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New Jersey mega mall, amusement park is a 3 million square foot mammoth

American Dream mega mall and Nickelodeon theme park opens for business after 23 years of development. FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis with more. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Everybody buys in the
    Might it WELL call it
    An entertainment center

  2. We need a MALL Like this in New Jersey with Amusement for FAMILY to have Entertainment! in the "WINTER" when the BEACHES & AMUSEMENT PARKS are Cold & CLOSED! Just TRY our best to keep it A SAFE & FUN PLACE!

  3. It’s in Jersey so that’s all you need to know about that.

  4. Love it but wish it were in a different state.

  5. Close the doors……You will fail.

  6. Ummm…
    A mall?

    Didn't they get the memo?

    We don't go to malls anymore…
    Waterparks are diseased…
    And the kids just want to play video games.


  7. Should have built it in Newark lol

  8. That's a lot of wasted real estate.

  9. Wait until the fellas start running rampant through the place. That’ll be nice.

  10. You pay for parking in malls in mexico.

  11. Build Affordable Housing
    for HUMAN BEINGS!!!!

  12. Pay to park ? You dont pay to park at malls.

  13. Where's the Liberal Climate losers? Bet it takes a lot of electricity to power that giant kamode.

  14. 2019 first we get a mall then we start a newspaper

  15. With the state of what's happening to the Malls all around….I'm sorry to say but… this Mall is not going to survive very long given the fact that consumers are no longer shopping at Malls these days. I hate to be negative but I see this Mall lasting no more than 3 years the most. On top of the shopping there's the headache of parking & traffic. Good luck with that.

  16. New Jersey is one of the most populated areas in the USA
    The mall will be a success
    People commenting here
    Never get out much .
    Go back to your little cellphone

  17. I guess many here fail to understand the concept of this mall and what the Tripple Group who owns it has done with their other big malls in West Edmonton and Minneapolis. These are not just malls but amusement parks with malls inside. The Ghermazian concept (btw it’s name of family who owns all the aforementioned malls) is based on the fact that people should still be able to go outside and enjoy outdoors style theme and amusement year round which is why their malls are filled with amusement parks. If you doubt this concept visit west Edmonton mall in sub -20F winter and watch people surfing and skiing or playing ice hockey inside the mall. That’s same concept they are bringing to this mall.

  18. It’s the hotspot for shooters as messed up as that sounds.

  19. Compete with Disney & Universal studios? Not quite, perhaps if they expand it! I think this could have potential, definitely start with a log chute ride, and universal studios type attractions.

  20. You have to pay for parking?! Yeah I'm not going anywhere where I have to pay for parking. Then you're going to have to go out and put money in the meter every time. That's an epic fail right there.

  21. It will be abandoned in 20 years. Malls just don't work, the people of NJ are about to be fleeced.

  22. Just call it Trump Mall, it’ll be packed with people. Huge!

  23. They need to quit thinking big to compete against Disneyland and start thinking six flags land

  24. Well they need to know it's Nickelodeon. Disney can get away with the admission prices but not that sh.

  25. Dude have you seen the prices. 50$ per person over 4ft and under 4ft is 40$ plus 24$ 8hr parking

  26. Remember guys trump is trash. Small hands small brain

  27. I can’t wait to go it’s right next to my town

  28. This will fail in record time. Total disaster. Charging for parking – incredibly stupid. They say it's "chapter 1" The next chapter will be 11.

  29. The trash from Hudson county will converge on the trash from southern Bergen county. It’s going to look like a UN meeting.
    And they better have metal detectors. If not, expect the first homicide within 60 days.

  30. And they talk climate change? What is it going to take to heat & cool plus power the dream mall?

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