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New excitement in Wales after Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney buy underdog soccer team

Despite their many losses, the Wrexham Football Club is a source of pride among those living in the city. The purchase could uplift the city’s economy, which had been struggling even before COVID-19.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Too “busy” to cover the MI and GA hearings? Too invested in the narrative to show the Georgia Tapes?

  3. Mint mobile and now a football club??

  4. What do the elections, child trafficking, a virus and vaccine have in common? WHAT "THEY" DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. WARNING/ GRAPHIC!

  5. Win or lose, I’m always at the footy.

  6. When someone has stopped their ears from hearing you, means they intend on afflicting as much harm ON YOU as they possibly can NO matter the cost..
    Acts 7:57…. Prophecy; BUT this same harm will be given back to them 4 fold !

  7. Every American should watch this video. Parents should encourage their children to watch this video to learn America’s values and principles. Sidney Powell “stop the steal “ rally in Georgia

  8. The length of the video is 4:20 so I got high while watching.

  9. Anybody else see the British Matt damon at the end?

  10. Always sunny that's my 💩💩👍👍

  11. Two of my favorite people! Instant fan!

  12. Video GA shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER poll
    workers left.

  13. trust me, there's no interest in ryan reynolds. You called trump supporters racists for 4 years and accused kavanah of being a rapist on national television. That is now America's interest so thanks for that.

  14. So you will cover news from Wales, but you won't cover the live election voter fraud hearings from Georgia. 🤔

  15. A bet gone wrong? Where they playing fifa "OK so if you lose you have to buy your team". 😂

  16. Liberals! Saving the world again!

  17. I'm a football fan trust me they don't know what they've gotten themselves into 🤪😂😂

  18. Can’t stand Reynolds. Hope his ego helps others

  19. Meanwhile millions are suffering under lockdow over a non dangerous virus. Abc are idiots. Ryan isnan idiot.

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