Monday , January 25 2021
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New details on Wisconsin mall shooting

Authorities announced the arrest of a 15-year-old suspect.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Sometimes kids go down the wrong path of life, this is one of those times

  2. WhEn I WaS 15 I WaNtEd tO gO HoME

  3. After a Democrat becomes president we start to get the shootings again. Figures

  4. 15 or not if you shoot up a public place you never need to be free. Wish we'd just put these crazy pricks down.

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  7. I think they mean a child hunt.

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  9. when school doesnt open so you let your anger at the mall

  10. At 15, I was being rescued from abusive parents. With God's help, I turned out ok.😊

  11. Kudos to the SC who ruled that the language of the 2nd amendment in 1787 during the constitutional convention is similar to present day when “arms” became the shorthand version of firearms.

  12. 15 is a tough age, lot of raging hormones. Sad situation

  13. At 15 my parents would discipline me what’s right from wrong and if I do something bad I get an ass whooping, I guess parents now a days won’t do that since it’s 2020

  14. Him: let’s shoot up a mall

  15. BLM ISIS kill Normal people

  16. At 15 I didn't have the balls to talk to a girl

  17. finally the news is getting back to normal

  18. Butts he bees a goods boyz ands he wuz confused

  19. What's real and what's not…. with Mockingbird you never know….

  20. Wow cant believe it. Kids these days. When I was 15, I was getting raped by my blonde teacher…

  21. At 15 I was looking at pictures of hot chicks in the K-mart newspaper adds

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