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New lead in disappearance of 3-year-old Alabama girl l ABC News

Birmingham police have shared surveillance footage of a suspect in the disappearance of the toddler, Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney.

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  1. That child is precious I pray they find out who did this

  2. Where the hell was the parents.They should be locked up.Please bring this child to safety.Parents watch your kids.

  3. The kids must have knew him because no kids are going to follow behind you if they don't know you. I assume the other kid was his because the other kid wasn't reported missing. People need to keep their eyes on their kids. We all know the world that we live in. Our local news last week reported that she was found. They were live on the scene. You don't report information until you find out the truth. My prayers are with this baby. Please God, bring her home safe.

  4. This abduction is so sketchy, I pray this little girl is found and.jas.xome.to no harm.

  5. I don't understand why the mother of Cupcake Kamille is not looking for her child. Lord have mercy.

  6. So are two children missing? 🤔🤔🤔 We have to do better when it comes to protecting our children…. I hope her abductors rot in a jail cell. Please find that baby alive

  7. I’m praying for that beautiful girls safety!

  8. My heart goes out to this little girl and her family. I'm praying for you all.

  9. Maybe I missed it, but did the reporters interview Cupcake’s mom? Are the father and mother together? If not, is their a chance that she is with the mother or her family? I would rather have her safe that way instead of being child trafficked.

  10. Charge the parents for leaving the children alone.

  11. Parents fault girl went missing. Parents shouldve been watching child. Where was the parents ?

  12. Where were the parents? Why wasn't she being watched over?

  13. Same Hoodie, Same Pants, Same Hight, Same Walk.
    It Sure Looks Like The SAME GUY!!!!
    Looks like he just looped around after scoping for adults🤬

  14. Come on!!! Step up!!! Im keeping the faith!!!

  15. Praying she will be found safe

  16. Why don’t they just use the satellite camera?…if I can go on google and look at my house and the streets surrounding my house surely they should be able to use the camera from the satellite to find this baby

  17. Bring the lil sweet girl home , just bring her home 🏠

  18. God please return this little angel back SAFELY,,

  19. I’m seeing people say she’s dead and I hope that’s not the case. Honestly what parent let’s their kid out of their sights! I get you can’t watch them every second of every day but come on now at least know that she’s not alone

  20. How you gonna tell someone thye are a witness to something they obviously didnt see… I dont think hes dumb enough to come in so you can pin shit on him. Thos two people in jail are in there for nothing to do with this case. Stop spreading that lie like we have the criminals already.. Must be planting another bag with worms in it somewhere like they did Maleah

  21. What a beautiful little girl . No parents should have to suffer what they are going through right now even if it is partially their fault for not keeping eyes on the child. But mainly its the POS child kidnappers they deserve to get beat bloody and then shot in tge head ! How dare you kidnap a little child !! This world is sickening!

  22. For Those of You who Don't know: If you haven' t been keeping up on social media or if you don't live in BHam, the information and rumors have been about one or both parents being involved. People in B'ham have suggested the father of Cupcake owe people money and they came to collect. Rumors swirled the Mother and Father orchestrated this ordeal for money. The father then is seen on His FACEBOOK claiming the Mother of Kamille " cupcake" McKinney tried to " Ransom" the child Back to him. I saw the footage over the weekend and its online. Meanwhile the Police are Not calling this a Recovery; a word they use when they are ceratin the Victim is Dead. Police in B'Ham continie to speak of this child in present tense the entire time. It is believed as of this past weekend that cupcake is being moved frequentlyl. I'm not endorsing the authenticity of any point made. I was Only trying to catch you up to date on what going down according to social media posts and interaction with locals in that state and city.

  23. Cmon detectives !! Catch these POS kidnappers already ! All kisnappers deserve to burn at the hottest parts of hell !!

  24. where in the world is the other child that followed behind them.

  25. Why do people keep saying she has been found but hasnt been found

  26. Jesus, how dreadful for her family.

  27. This breaks my freaking heart. If something ever happened to my baby boy, I would die from sadness. Everything a mother does is for her child; without her child she has nothing. Prayers for baby girl’s safe return to her family 🙏🏼

  28. Mom has never left her cell phone outside at night…. but she manages to leave her small child outside at night. Charge the Mom with negligence!

  29. Well, where's the last place you saw her? That's usually what I do when I lose my keys.

  30. That little baby is so adorable and cute. I can't get enough of her chubby cheeks and big smile. Just too much cuteness! She makes me want to have a baby and I don't even want kids

  31. Where is the new lead tho this is the same report

  32. There's a special place in hell for people who abuse children.

  33. I hope that they'll found her soon, and she'll be safe 😭

  34. It's so sad about this beautiful little girl yrs ago this would of never happen but today it does and will never end. When my daughter was 5 she disappeared but found her at radio shack in the mall where we were shopping she was listing to music sitting on the floor .children are with you one min and you turn around and they are gone..children see a puppy kitten or some thing a they run to see it then the person hiding grabs them ..pray she is found that all that matters and the bastard is put to death .when and if he is caught which I dought .hes done this before and will do it again or maybe it's a woman you just never know.

  35. Wait a missing black girl🤣 IDGAF

  36. Why are two toddlers outside at night by themselves?

  37. If he is someone police know what his is name?

  38. Haha that is what you get if you f**** crackheads

  39. Pray that these minds, seek God face to wishop his grace and goodness and mercy

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