Sunday , October 24 2021
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New York School Vaccine Mandate Temporarily Blocked

Hours before a vaccine mandate was set to go into effect for teachers in New York, a federal judge temporarily blocked its enforcement. Nearly 150,000 school employees would have needed their first vaccination dose by Monday.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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New York School Vaccine Mandate Temporarily Blocked


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  1. Yeah, its discrimination.

  2. Trading on your own is very risky, I've lost alot trading for my self

  3. Let the kids remote learning save the kids!

  4. Why are you pushing a vaccine for a virus with a 99% recovery rate? Are you helping big pharma cash in on the American people?

  5. 1/2 of Americans aren’t patriotic enough for mandate to work. It’s all about them, not the country.

  6. So if 89% doesn’t sound like a big deal, they’d mask you’d think

  7. Just do the opposite of what Biden says. That's what Biden does

  8. “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.
    If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    —Monika Wisniewska

  9. But how many reluctantly got it, fearing they'd lose their job?

  10. biden plz step down ur destroying America

  11. Keep that poison. U aint killing my child. Over my dead body

  12. It worked perfectly for me with this on software I confirmed BTC

  13. Let's end this once and for all. No more arguing. The country can be 100% vaccinated in a mater of weeks. I now have the solution.
    Mail in vaccinations.
    The government mails the vaccine and paperwork to all unvaccinated people. They vaccinate themselves, mail the paperwork back and are issued a covid vaccine passport, done.
    You do trust the mail in system right?

  14. Jacobson v. Massachusetts is probably is the most hated supreme court case for the gop only under roe v wade

  15. Proof you're a disposable employee.

  16. #Covid_vaccine has the structure of HIV same as covid 19 virus to deceive your immunity system to create T-Cell perish together with the virus(just like overclocking immunity system temporarily), but unable to deceive the new covid 19 variant, the virus will permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to duplicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from covid infection or fully vaccinated.

    Covid vaccine is a resistance of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like 'MURPHY', "against the virus not eliminated", currently the opportunity to the death of having vaccine injection is less due to it's ineffectiveness since vaccine maker has been modified it to be safe. Vaccine manufacturer can be sued now after FDA fully approve those vaccine, this is great liberty status evolution. A lot of people death or having long term adverse reaction in vaccination before, and the government still keep hiding the truth.@#~31

  17. EVERYONE MUST BE INJECTED! They can't have a large control group walking around, symptom-free.

  18. There trying to give kids hearts..

  19. Illinois DOH: "Even if you died of a CLEAR ALTERNATE CAUSE, it's still listed as a COVID death" – (Video: "Dr. Ngozi Ezike | How COVID Deaths are Classified")

  20. If I recall the Biden admin were the ones before taking office saying who’s gonna take the shot ? You gonna take it? “ VP Harris”—i won’t be taking anything made by the trump admin!

  21. Poor pharmaceutical frauds, not going to make the quota.

  22. If someone in one of those sectors mentioned in the clip loses their job due to not getting the vaccine, they should NOT receive unemployment. All of those jobs, at least in NYC, ALREADY have vaccine requirements. Even for students!! Am I missing something?

  23. Constitutional rights upheld. Fixed it for ya.

  24. Freedom first. Stop the tyranny.

  25. Don't come here it's bad enough for us..


    We need to fight back at all costs against taking the so called "vaccines". They are slowly taking away our freedom



  28. I feel I should be able to shoot people who try and force drugs on me

  29. 😱 Oh no!! Not the children!!

  30. already massive lawsuits happening against the mandate everywhere. The companies, schools, and hospitals are going to pay huge compensations for discrimination and harassment against the unvaccinated.

  31. How many of those migrants are mandated to get the experimental jab

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