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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 22nd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Top U.S. diplomat delivers testimony on July Trump-Ukraine phone call, cease-fire expires in northern Syria, as Turkey and Russia strike deal, and Lori Loughlin hit with another felony charge in college entrance scandal.

1:32 Dems: Top U.S. Diplomat Described ‘Disturbing’ Quid Pro Quo
3:03 Trump Compares Impeachment Inquiry To ‘A Lynching’
4:56 Anonymous Trump Op-Ed Author Writes Tell-All Book
6:29 Russia Expands Syria Role As U.S.-Brokered Cease-Fire Ends
7:44 Lori Loughlin, 10 Other Parents Indicted On New Bribery Charge
9:24 School Shooting Injures Teen, Suspect Arrested In California
9:41 Officer Resigns After Video Shows Him Slamming Student
11:27 57 Million Americans Face Emergency Services Shortage
13:41 Former President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized After Fall
14:24 Deadly Pedestrian Bridge Collapse: Warning Signs Missed?
15:56 Wework’s Ex-Ceo Reportedly Set For $1.7 Billion Payout
16:20 Airports Let Visitors Through Security without Tickets

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 22nd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Did Lindsey Graham just say lynchings are unamerican? Lynching is American as apple pie and baseball buddy.

  2. so this is america today complaining about the use of words, complaining about different groups of politicians, there is more in house (meaning america ) then world wide . the sad thing is with all the in house nothing of any good is being done to help americans what else is new

  3. Every president uses military aid to get what they want this isnt new get over it. If your a demarcate look at the biden Ukraine video you'll see why he needs to be investigated.

  4. President Jimmy Carter 👍

  5. special-student incident… nothing happened…on both sides

  6. See what happens when you put cops in schools? It’s always been a horrible idea.

  7. with 500, 000 dollars she could have opened up her own college

  8. Lester, Isn't Sheila Jackson Lee holding up brilliantly.. Astros, ladies in space…and now advocate and bouncer. That Duran Family suffers from bridge collapse, my condolences. Reading this am Robert College in Turkey, produced a female prime minister… late 19th C.

  9. There’s nothing like watching yesterday’s news today. Sometimes you post a couple of hours after the airtime, but mostly it’s sometime the next day. Is this just laziness or does NBC just not care? I’m really curious.

  10. I was one of those volunteers and can tell you we were the only help available. It's crazy. All so rich people don't have to pay taxes.

  11. good cops bad cops. Who can you trust? This cop taking down a special needs kid? The kid looked terrified. I hope the parents sue the school for not protecting him and the officer on duty. What is this world coming to.

  12. Aunt Becky either has one heck of a defense to reveal or she is about to learn why 95% of us always plead guilty regardless of innocence.

  13. It can be argued about what he's done for the African American community because no African-American that I know can attest that he's done anything for them since he was elected, unless course they're Republican.

  14. "It's a lynching!" "He didn't say it!" "Yes he did! There's recordings proving that he said it! "But that's not what he meant." "Then why did he say it?" Politicians must believe that Americans are hearing impaired.

  15. It is so sad, how some people are still living in the past!. How is the word lynching, when said by any race of people, except the dark skinned race of people is so wrong. Trump can say whatever words he want, it is how he uses those words in a sentence, that may strike a cord with some. What if he had said; this is like been thrown in a pit of fire, or over burning coals, are we suppose to take that statement, that he's talking about the Holocaust?. People needs to stop been of their father, Satan, and be more like their true father Jesus!!!.

  16. Not true on ambassador testimony. Faker news

  17. @11:09…..4 a freaking milk……geez….wat the freak is wrong with the actions of Farmington police.
    This is not the 1st.
    It is happening…..

  18. there is no… official ems in the usa ? thats.. horrible.. how does that even work? should be government fundet employee

  19. trump's brain probably looks like a Big Mac someone dropped off a bridge. He has no idea who is betraying him. He still has no idea how the American people and the Kurds feel at being betrayed. He even thinks Pence could be behind it..imagine if he was..holy crap.

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