Thursday , January 21 2021
Home / News / Nearly 1.2 million Americans have filed jobless claims in the last week

Nearly 1.2 million Americans have filed jobless claims in the last week

Initial Jobless Claims show better than expected numbers.

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  1. !!!"better than expected"!!! Trump 2020 😃

  2. 162,805 covid deaths 5,032,547 covid cases and counting, one american is dying every 80 seconds from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' says the impeached orange bone spurs bunker boy, person, woman, man, camera, tv president.

  3. Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession

  4. Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession

  5. Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people

  6. Trump supporters have no idea what's at risk if Donald the dope gets his way but I'll start with social security and Medicare hoping that your parents, or grandparents, or you don't depend on it. Talk amongst yourselves

  7. Keep voting Republican. Everyone's laid off, Good news! But look at that stock market. Wake up people!

  8. It's not because people loosing jobs its cause of the Democrats giving 600 a week. People can file and say they are a 1099 employee or self employed and get 10k-20k in back pay. Why would you want to work? Dems dont want people working at the moment thinking it will make trump look bad.. that's what it's all about

  9. AMERICA FIRST: 4,854,690 coronavirus cases; 159,433 deaths; An economy in shambles; 50+ million unemployed and many with no healthcare.

  10. Lying about jobs data just like Obama Administration did! Their jaws are moving so you know they’re lying 🤥

  11. She's trying SO hard to make this sound like good news. Employment numbers are slightly down, cases are skyrocketing. Yeah, GREAT news. More people are dying but hey, Bob got his job at Walmart back! Gimme a freakin break.

  12. Is this new claims only? Also nobody’s been working or putting into the system so may not be eligible?

  13. 162,058 covid deaths 4,997,741 covid cases and counting, one american is dying every 80 seconds from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' says the impeached orange bone spurs bunker boy, person, woman, man, camera, tv president.

  14. Trash news that’s why I watch cnn

  15. Nobody:
    Trump: Its under control.

  16. Every time a Republican is in office we go through this. Trickle down economics doesn't work.

  17. Our economy is booming according to President Trump with more initial unemployment filings ! It is booming to the wrong direction dumbass Trump !

  18. Pelosi & Schumer Dont Settle so Blame them .. Trump needs Stimulus for Families not Bankrupted Pokrly manged Democrat ran States Democrat run . DONT BLAME TRUMP ..

  19. Trump .. Doing what a President is Elected to do …Leading .. Jobs canbe Worked .. But not Paid to lay off collecting .. thats the Democrat failure.

  20. 🔴100% of babies are unemployed. pathetic🔴


  22. Wait til school starts and see what that number is.

  23. Take a control from contributions mafia or it’s go wested for all long lifetimes believing me is already for long times is going on an one ex Soviet Unions gone over Hollywood’s movies educations new styles mode many more an is still going us much is becoming in Americans mafias contributing life’s for have a big mouth by each country be participated in desperate a world discrimination a world disabling a world mocking a world so get knowledge at less that’s much whom you like whom you love whom you try’s too be whom you with whom you could be…

  24. Fox n TRUMP n the white house always claims t TRUMP created n bring JOBS from over seas. But where are those JOBS???? Where do those JOBS go i
    ???in which state are those JOBS???? All i see is unemployment going up but no JOBS?? What happened is this MAKE America great again suppose to be?? TRUMP promises us t we will get tired of wining Not losing

  25. It’s funny how jobless claims go up when they shut businesses down. 🤦‍♂️

  26. Lazy soy idiots open the country back up and get back to work if your to soy to work get the heck out of america and go live in a 3rd world country where you can be as lazy as your soy butts want to be

  27. My neighbors are living with me and a man is living in my car they have lost everything this la la lady doesn't understand and it's getting worse please a prayer that I don't lose my job's thank you for God bless !

  28. Your president want to cut payroll deductions to millions that have no jobs, and cut unemployment benefits to 70% before taxes.
    Good job America

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