Thursday , August 11 2022

New York Leaders React To Supreme Court Striking Down Gun Law

As gun violence rapidly increases across the nation, the Supreme Court is facing backlash after its ruling over the ability to carry firearms in public. The decision strikes down New York’s concealed carry law. New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized the ruling saying, “We cannot allow New York to become the wild, wild West.” The court’s ruling comes as Congress advances a bipartisan bill designed to combat gun violence.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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New York Leaders React To Supreme Court Striking Down Gun Law


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  1. Wild Wild West…GREAT movie!

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  3. Governments which infringe on citizens rights will die a slow death!!!

  4. New York is going to turn into that movie Escape from New York. Good luck with that

  5. Victory for the Responsible Gun Owners

  6. We need to bring back self defense in NY
    These tyrants will do their best to put people behind bars for self defense.
    Apparently criminals have more rights than normal hard working citizens.

  7. The nyc mayor carries gun.
    The ny gov have armed guards
    But they got a problem with citizens rights to carry.
    We have the right to protect ourselves from criminals that these politicians favor over normal citizens.
    If you are rich or have connections to the politicians,cops, elites than you can get permit but normal citizens can't why?
    Uvalde incident proved that you can't rely on cops.
    Good job SC. Great decision.

  8. The Pro-Crime Democrats Woke Cult have Endangered All Americans. Gun Restrictions, especially in New York, is 100% RACIST. Woke DA’s have released Criminals, even for Violent Crimes. Yet, they have been punishing minorities just try to protect themselves.

    And people, particularly the wealthy, are leaving the city and the state.

    We know the truth.
    Democrats Hate America and Americans.

  9. Very irresponsible decision, especially with the truma people are experiencing from the pandemic.

  10. Glad the Supreme Court is stopping these anti-2A communist democrats.

  11. Prohibition is an easy solution, to satisfy simple minds, but worsenet the problem, remember how well the Alcohol Prohibition works

  12. they are going too have too do something about the supreme cort system plain and simple.

  13. Where are these useless whinny corrupt Democrat polticians when it comes to the secret Fentynal pandemic that's murdering over One Hunderd Thousand young adults and children a year and is increasing in the USA along with the Homeless and the destruction of industry in the USA. I will keep and carry my guns to protect myself and family from criminals and a tyranical government as is present. Kudos to the Supreme court. Stand strong and United we stand!

  14. Like the predator 2 subway gun scene!

  15. Seems to me the subway is the first place to carry a gun!

  16. It's not the guns it's the brains mental health has been a issue in our country when people can't afford a car or groceries when they have to go sell their blood it breaks a person we need systems for the poor and broken depression is evil let's attack mental health addiction better living situations for single mothers and homeless veterans and child

  17. CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS….decent, law abiding citizens do. BIDEN HAS BEEN PROTECTED BY MEN WITH GUNS FOR 50 YEARS….the southern border IS POROUS AND ALLOWS GUNS TO COME INTO THE COUNTRY….liberals are fools…

  18. Since NY crime is out of control and a democratic ran state who de-funded the police ! and their leaders are useless" citizens need to defend themselves ! this sends a message to criminals … old saying ! the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun ! it happens more than you think, it`s just not covered. does not fit the democratic narrative !!!

  19. The polititions who make and support the 2A laws should be tried for treason against the constitution.

  20. The only people upset at this are ny politicians. Why is that?

  21. Finally the Constitution is being followed by at least one branch of the American government.

  22. I’m sorry the constitution hurt your liberal feelings. Cry more

  23. Hey liberals should be very happy! This decision gives law abiding citizens true Equality, Equity and Inclusion, this levels the playing field so everyone can pay their fare share…..

  24. This unelected twatwaffle has no clue.

  25. Awesome job by the Supreme Court

  26. I applaud the SCOTUS.
    Criminals will now realize that any law abiding American May have a gun on their person and will now think twice before using their illigal gun.💥

  27. The people applying for carry permits are not the one's shooting up New York. Gang bangers don't give a crap about laws.

  28. You wouldn't get robbed with a gun if citizens weren't allowed to have them. What happened to good old fashion fist fights? If you want something from me don't pick up a weapon, use your hands and physically take it.

  29. "Only cowards need guns"

  30. You've had the wild wild west in Democrat run cities for years in if not for decades. I congratulate the SCOTUS on their decision.

  31. No restrictions allowed on second amendment? Hot take. There are many restrictions. The untruthful rhetoric is unhelpful.

  32. The Supreme Court did the right thing now people can protect ourselves from the criminals that’s on the streets that the Democrat party is pushing we must push back against the democrat party

  33. Conceal to carry. AK is not concealable. There’s laws where you can’t be caught carrying a knife over a certain length. Why not guns.

  34. They are scared because American people need their arms to rebel against down they gonna walk we’re gone broke we must stand up and fight back

  35. Okay cancel to carry is fine. How is an AK concealable! There’s the problem. Like a knife there’s a legal limit that your allowed. Why not guns. AK guns are not concealable.