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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 1st, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine begins rolling out, Gov. Cuomo responds to sexual harassment allegations, and exclusive look at NIH investigation into …


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  1. Alaska ….

    It shows what people can accomplish, if they work together. 💯👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Coumo will be fine. He needs to marry a nice mature lady . The young women today are too _____. ! Move forward with a smile . Always scandal in New York .

  3. Dems are circling back on that the true crime is the deaths Cuomo committed in the care centers, but that news can't be programed since Cuomo is REAL guilty on the facts. Broadcast that NBC.

  4. That orange faced piece of crap is gonna call President Biden's policy at the border immoral? He was responsible for separating children from their parents!

  5. Long haulers= money and grants for years. Feed their pathologic thinking.

  6. The same man that was not supportive for the virius is now taken shot's but left the American people in limbo and many people died when help should have been active way before President Joe Biden became elected President. This is a sad situation.

  7. Funny because here in Asia, infections are coming down. 7900 deaths in one year with a population of 130,000,000. America, well 485,000 deaths with a population of 330,000,000 , it looks like the virus is working overtime in America. Oh, is the vaccine really a vaccine or is it REALLY a MEDICINE and not a true vaccine. Do some research on this.

  8. Lock this freak up already , if Trump runs for president this country is sick.

  9. God help us. Love one another. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. 💯

  10. People who don't have COVID can die suddenly also…. media induced bias.

  11. The reason why this virus is still rising is because the trump followers wouldn't ware a mask and now this virus is running rapid.

  12. Immigrants. How can we take care of them when we don't have the resources to take care of our homeless, unemployment, addicted, disabled, and simply those misfortunate. The new arrivals will start to simply take what they need.

  13. 😎TRUMP Can he Stay out of Prison? Vegas is making the Odds😆🤗👻🍓

  14. Why are Harry and Meagan in front of the camera . They wanted privacy correct ?? Frankly , people could care less about what they are doing. All people can see is , Harry and Meagan are not handing out CASH !!

  15. Are you guys going to get the vaccine? I am still thinking.

  16. no vacine for aids, common cold, cancer ect,,,,, im not a guinee pig , i pass .

  17. Why does the former President have a say in anything this day? Politics are so very confusing.

  18. The kindhearted cactus analytically crack because single covalently compete excluding a null thursday. redundant, abrasive thursday

  19. Great we just started opening our schools lol what a nutty country.

  20. I'm sick of hearing him say "into the arms of Americans". It wasn't that witty the first time, and now its like 🙄🙄🙄

  21. News about Cuomo irrelevant.

  22. Translation: third vaccine…we going to make more money. COVID for months…mass hysteria. Expected length of pandemic four years or how ever long it takes to obtain complete control. Solution start actively educating your children to question everything. Emphasize traditional values and beliefs. Avoid the media.

  23. Aka CharlieB outta Dobbs Ferry N.Y. YaAllStaySafe🤗👻kpgpartners@gmail.com

  24. How come they have to investigate Cuomo but trump was literally caught on tape being inappropriate several times and there was nothing done? Hypocrisy anyone?

  25. As soon as trumps name is mentioned on any news channel im changing it

  26. I am a long hauler. After 11 months of contracting the virus, I have occipital neuralgia. This causes migraines EVERY DAY 😢 that hurt so much I can’t do anything. I have an upcoming polygraph for a position as an Officer for CBP and it breaks my heart that I may not be able to serve my community anymore. Please everyone, do not take the virus for granted. Please wear a mask! Do not go outside unless you absolutely need to!

  27. Johnson and Johnson, isn’t that the same company that caused cancer via baby powder?

  28. Taking vaccine is voluntary. 🌆

  29. Political Hogwash? The 3 Stooges: Andrew Cuomo's on 1st, Teddybear Cruz 2nd, and Donald T 3rd? Just Grab them by the Pussycat 😆🤗👻🍓

  30. Here we go again the mouth is back job a cork in it Trump

  31. Every night I'd watch this cause it sums up every important news.

  32. Thank you for giving us real news we do appreciate it

  33. Oh GOD !!! Stop talking about “ what Trump said “ I DONT CARE , Do YOU ????

  34. He's gotta set. What a gitbag garbage person of the presidency.

  35. Expect a royal treatment but without obligations that go with it? Hmm, quite a deal!

  36. Trump keeping the country divided it's a shame

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