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New COVID-19 Test Similar To Breathalyzer Shows Promise | NBC Nightly News

Scientists in Finland are developing a type of coronavirus test that works like a breathalyzer, delivering results in just two minutes. They hope to gather data on the test’s accuracy, including among asymptomatic patients, over the next month.
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New COVID-19 Test Similar To Breathalyzer Shows Promise | NBC Nightly News


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  3. Before you say GREAT….look at the stats for error in reading of the USA alcohol breathalyzer test

  4. If we could master this technology we could use it to socially gather again just test people before going into a venue

  5. TRUMP Right again like ALWAYS! We cant lock the country down and pay people for too long as if we can just "PRINT MORE MONEY" you idiots!! At some point our AMERICAN DOLLAR WONT MEAN ANYTHING! BE ADULTS AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK on both WHAT MAKES A DOLLAR WORTH A DOLLAR in AMERICA and WHAT THE ACTUAL THREAT OF DYING OF COVID-19 IS. Because if it came to Science and Numbers in hind site???? WE WOULDNT/SHOULDNT of SHUT DOWN EVEN BACK IN MARCH! NOTICE that the people that DEMAND the shut down GET PAID SAME AMOUNT NO MATTER WHAT (TAX PAYED MONEY BY YOU) while they tell you to "JUST HANG IN THERE AND STARVE FOR THE COUNTRY). Gimme a break, thankfully i can work from home and keep my job, but if not id be protesting harder than the BLM movement! Free Country means you should be able to operate at your own risk because not making an income OR a 3rd WORLD America is WORSE THAN DEATH in my opinion!!

  6. I got a fever and I definitely need a doctor…
    Help me Nora, Help help me Nora. 0:10

  7. If people can't breathe from symptoms how do you expect them to exhale with any force? 👎

  8. @NBCNEWS Ain't that about a glitch 🤯5am this morning I was sitting here looking at my inhaler and the peak flow meter. Thinking about what if they can change the testing to breathalyzers. If there's a journalist video on aerosol covid19 transmission traveling on pollution molecular level even further than 6ft, if I can see the forecast of pollen levels in my local area on my phone daily. Why can't they have a meter that will test covid19 if you breathe in the meter to tell the results right on site especially when we need something to detect on school locations when our children are returning back to school. Why hasn't any other country show physical evidence of children at school in any other country like the news keeps reporting. Why hasn't any one create a page on covid19 survivors especially if it's children? I want to see or read about actual findings from people affected. Not hear one to five stories since March. Where is the evidence from families effected like the data numbers states on public health websites. If its 1000 children 0-17 locally then I want to hear from those 1000 covid19 survivors/families. About symptoms, recovery, treatment, exposure, death, and any other problems their going through. Not to judge but to educate myself even more and also show community support. So until then everyone stating anything about what they think without showing us actually the facts I'm ignoring you. I work in nursing and I have been collecting my own evidence from people who have been diagnosed and posting videos. Every detail I keep putting together as a puzzle and listing it down in writing All the symptoms. CDC denied then retracted. Where certain symptoms I listed is still there and patiently waiting for CDC to recognize now they are telling the public a new symptom discovered. No its not new its been there since the beginning its just new for ignorant USA to believe the truth and also lies like safe to open the public in may when we should of just limited ourselves but kept kids in school and then do stay home orders may june july and then reopen August. But no ya'll where to much in a rush. Now we are backtracking and one thing in life I can't stand is backtracking things I already done or be ignored on something I new it would be harmful when summertime came. Now I'm sitting here watching everything play out. 😒😷

  9. Impressive! Hope some other company doesn't steal their idea.

  10. Thanks god. Science is coming to help out!

  11. This is great news! My testing center is tired of doing rectal swabs.

  12. This could save the planet. You could open business and schools just test upon entry to any business. It could be so easily tracked. Better invest in there stock

  13. It sounds good

    Have also seen (heard of )
    virus sniffing dogs

    would be A GREAT EMPOWERING TOOL in this world

  14. You mean I dont have to have my brain poked anymore?

  15. Triials Finnish in 4 weeks? Good. How do you sterilize these between users?

  16. Study MERS and COPD patients with that thing.

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