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New limits on legal immigration, Epstein’s island raided, VA hospital shooting scare | ABC News

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  1. Throughout history the beginning of America people relied upon faith and a trust in God that they may walk freely without constraint and entitled to the free fruits of the earth the founding of America money was never a question or worth assessed of it concerning mankind's freedom a pathetic state of America, a measure of worth estimated by income..and its freedom therefore measured as well the freedom of any. If onemay not live by faith then one has little to live upon at all, under God all exist freely, and someone should explain this to Trump and Friends.

  2. Immigrants should receive help for a certain amount of time until they get on their feet. Those folks pay into the system eventually. They just need some time is all.

  3. The hostess is so chill and laid back.. kicking back

  4. PIKACHU!!! 😆 I got some Pokemon cards I got right when they went on sale. Now I'm curious to check mine out and see what I got and how valuable they are. Lol

  5. Billion dollar man have sex with kids kill himself me haven’t ate in three days praying to God while dodging the office to my apartments🤔 wonder who gets his money ?o yeah the people who let him kill himself😒 funny how things truly are

  6. Ok, Epstein shit. Wack.
    Cop shot. Really fucked up.
    Parents letting chronically I'll kids travel alone. Just as bad as above.
    Idiot parents

  7. Who in the hell let's their kids travel with no adult supervision?

  8. So they raided his estate after he committed suicide in jail? Bullshit…lies…

  9. How CNN and abc have more subscribers than Fox News.

  10. How is the immigration thing even a scandal?! Right when you apply for a green card they tell you they can deport you if they catch you using gov benefits.This was always a thing. If Trumps enforcing the law then good because it's not fair to the law abiding immigrants who work hard with no benefits.

  11. thanks im sick of paying dude got crazy bro here and ssi big scammers not affect refugees fool

  12. thanks im sick of paying dude got crazy bro here and ssi big scammers not affect refugees fool

  13. thanks im sick of paying dude got crazy bro here and ssi big scammers not affect refugees fool

  14. These young girls perhaps looked up to Maxwell – and she served them up to a pervert. She is lucky she is not in the same room as me right now… I would not be able to hold myself back. So angry that a woman let them happen to other women for decades.

  15. MERRIT BASE IS EXCELLENT ! A lot of Migrants have been uncentivised to Come to the USA with children , and have more children because they have been able to receive Welfare and other Gov. Benefits !!! Ive tgose same benfits to our poor and to the Vets!!!!

  16. Male news reader must have had his brains pushed out as not if he seriously accept global warming. But taking home road kill is just smart recycling, I stop and pick up kangaroos that have been road killed recently ( few hors) and not to bloody and mangled. My ex-huinting dogs love the game meat as low in fat and more healthy than fatty lamb or beef. Good roo gives 4 or 5 days of nightly feeds. Just toss the guts, skin, bony limbs & head in my rubbish bin for pickup by local council truck, all part of service I pay for.

  17. Here to watch liberal softies cry

  18. I don't think it was a suicide… something shady is going on people🤔

  19. Trump – destroyer of America! AND I don't trust Barr to find the truth about Epstein! I think he would cover up any evidence involving trump or anyone else they want protected OR controlled!!

  20. Nothing is government funded…Everything is taxpayer funded! I as a taxpayer demand my tax dollars support Americans FIRST! Until we have no homeless Americans, especially children and veterans I do not want my tax dollars supporting anyone else!

  21. What's at the intro music all a happy and enthusiastic but the stories are telling really sad.

  22. Damn, how the hell do you own an island?

  23. This policy is stupid because if I have a descent money health coverage and education why would I want to leave my country for America especially now. It's so ridiculous. Trump has been bankrupt 6 times may be she should stop depending on the government to bail him out.

  24. Canada does that same thing about immigration too. If they dont contribute to society they nee to beupported by their family for 2 years before they can go on welfare

  25. Cant wait for him to meet Charles Manson and Hitler in the same place.

  26. I don't like Trump but I think he's just trying to protect his citizens if you're an immigrant you will hate him but if you are American you'll love him.Citizen's wellbeing is trump's priority.Every president should do the same without harassing or belittling immigrants.

  27. Could you clarify this question? If an immigrant has low income, but do not ask for public assistance, this could also could go against him? People should have the right to live here, even as poor, as long as they do not ask for public assistance. This is discrimination.

  28. Wow, the past two weeks has been so weighty of above average
    newsworthy events that the pundits seem to be raining from the skies flooding
    the airways with their expertise, and judgements in a very authoritative
    manner. Before being allowed to participate or appear on any news program as panelist,
    there is this little thing called ‘demeanor’ that must be conquered, if female,
    streaking blond dyed hair with greasy lips, if male, a youngish hair dye
    treatment must be served up regardless of actual age, in any event, no gray
    hair on any of the above will be tolerated, after all, this is ‘the’ age of
    ‘appearance journalism’, and that ‘god-master’ must first be satisfied. In the
    case of no real hair, not to worry, some can be provided at no charge to the
    wearer as long as returned after performance…remember, this is essentially more
    ‘show business’ than ‘journalism’, hence, all this dyed hair and
    make-up…playing an ever increasingly important role in the process of
    journalism on television…

  29. More and more people will avoid coming to America for breaks, why risk it… 😔

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