Monday , April 19 2021
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New Texas Gun Laws Make It Easier To Carry Firearms In Public Spaces | NBC News Now

New gun laws in Texas make it easier to carry firearms in places like foster homes or school properties. NBC News’ Katie Engelhart reports.
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New Texas Gun Laws Make It Easier To Carry Firearms In Public Spaces | NBC News Now


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  1. All your fact are not true, there has been more mass shooting in ca then in Texas for one. So not all states that have less gun laws are having the mass shooting so you need to stop that lie right now. It’s really not guns it’s society lack of empathy for another, it lack of parenting. People now of days feel entitled like no one else matters. Now put all of that with the violence entertainment. The equals a no displine/spoiled brat who wants to act out cause he just don’t care about anything. It’s not guns it’s a problem with society.

  2. You want see if the guns restrictions works. Check Brazil for instance. It’s almost impossible to have a permit to carry a gun. Guess how many people were murder last year? 65k, that is right 65000 people shot by criminals. Law is for good people and criminals don’t give a S. To law.

  3. She has no idea what she is saying 21 is the age of pistol ownership

  4. In ANY state, a criminal can, and WILL, carry a gun. The end.

  5. Federal law makes it illegal for anyone under 21 to own / purchase a handgun so yeah good job lying to the public. Geez why even call your station "news"

  6. The insurance industry again promoting Zionism

  7. For the record, it’s not illegal for a 16-year-old to go to an R-rated movie.

  8. It's extraordinary that gun law is an issue at all or pleasure for that matter. It's obvious that irresponsible people do mass shooting and also abuse and actually break pleasure laws. Responsible citizens who pay taxes and are just not shamed by being free in a free society, will never give up they're rights to political correctness or social bandits of all kinds, not limited to terrorists and trolls who shape behaviors of others on purpose, in game mode. Texas is right on guns and civil rights, it's grown immensely on diversity issues that it faced. I saw them, up close, when I was there for a year. If every state simply took care of it's own needs and every issue wasn't a National Emergency, then we can fix this and move on. Guns are simply not going away.

  9. The US is considering the possibilities of armed attacks in the planning of new schools now. Guess that’s the new normal now. You guys live in the richest third world country ever.

  10. Actually its 21 for hand guns and 18 for long guns.

  11. The little snot-nosed lady needs a safe room to go hide in. When she gets in it, someone nail it shut.

  12. everyone knows someone who died in a car crash, do you want to take our cars too ? ? ?

  13. States with looser gun laws promote mass shootings huh? That's an outrageous claim. My state has some of the most lax gun laws in the country. I carry every day and own several firearms of various calibers, as do many here in Wyoming but nothing happens here. When was the last time we were in the news due to a mass shooting?

  14. Loser more guns is more mass shootings, that is wrong, It’s the opposite

  15. That homicidal haters and the mentally ill also lived among the Americans back then no doubt played a big part in their decision to introduce the 2nd. Amendment to the Constitution.
    The main side-effects created by the Trump Derangement Syndrome is people becoming homicidal haters and/or mentally ill
    THESE are the ones who need to be red flagged

  16. My view on guns is like the Cold war if criminals have guns then I want to have the best gun possible and many of them just in case the criminals want to try something with their guns. I would rather not have this gun but since other people have them, it would be stupid to not have one. Personally I don't even like gun culture when I go to the range a know-it-all will come by and lecture me on my
    gun and technique.

  17. I always wondered how Jews allowed themselves to be put in camps… now I understand the liberal mommy mentality.

  18. Bravo Texas bravo 👏👏👏 other states should follow 👏👏👏

  19. Crying about the only thing that will save the public wtf this is full of lies 😂

  20. The mentally ill… thugs and criminals normally dont go thru Background checks….The mass shootings are not gun issues but they are mental health issues…

  21. People need to get it done the stood it's not a mass shooting it is a terrorist attack on America and American soul the way we can get this out of control and stop letting the news and the medium keep putting these clowns out there like this we're living in a society everybody's trying to take the United States and turn it into other countries where is terrorist attacks what we have here is Copycat terrorist attacks on America that's what we have to figure out how to get these people figure it out

  22. the government writes gun laws and then under funds the enforcement of the laws

  23. So what are the crime rates with strict gun laws vs low restrictions. No law can stop mass killings or shootings, so what is nbc proposing?

