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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 05, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Investigators still searching for motive in Dayton shooting, death toll rises to at least 22 in El Paso mass shooting, and meet the man responsible for the white crosses in the aftermath of tragedy.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

2:04 Gunman’s Motive Is A Mystery After 9 Killed In Dayton Rampage
3:18 Reports: Gunman Was Suspended From High School For ‘Hit List’
3:58 Dayton Police: No ‘Indication Of Race Being A Motive’
4:14 ‘We’re Just Lucky’: Dayton Shooting Survivors Speak Out
5:05 Sources: El Paso Gunman Killed Many Victims At Close Range
5:41 El Paso Shooting Suspect Ordered Held Without Bond
5:54 Death Toll Rises To 22 In El Paso Mass Shooting Rampage
6:12 The Victims: Names Emerging Of Those Murdered In El Paso
7:29 El Paso Shooting Survivor Speaks Out After Losing Husband
8:44 Young Parents Killed While Shielding Baby From Bullets
10:36 Trump Condemns White Supremacy As Critics Blast His Own Rhetoric
12:55 Would Trump’s Ideas Reduce Deadly Mass Shootings In America?
14:54 Assault-Style Guns Often The Weapon Of Choice For Mass Shooters
17:14 Trade War Fears Send Wall Street Plunging In Worst Day Of 2019
17:34 Mail Bomber Sentenced To 20 Years For Targeting Trump Critics

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 05, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Obama, the only black president and he's executed for treason—par for the course!

  2. Hey there Lester, stirrin' up the shitpot? Lots of emotion all stirred up! You dirtbag!

  3. Lester Holt, you are a true manipulative dirt bag!


  5. Wait…..the school knew about the hit list and the girls he wanted to assault….WTF???

  6. Take the guns from the armed guards of anyone who want more gun laws.

  7. Take our guns and Knife crime will rise to British level in no time.

  8. The police officer said he just don't know you know he knew what he was doing..SICK PEOPLE

  9. Why is he wearing a construction hard hat?

  10. This is exactly why I carry every time I leave the house. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I’m not going to go down without being able to defend myself first.

  11. Trump should probably go speak to that old woman. Just saying.

  12. The words what you said today that is just the person you is imagine. He describe just the kind of person he is can you imagine he is talking just about his dam self

  13. Modified to make it more deadly? Stfu, changing out features or shortening the barrel doesnt make it more deadly.

  14. Sorry for you and your family,may God bless you and your family

  15. We have a corrupted guberment full of sociopaths, socialist traders that are out to destroy this country from within. They have sold out this country time and time again. Turned it's citizens against each other in order to keep them from seeing the real truth. It's time for a revolution and to bring this country back to its original constitution.

  16. Christianity; the easiest way to subdue a population that would otherwise rise up against those in power whom are profanely guilty of dereliction duty.

  17. Guns arent the problem. Mentally unstable people whose family and friends know that they're unstable and don't drag them to go get help or call the authorities to make them get help, are the problem.

  18. Gutless, racist, cowardly, right winger

  19. I thought democrats didn't like guns??? Look at the crazy anti Trump people shooting at everyone 🙂

  20. I'm just here for the weather report.

  21. Family and Friends need to enjoy one another seriously be alert and stay safe . Prayer's & Sympathy to all the families from past shooting's up to now. The evil has to STOP in the name of Humanity and Peace !

  22. 🙏RIP🙏 to All Who Lost Ther Lives #StopTheViolence

  23. I'd like to help and donate to the guy that makes those crosses. How can he do all those and afford to live. Can anyone help get his info?

  24. Being against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION does NOT make a person racist!!!

  25. The media are the contributions in many things that really happening in America.The media needs to control their behavior and big mouths, stop attacking the president so much.We all needs to work together for a better future.Politicians got it needs to do their job.Stop the hate over the president and work together for America. too much,stop talking about it and do something about it to make America a better places to live peaceful.

  26. Give us our money back from space force Trump ! So we can put those billions into the mental health system to help our people , brown , black , olive and white !

  27. This is a different world ! It is lawlessness! I bet they wrote that for Trump, and forced him to say it ! He laughed at the " shoot them".
    He attacked our dark skinned Congress women and Cummings ! He started this evil. They forced him to say those words. He doesn't care !!! He's smokscreening ! Give us our money back from space force so we can put it into mental health programs ! Billions !

  28. Congress really needs to pass guns control

  29. Your president said nothing racist….Obama is a racist and a POS….

  30. Trumps 'Teleprompter Speech' was FAKE SPEWS..!

  31. They need to do something about being bullied in the schools. Take action teachers and leaders in the school districts.

  32. Trump talks of how bad hate is and what is does to the soul. He would know. His soul has many murders upon it. His stupid speech. Its only fair to say, its a fake speech.

  33. Media just keeps making this worse and we can't stop watching it. This only motivates more shooters. Smdh!

  34. Those who encourage killing there are guilty as the shooter

  35. Why when white males do mass killings, they are taken alive? But a Black man can't buy pass a stop sign, or make an illegal lane change or sell loose cigarettes, without being gunned down by cops? Amazing…no, just america

  36. Trump also has early warning signs !

  37. Why are the news so late??? They are supposed to be nightly news, sometimes they put them up in the morning like wtf

  38. ive been playing video games since i was 5yrs and you dont see me going on a rampage.No matter how many laws go in effect this aint going to stop,stop trying to set more laws up cause its not going to work.the more laws the more easier to get access.People hate on each other or pick on people, those people go crazy and the solution is more gun laws?

  39. I don't understand the world anymore!!!!

  40. PS : Obama has NO ROOM TO CRITICISE ! He had dealings in his younger years with KNOWN TERRORISTS & ANTI-AMERICAN GROUPS !!! So get out of here with his CRAPPY OPINION !!!

  41. Trump is Full of Sh*t !!! —— He reads from prepared cue cards and or a teleprompter !!!

  42. Take away the Assault – styled guns hopefully they came a law about Assault – styled guns all we need are normal guns… And if people end up selling them when they know about the law should be put in jail for life

  43. I was shot two times by an active shooter when I was 19. I still live with one of the bullets in me, forever. And am unable to work in the industry in which I was trained. Now unemployed. Once the cameras go away, the reporters fade away…you’re all alone…except for the memories and the injuries. Forgotten but alive. I pray for those survivors and their families. Not just for now, but down the road.

  44. The fact is we have no way of knowing who or when or why the next shooting will happen, only that it will happen again … The second amendment was put in place to protect people, not guns.

  45. The same DOJ that helped Hillary Clinton destroy evidence is the same DOJ to investigate this.

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