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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 7th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

New impeachment inquiry subpoenas issued after second whistleblower emerges, Trump abruptly withdraws U.S. troops from northern Syria, and key witness in Amber Guyger trial murdered.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:20 Attorney: New Whistleblower Has Firsthand Knowledge Of Trump Call
2:45 House Dems Subpoena Defense Secretary & W.H. Budget Office
3:07 Trump Loses Court Battle Over Taxes, But Granted Delay
3:43 Trump Defends Decision To Withdraw Troops In Northern Syria
5:54 Three Infants Di After Infections In Hospital Neonatal ICU
7:11 FBI Asks Public For Help In ‘Most Prolific Serial Killer’ Case
9:16 U.S. Diplomat’s Wife Urged To Return To U.K. After Fatal Crash
10:49 Urgent Manhunt After Witness In Ex-Officer’s Trial Killed
12:20 Woman Gets Onto Plane Without ID Or Boarding Pass
13:32 Dog Nicknamed ‘Miracle’ Rescued Weeks After Hurricane Dorian

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 7th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Trump is the clear and present danger to this country. He must be removed from the office NOW!

  2. Great and unmatched wisdom!? Says Trump! He sounds like Kim jong

  3. It may be possible that Joshua Brown was running around bragging about how much you'd been paid by unnamed sources to give false testimony in the Amber guyger case. And that may well be what got him killed buy some simple gang thugs. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Dallas Police Department or anyting you conspiracy theorists are claiming.

  4. Mr. Jimmy Carter is truly an amazing human being. Thank you for your service.

  5. Doesn't 93 make him the Best Serial Killer in American history?

  6. 50 soldiers? Newsweek has a military source that says 230. Why does he have to lie about everything?


  8. "I in my great and unmatched wisdom" Donald Trump 2019.And we put him in office.  ?  Wow.  "It's a scam by the democrats".   LOL.    Ohhhh I love to dance a little side step,
    Now they see me now they don't I've come and gone
    and Ohhhh I love to sweep around the wide Step
    Cut a little swath and lead the people on.

  9. It seems like schiff is getting his whistle blown, and being made a fool of again like the dirty photos he thought he was getting from a fake russian operative….

  10. All Americans that are opposed to President Trump should sue him individually for breach of fiduciary duty after 300 million starting lawsuits against I think he may give up

  11. That UK cycle accident situation just shows us the rudeness and obnoxious additude of entitlement by diplomatic core… just disgusting. Turn yourself in madam.

  12. Carter is a honest decent human, but Americans don’t want honest decent people as President . They rather have Trump

  13. Trump the traitor helping the terrorist state of Turkey and it's leader the barbaric erdogan . Trump and erdogan are pigs.

  14. why is a person that has killed 93 people speaking to all of the world?!, why should societIES listen to someone who should not even exist??!!

  15. While Jimmy Carter was not an especially competent president, he was perhaps the greatest man who ever held that office.   He certainly has done far more for humanity after office than any other former president.   Honestly I think he should never have been president.  I think he would have made a far better ambassador to the United Nations.

  16. So the prime suspect in a murder case in Dallas, IE the police department, is the entity performing the investigation.   The feds need to take over that case and investigate it.   When the suspect is the one doing the investigating that is a textbook case of conflict of interest.

  17. Diplomatic immunity should be limited.  In cases like this where a serious crime has been committed and the evidence is strong,  the suspect should at least stand trial here and be tried by jurors.   The purpose of diplomatic immunity is A) to shield diplomats and their families from political trials, and B)  Shield them from retaliatory legal action and finally to shield them from prosecution over trivial matters so that they may execute their duties.  But serious crimes like this should at the very least be taken up in federal court by a grand jury who would determine if there is enough evidence for a trial.  If the nation where they were assigned has a reasonable and fair trial process and if the grand jury determines that there is sufficient evidence to indict then they should be turned over to the other country's criminal justice system for trial.  If that country does not have a fair means of determining guilt yet the grand jury still indicts then hold the criminal trial here and permit the other country to send a prosecution team to try the case here.  Then if the person is found guilty send them to that country for the prison sentence and let them suffer the consequences they deserve.   Diplomatic immunity should not apply in a case where a diplomat's family member is likely guilty of killing a citizen of that other nation.  No one should be above the law, at least not when it comes to serious crimes.  Driving on the wrong side of the road is one thing.  Killing someone is quite something else.   And FYI  I am a U.S. citizen 9th generation and descendant of John Adams.

