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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

As some remains under stay-at-home orders, several states begin reopening, ‘quarantine fatigue’ sets in as Americans venture outside, and New York doctor on front lines of coronavirus pandemic dies by suicide.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).
1:38 10 U.S. States Have Now Begun To Reopen
4:24 ‘Quarantine Fatigue’ Growing Under Stay-At-Home Orders
6:29 Top E.R. Doctor On Front Lines Takes Her Own Life
8:53 Tyson Warns ‘The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking’
10:05 Meat Plant Linked To Five Covid-19 Deaths Reopens
11:26 Small Business Relief Program Restarts With $310 Billion
11:35 Los Angeles Lakers $4.6 Million Federral Loan
12:14 Urgent Efforts Across U.S To Ramp Up Teasting
12:56 Researchers Warn 31 States Must Step Up Testing
13:25 New Questions About Antibody Teasting & Immunity
14:27 Trump’s Teasting Blueprint Puts Responsinility On States
15:26 Boris Johnson Back At Work After Surviving Covid-19
15:52 Sweden Resists Lockdown And Relies On ‘Herd Immunity’
18:00 Drone Delivery Taking Off During The Pandemic
19:26 Smartwatch May Provide Early Warnings of Sickness

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 27th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Keep smiling…a song from the musicqarium LB…Stevie Wonder.

  2. Mockingbird mainstream media

  3. Second wave coming soon..Stay tune

  4. Looks like someone has been to the salon.

  5. The world should not be deceived by Japan.
    Currently, the Japanese government is using COVID-19 to make economic retaliation remarks against Korea.



  7. Better not take that vaccine

  8. Governor newsom how about saying that if you want to go out there and run the risk of killing yourself have at it.
    At the same time give status reports about how busy the hospitals are so people can make a better educated guess.
    While that's going on perhaps people are dying maybe we can get the testing in line. After all this gigantic disaster of incompetence was something that should have been scaled up two months ago.

  9. yes its going to be very
    exciting" when you are intubated wearing your MAGA hat stupid

  10. People should boycott Tyson products anyway for the way they have treated minority employees. I do not buy any of their products and urge others to do the same. That company puts profits over people and do not care if what they do poses a health risk to their employees or the consumers. Boycott!

  11. I don't know why you're talkin about testing sites you can't get any testing in Orange county there's been dozens of people who went to the hospitals that are supposed to be doing testing they're not doing any testing who's getting tested only the rich and the powerful

  12. well the problem is people are acting like the virus is gone they never said anything about that they said just to slow the spread they didn't say after two weeks the virus. Weed-B-Gon they're going to keep the virus around until you get the vaccine the whole game is to get the vaccine that's all the global corporations want they want to force you to take the vaccine

  13. dogs and cats can get it to they've tested him send they've got it they could probably get it to you from the dog from the cat you can give it to the dog with a cat and dog and cat can give it to the family

  14. Well there goes our air space if they think you can fly drones over my house but I cant fly RC in my yard well they will be realizing what RF jamming does I could use some free RC parts about now. No commercial flights below 400 ft period. I suspect this will be the next grab at our constitutional rights.

  15. Gahi ug ulo man ning ubang Amerikano…Some Americans can be hardheaded

  16. Swedes apparently dares facing a potential death by a virus before taking their freedom away by any government !!Thats a true Viking mentality.. freedom before death… wow !!
    I admire their confidence and bravery to do this, when most of the world does the opposite!!!
    Might not be a bad idea….i think they are on to something ..that maybe the rest of the locked down world will face later on.. when they (Sweden) already have created some kind of immuntity to COVID 19…
    I think to fight it is a better mentality than hide from it in the long run… like life.. face your fears and you will win eventually !
    Maybe im wrong.. maybe im right.. who knows… it remains to be seen !
    Take care all of you out there and love to you all 👍👍👍

  17. Open all you want. I’m not going anywhere.

  18. Why does fake news atomically play on my you tube. .like it's forced explosive lyaria

  19. Thank China for this. Media is NOTHING but MIND CONTROL…Nothing but a bunch of CLOWNS.

  20. White House publicly announced this novel Corona lasts less than 2 minutes on surfaces and in the air with SUNLIGHT ..UV rays and a 70 degree temperature. So going outside is very safe unless someone infected coughs in your face.

  21. They are dying in much larger numbers because of the strict orders to rush to intubation/life support and strictly avoid less invasive procedures. Many nurses and respiratory therapists are telling the truth that the Respirators/Ventilators are taking lives !

  22. You all got to be kidding !! The virus will get you !!

  23. Stupid too reopen n people don't listen

  24. US Testing per capital is one of the lowest in the world!! You guys are dreaming! You are winning so much, like no one has ever seen. The economy is like going to be fantastic…like the letter – it's perfect.

  25. 🇬🇧 they want everyone to catch the virus, in other terms it’s about survival of the fittest, they side effect of the vaccine is worst than the virus.

  26. The uv rays making immune systems strong, vitamin d? Doctors need to treat severe autoimmune reactions…fauci pushing his enzyme blocker instead of telling public which food creates the enzyme that the virus thrives on and avoid excessive amounts of that food???

  27. Fear news vs accurate and balance new. Go work on your own physical and emotional health. Medical school showing various calibers of graduates now???

  28. Do not believe these media terrorists.

  29. Fake as it gets… How can so many people believe in the fake killer virus? I suppose the TV is a weapon used by the media terrorists to fool you.

  30. As cruddy as people are….. I don’t believe she killed herself. We will wait and see what comes out later about this young Lady. I just don’t trust what’s being reported from these hospitals!!!

  31. Lets live in quarantine forever said no one

  32. No school should open until this is over.

  33. Its to soon to open .not smart.

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