New option to protect children at school

Two elementary schools are testing bulletproof safe rooms, designed to protect students and teachers during an emergency. ABC News’ Rhiannon Ally reports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. where is your solution save ur kid. But I would not pay for one.!

  2. When you mix fuel, metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way it can burn up to 2000°с -thermite

  3. 60,000 dollars each, it really wont do anything either :/

  4. Here's an idea, instead of forcing everyone into a smaller box how about an exit in the wall leading to the outside?. Think Fire Drill, getting everyone out where emergency personnel are. There are no easy answers but I'd rather be able to run than be stuck inside a box.

  5. Lawmakers solution to gun violence let’s make a room with in a room but let’s not do anything about guns them selves

  6. Avoid male entering girls charging room.

  7. Why not making the gun cost the same price of that bullet proof room ??? Then get the gun company to pay for that room ??

  8. OMG, do you always have to worry each time you hear a balloon popping and ran to do that bullet proof room in panic??

  9. How about getting g rid of the teachers that like to burn American flags and cut off pricks??? Oh, wrong terrorist for this news article.

  10. You can never be too prepared

  11. 60,000 each, should we get it or should we hire more teachers lol

  12. How is this great? Next thing those walls will be the reason for a disaster. Wake up.

  13. Simple solution. Homeschool.

  14. Instead of gun control, let's install bulletproof walls that cost $60K. This is literally a scam masked in republican talking points.

  15. This is all theatre. Bullet proof doors are all u need

  16. Great another prison. This is for kids.

  17. $60,000 EACH 😳🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. So what the cost, there is plenty of money. Take care of the kids

  19. Thanks Republicans for school shootings. Yall love guns more than yalls own kids.

  20. Love how they didnt mention it was the original idea was made by a kid in gradeschool. Hope she got paid for them using her idea

  21. Heck yeah, great idea. Im glad at least something is being done to help prevent innocent deaths.