  18. Ann, turn yourself in to british police. No diplomatic immunity !!!

  19. why don't they simply ask the president of Ukraine ? The troops need to come home.

  20. I hope amber the killer gets hers in prison.

  21. Dallas PD: We investigated ourselves and we found nothing wrong!

  22. Did trumpelthinskin use his unmatched wisdom to place an full page opinion for 80k to rally against the Central Park Five?

  23. It seems like turkey is using khassoghi’s death over trump and the Saudi’s to attack the Kurds without retribution. The first time trump agreed to turkey’s demand was shortly after khasoghis death. Mattis and McGurck both resigned because of this and trump got backlash from republicans then, so he had to back off. Within 3 days of his death, Erdogan himself said turkey had irrefutable proof that the Saudis killed him, hinting to bugs in the Saudi embassy. But he never released the evidence they had. I think Erdogan is using this as leverage against the Saudis and trump, who has NEVER chastised the Saudis about killing a legal US resident who worked for the Post. Trump also has a huge property in turkey. THERE ARE NO OTHER REASONS TRUMP WOULD TRY THIS CONTROVERSIAL SUDDEN REMOVAL OF TROOPS FROM SYRIA!! And of course, we know how easily compromise-able and blackmail-able trump is. TRUMP ONLY LOOKS OUT FOR HIS OWN INTERESTS, EVEN AT THE SAKE OF OUR AMERICAN NATIONAL SECURITY AND HONOR!!!!!! He is beyond a DESPICABLE man, traitorous in nature!!

  24. US diplomats wife is a killer


  26. the cowardly murderous diplomat must be a republican , because only they would do such a thing !

  27. God bless President Carter and his wife. Here is two individuals that truly serve this country! What every past president and wife should look like. Thank you Carters!

  28. Get it together 15 minutes???

  29. Seems another well known narcissist and phsycopath named Hitler knew what Trump knows and made himself supreme commander. He was no more dangerous than this moron, could you image though if Hitler had nuclear weapons like this egotistical turf. I suppose one thing in Hitlers favour was at least he had the balls to join the military not like this coward. Like his father and grandfather before him the Trump's have hidden while other people die or are injured defending their country. Need Trump to take his shirt off as ugly a site it is so you can see that yellow hair of his is just the top of the yellow streak running down his back. Seems a disgrace a piece of crap ends up president instead of someone that actually fought or died for the USA,

  30. 8:10 That's what a monster looks like.

  31. One thing I can say about trump that's his story and he's sticking to it. He reminds me of that Shaggy song, "It wasn't me."

  32. Unmatched wisdom = omniscient = POTUS thinks he's God?

  33. A true American patriotic example President Jimmy Carter.

  34. Peanut farmer to President. What a great accomplishment.

  35. foriegn dog gets better treatment than humans and free entry into USA. Amerika!

  36. Public….Who killed Joshua Brown?

    Dallas PD….himself.

    I’m guessing during this dark time in the USA, that’s the (ridiculous ) kind of statement we will receive. 🙄

  37. "I, in my great and unmatched wisdom" Seriously, who says that about them selves? 🤐 Not even Yoda!

  38. All this talk of subpoenas and non compliance
    gives me a grate idea for a new brand of toilet paper.

  39. 3 Security checks, before seated . . . HA ?

  40. Tonight, we will find out why Lester Holt looks like a serial killer from an 80's cult movie! Over to you, Lester!

  41. God Bless Jimmy Carter – A true humanitarian

  42. Samuel little is a disgusting pig and should be electrocuted. Shame in his family.

  43. Why is this video unlisted???

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