New questions arise about the origins of COVID

A new report suggests that the virus that causes COVID-19 may be linked to raccoon dogs being sold at a seafood wet market in China. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #worldnewstonight #china #covid19 #covid #raccoondog

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Don’t like Trump but to quote him “fake news”

  2. Democrats working with China created this virus to purposefully use on the population and it worked like it was supposed to , this was just the test run

  3. Read Dr Mary s monkey about dangerous Virus develoment. This is bioweapon development gone wrong. It's never right and quite sickening. True story of Dr. Mary Sherman who did cancer "research" virus. Written by a guy called Edward t Haslam. Actually investigative reporter.which is part of the same rubbish research done by Fauci.

  4. Prosecute the Racoon dogs. Lock them up. Why were the racoon dogs allowed to do test on the coronavirus in the first place?

  5. Were the racoon dogs the ones doing the testing in the lab when it leaked? It makes total sense because they don't have opposable thumbs, it was probably extremely hard for them to hold the test tubes in a safe manner. Prosecute the Racoon dogs.

  6. You all think we're a bunch of idiots don't you? You should be ashamed of yourselves. There's no way it came from the institute of Corona virus where they did test on coronavirus. No way it could be a lab leak so let's just divert everyone's attention to some stupid idea of a raccoon dog. You all must think we're idiots because no one could be That freaking stupid to actually think that it wasn't a lab leak. You are all corrupt sheep. This is actual misinformation.

  7. Samples taken months after September when we know Wuhan was already fully infected from covid. Taken in late January and after. It was already in the US and Europe by then. Why are they doing this???

  8. Lawyers for thousands of years have been Ridiculed & Hated-I can honestly say they have been surpassed by American Journalists

  9. Gimme a break. We all know it came from a Chinese bioweapon lab. You aren't fooling anyone anymore.

  10. Sure, why not. I believe everything you say.

  11. W.H.O is owned by China ..but it seems like that doesnt matter

  12. What . Do yall journalists read the comment section at all. You got as much people believing yall than every joe Biden rally combined.

  13. Screwing raccoons I see.

  14. I remember when they said it couldn't jump from animals to humans. They don't know shhh.😂😂😂😂

  15. Y’all took a vaccine and don’t even know where the virus came from lmfao big dummy

  16. Gain of function research. Covid was made by scientists in Wuhan China.

  17. All you trying to justify the jab. Still denying that the government lied to you proof is all over the place but it sure as hell wasn't bats or raccoons. Wake up MAGA.

  18. They are allowing us to comment on youtube about this conspiracy now? What?

  19. Bob, liked your comment. Spot on. Too bad nearly half our idiot population believes everything the media and government tells them.

  20. Yeah sure it came from a dog raccoon! lol

  21. Okay honestly this is not believable… lies like this shouldn’t be allowed to be reported on

  22. Can the "china virus" actually come from north korea??

  23. I wonder how much fauci paid for this"find"? Oh please, you people think we're all stupid. BS!

  24. And still China wasn’t held responsible. It affected many American lives.