corrosion control was the effort of Flint Michigan.

  7. In the history of humanity coronavirus achieved three variants. It is unlikely that coronavirus mutated naturally in one pandemic to more than three variants. Note a deactivated virus does not need refrigeration or freezing temperatures.

  8. If you made $50 million a year for 3000 years and Bezos stopped earning today, he'd still be worth more.

  9. Domestic agenda? Domestic disaster that he created.

  10. Stop making excuses for biden you clowns.

  11. How does it feel being a slave to your master? I would hate going to work as a so called reporter only to be muzzled and forced to follow a network narrative NOT in the best interest of your viewers. You people are cowards. #IvoryHecker

  12. New higher gas tax? WTH. It’s already at least 42 cents per gallon. About 14% tax depending on gas prices.

  13. “Thank you Dannielle, appreciate it.”

    Wake up anchors!!! Bounties, hacks, costing us money and lives and all is ok???
    Dannielle is correct, WTF IS GOING ON!!!

  14. How about we unleash malware on their pipeline!

  15. Where is the proof in all these scripted allegations??? Same with scripted allegations on our own citizens. This IS NOT Journalism, PLEASE STOP INSULTING THE PUPLICS INTELLIGENCE!! DO YOUR JOB, INVESTIGATE WITH CRITICLE THINKING!

  16. I totally agree America did threaten Russia it's SAD that in 2011 this place still doesn't hv it together I'm American and I hv experience that same treatment fro. The USA so I get the threat


  18. Hahaha there's only 90 comments I wonder if it because this unbiased news is so independent and unbiased … bahahaha

  19. "Where are the RepubliCONs… RepubliCANs… on this?"
    (18:50 mins)

  20. Biden is Putin's puppy.

  21. We know what’s BEDIN going to say. What we want to hear is the response of PUTIN.

  22. Puttin spoke true facts in made US western corporate media’s look Stupid lol

  23. What I call devestating is that you can sit before the American People and the whole world and lie! Putin NEVER PUT A BOUNTY ON OUR US SOLDIERS HEADS!! AND YOUR most liberal News papers stated that!! That was made up propaganda by people just like "you". Poking the "bear". Trump said it wasn't true, our Military said it wasn't true and then all the Lib papers NYT Washington Post had to walk it back and say there were no facts to back that up!! This is where reporters and commentators are leading us into a war that no ONE but them and Biden admin want!!!

    If you think Vladimir is bowing or shaking in his boots because of Bidens ridiculous plea to " stop doing that or you'll be in time out". Then please I want some of what you are on!!

    There is something in the Art of war that every formidable threat understands. The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Underestimating Putin and playing a game with him is more than politically stupid. It's an invitation for us to be hit by Russia, Iran, China all at once. ..
    It's simple, ask yourself this, do you, as an American, respect the manner in which President Biden conducts himself? His sharp responses and fierce stature , are a force to be reckoned with or just to wreck whatever he touches. . We have seen President Biden rambling, and not making sense most of the time, appearing to wander about and look lost,. And we know how that makes us feel.
    What do you think Putin saw and felt after being left alone with President Droopy Drawers Biden for 2 hours, if it was actually that long?!?
    Do you think he was shaking in his KGB boots?!??

    Right! So the last thing we need is more lies about Russia And how Biden put him in his place . Kind of like a parent scolds a child. We don't need hapless players adding fuel to the fire, By some virtue signaling and ramping up the war machine! and I am not talking about our US military!! I am talking about the irresponsible media who think it's a game!! They throw stones and hide behind their mommies. . So all you fools in the media , if your not headed to the front lines yourself to fight this battle. Sit down and shut up!; True Americans are sick of this BS!! Yes America could take them . But so many lives will be lost in that process!!!
    Simmer down you talking heads! .

  24. No one is talking about, why russian journalists were not allowed to attend Joe press conference ? While more than 50% of questions asked from Putin was from american journalists … Is that really freedom of speech? Is that really free press ? 🤔
    In my opinion US citizens are not enough wise politically …
    Bide is avoiding direct open talks with Putin. Because his advisors remembers from the past , what Putin did to Bush,Obama,Trump…

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