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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 21st, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

President Biden signs executive orders to fight coronavirus pandemic, U.S. marks deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic, and inaugural poet Amanda Gorman discusses her powerful message.

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00:00 Intro
02:10 Biden Unveils ‘Wartime’ National COVID Strategy
02:48 Dr. Anthony Fauci Returns To White House Briefings
03:11 Fauci: Vaccine Effort Is ‘Not Starting From Scratch’
03:31 Fauci: U.S. May Have ‘A Degree Of Normality’ By Fall
03:49 Fauci: ‘Liberating’ Working Under New Administration
03:57 Republicans Slam Biden’s Executive Orders & Policies
04:20 Pelosi: Impeachment Dosen’t Undermine Call To ‘Unify’
04:43 McConnell Wants To Delay Impeachment Trial To February
05:16 Alarming COVID Vaccine Shortages Across Country
07:26 Growing Fears Over Highly Contagious COVID Variants
08:45 U.S. Marks Deadlist Day Of COVID Pandemic
10:25 Deadly Military Chopper Crash In New York
10:49 Americans Voters On Biggest Issue Biden Faces
13:57 Inside President Biden’s Revamped Oval Office
15:55 Lifesaving COVID Antibody Drugs Going Unused
17:22 Single Ticket Wins $731 Million Powerball Jackpot

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 21st, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The swamp is back in full swing along with all their gaslighting stunts !

  2. Liberals… are not Americans so if you voted for Biden… you voted for the stupid. China must be salivating. Really, if you voted for Biden… you do not know what is going on in the world. You understand China militarized the south china sea during Obama's term… right? Do you think they would have tried that with Trump? What's the big deal? it's only the biggest trade route in the world and why would China militarize it? they have zero right to do that… they are preparing for war and to FORCE the world… FORCE. You can't have a liberals in there dealing with China, they fold. Weak. Foolish. They look the part but in substance, they are vacant. It was Clinton that brought China into the WTO. Every damage done…from liberals. We gotta get Trump back in pronto.

  3. and you don't unified by not helping your American people the people that go out and the people to go out at work put the money in your pocket and to put my where they needed someone with an emergency happens like this everybody's taken care of but no we got it we can't do it it will cost us too much money it's free pandemic money is freak it doesn't cost anything because it's an emergency look at all the money we give to those people that have tsunamis and hurricanes and tornadoes I don't ever hear that money coming back nope I'm rebuilding rebuild right back in the same place get knocked down again do it again I think I think myself now that's dumb move away from the water move away from the cracks in the road he won't fall in you won't get washed away you won't drown in your house and still be standing After the Storm big sigh for this World throw up your hands deep wave before that big tree falls on your head today or tomorrow or the next day and you go without white because the tree fell on the high wire and then they electric companies out there for hours fixing it and they make 1 an hour or what and they can't even help you when you're having a hard shift either they don't want to help you none of the utility companies what they help you it's a wonder you can find a good landlord out there that we really understand wants to help you it's all about the money all about the greed all about all about all about them and nothing about you you ain't got nothing you ain't nothing and that's not right if they didn't have nothing I wouldn't think that way about them Viola if I had $10,000 in my bank I would be no better than the guy almost under a tree because I never been better than the guy under the tree I was there for 10 years Tiffany moving back in with my mom and then met mother-in-law and now here I am and I can't even afford the rent but I pay the rent we don't have water and I don't have lights at least I have a roof I don't have a car he's have a pair of shoes on my feet and that brings me back to it schools were open we wouldn't be able to pay for the school books close the utensils for me to use at school pencils notebooks because we don't got the money we're not working and the $200 unemployment or $100 unemployment a week my girlfriend gets $200 a week if it wasn't for the extended unemployment she couldn't do it wouldn't be able to know she wouldn't be able to make it not with gas and eating it rent utilities insurance gas a mind you have for insurance if you have a fire Insurance your house insurance your mortgage insurance your car insurance in your life insurance that's a lot of the insurances that you have to pay with no money on top of your house for rent your house payment rentals insurance medicine Medical oh my God I just can't understand I can't understand what's happening to world and everybody was there to help everybody before and now everybody stands alone it seems like people out there killing people for what reason don't let him out of jail so just go out and do it again there's no reform there's no getting help I think it was just put them on the front line and save our soldiers can you save our soldiers and if they didn't stay alive stay over there and stay alive save our soldiers get ready to get rid of death rules send them over there where did you go to fight the battles you know it sure would save us a lot of money again I'm just saying

  4. Impeach that woman if the people off of keep blocking our help and our safety and our livelihood and our economy get them off the bit they don't need to be there but somebody up there they'll do their job right Wicked big paycheck hundred thousands a week for doing nothing going on vacation my husband isn't able to work I'm not even work at we don't get enough to pay our bills and that and we're so far and but just utility bills and everyday life it sucks big time and then they want to bring in more people and help more people when they can't even help us thank you God bless it evening for freedom of speech

  5. And that's funny coronavirus I can't even go to the hospital because they don't want you there because of all the illness now I asked what about what about it what about the hardship we are having the hospital rubber band Granite where's the money but they do with the money but you didn't before the last to take a look at the agenda that all the money has gone to it but it isn't helping anybody nobody's getting it where is it going

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  8. Finally we can make progress in this country. We need to move forward and not a racist republican government who still thinks they live in the 40s 50s and 60s.

  9. Biden Biden hes our man if he cant do it no one can!!👍

  10. that's a smart lady there let it go we have a lot of other things to spend money and our minds on not BS enough is enough let that man go we have serious work to attend to and these people that are pushing this they're not good for the rest of us that's the way I see it

  11. Thank God for the semblance of hope . Now that the new government is in place . Congratulations , president Biden . I pray God's guidance and protection . As you carry out the task ahead of you .

  12. let's hear from the manufacturers who what is all this BS from all these other people and they don't know anything you need to talk to the real people now

  13. Someone offered me the vaccination and it wasn't even time for me to have it there are other people that are more in line than I what was that all about

  14. He's gone let him be gone we have other things to worry about seems like a few have their own agenda I think our commander-in-chief is going to see that real quick like

  15. I don't think that anything that happens to Trump will divide the country any further. The reason they want to convict Trump in the Senate is so he won't be able to hold office again. It's only a defense mechanism.

  16. Hey Joe where are you going with that pen in your hand. Following Obama feel sorry for this country. Feed the rich that's what this government is Rich lawyers.

  17. Pres. Biden could drive Trump over the edge if he'd simply display a bust of Obama in the oval office.

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  19. Forget it and just over on that not how you unify

    wow lol hahaha

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