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New concerns over radiation released from Russian blast l ABC News

Residents in a small town near the blast site have taken matters into their own hands, testing for radiation with hand-held detectors.

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  1. For idiots, I will explain that the detector depicted in the video measures in microsievert. Look at how much it shows and find out the acceptable dose on the Internet.

  2. That's all propaganda the thick yank twats wants us to believe that most Americans are retards believing that bollocks

  3. I GAURANTEE it’s ALOT worse then Russia is letting on!!,,,they even disconnected the radiation monitors to try to hide there shit!!,,lol
    Just watch…it’s going to ALOT worse then thought

  4. It's all ok folks!!!
    (even though your hair is falling out)

  5. Ill bet they are taking matter into more than just their hands…😊

  6. Russia, even after all these years using this source of energy, appears to lack the know-how to use it properly.
    They should stick to Natural Gas.

  7. "hand held detectors".. you mean Geiger counters?
    Are you deliberately making everyone stupid? duh
    Are you going to pay forever? You're hoping forever doesn't exist.. ik

  8. We should know tho we have satellites to detect nuclear blasts, so if anything both sides might be lying…at the end the guy said a new arms race but weve been in one for almost 10 years already 🙄

  9. Don't trust russia. They are sux!

  10. I love Russia, India and Russia best friend.

  11. Russia never learn. It's a curse

  12. Russia is garbage cant get shit right

  13. Every country that’s so reckless to engage in nuclear weapons development & experimentations is susceptible to disastrous mistakes & accidents that will have profound impact on the whole planet. Similar to Russia, those countries’ first reaction is to hide & coverup. & yes, that includes the US government. Nuclear weapons should be prohibited & eliminated from existence in the entire world! No exceptions!!

  14. Y'all care about this while Fukushima is spewing 5,000 times that much radiation into the Pacific ocean every day? Get real.

  15. You can't hug your children with Nuclear Arms..

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