  24. You can either live in fear or learn to live in it, well armed.

  25. REMINDER: Our forefathers created the 2nd Amendment inorder for us to arm ourselves against a tyrannical government and protect our families.
    Politicans will always have armed security. Are their lives more important than yours? Are their children more deserving of protection than your children?
    No false flag or crazy shooter should stop you from protecting your family. Bad guys do not surrender their ILLEGAL guns. A disarmed nation is at the mercy of evil. Cold Dead Hands

  26. Texas made the best decision ever buy giving good people as in giving us are rights back. We already have over 20,000 gun laws that is infringement it’s really sad that it takes this many Mass shootings for people to realize that they do absolutely nothing. Yes we need to keep certain gun laws in affect like to Felons or people that have domestic violence issues and other things that permit them from getting a firearm but the people the law-abiding citizens that are allowed to protect their families and anyone around them. I’m so happy that Texas is allowing people to have guns in schools and churches in foster homes you will see crime rate go down. Guns save lives we need to get rid of some of these gun laws and I’m proud of his decision and other states need to follow. A Armed society is a safe society it is proven with statistics and facts. My heart and prayers go out to the victims of all of these mass shootings. A lot of these could of had less casualties or even been prevented if a law-abiding citizens were there with their concealed weapon to stop it. We are not allowed to carry a cop in our back pocket but we are allowed to carry our concealed weapon. gun laws don’t work gun free zones don’t work. What works is someone that has there license to stop a tragedy from happening. It makes it a far fight

  27. lol, lady let Texas be Texas. You want more strict gun laws, go to states like California, let's see how long you last.

  28. The only gun I own is between my legs. I was camping the other day someone asked me for a can opener so I pulled down my pants and said bend over. My boss told me you have to know how to play ball if you want a advancement so I grabbed is testicles. I was in traffic on Monday a women pulled next to me a yelled can you see my f–kin headlights I got out of the car went over to her and opened her blouse and said YEA.

  29. I don’t know we seem to have lots of guns here in Missouri and I don’t see many mass shootings so you may wanna reword some crap

  30. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you people not get

  31. NBC lying to the public again. Their statistics are pretty much BS!!!!!

  32. Way to go MR.Abbot we salute you. More guns in good hands equals less gun crimes.

  33. so what are you going to do when criminals STILL get guns after you ban them. then you see more mass shootings happening w illegal guns

  34. What city has most hand gun violence Chicago zero gun rights your a lier

  35. Hey everyone, do you notice how all these liberal channels are always talking about how bad guns are, and that we need stricter guns laws, yet they won't say one word about Chicago and all the shootings by criminals. They always want to talk about some other State and their crimes while ignoring Chicago which has the strictest gun laws in America. Chicago is Democratic run, and because so Chicago has the strictest gun laws around, and there are still shootings and killings by the criminals in spite of their severe gun restrictions. So as you can see, canning guns does not work in the slightest. The legal gun owners aren't committing crimes, yet they still want the legal gun owners to give up their rights and their guns because of the criminals and their actions. NO, NO, NO!

    We are not paying for the crimes of criminals! Let those who commit the crimes, do the time, because we legal gun owners are not giving up our rights ever! The 2nd Amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Did you get that you liberal goobers? SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  36. It would be so nice to get a truly NON baised list of these news laws. Not some silly childs opinon

  37. This is a ridiculous video. CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS!!! Why is this so hard to understand?

  38. Anyone who has evil in their heart to do harm to others will Always find a way.. Always!

  39. It's very plain……tell the criminals they can't have guns and make sure the mentally ill can't buy weapons. Oh Wait……that's the law now! Did anyone tell them yet?

  40. Good on Texas !! The second amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED !!

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